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What the Nier:Automata/Nier Fanbase needs more of right now in my opinion
  • Post [E]nd of YoRHa shenanigans.

  • 9S with 2B’s arm.

  • 6O’s lesbian antics.

  • Soft Trans Uncle Pascal.

  • Human Pascal.

  • 2B6O.

  • The entire cast shopping.

  • The entire cast wearing nIER AUTOMATA T-SHIRTS.

  • 621O.

  • Tsundere 2B.

  • 2B secretly being a fucking perv.

  • 2B the killjoy.

  • A2 but with clothes.

  • A2 and 9S as angry siblings.

  • 21O reacting to 6O asking her out.

  • 2B and 9S switching Operators.

  • Jackass appreciation.

  • Jackass the explosive lesbian.

  • JackassxCommander.

  • Anemone appreciation.

  • A2nemone.

  • Love for the Pearl Harbor Resistance and Number 4, 16, and 21.

  • Supportive Mom 21O.

  • Support for Space Mom Commander being overly stressed trying to keep everyone in order and catch up on the laundry. She’s doing the best she can.

  • The probably like 5 people maintaining the moon server for like 6000 years being fucking bored.

  • Popola fainting and Devola curled up in a ball screaming after seeing the Library in the Tower.

  • The girls in R&D trying to predict the future with ridiculous things.

  • Emil ruining the serious moments in literally every movie/show wITH THAT GOD DAMN SONG AGAIN.

  • 042x153.

  • Pod appreciation.

  • Drunk Devola and Popola.

  • Yonah finding the field of Lunar Tears.

  • Young Neir being supportive bro by bringing Yonah to the Amusement park.

  • Entire cast enjoying Amusement Park.

  • Emil being gay for young Nier.

  • Emil being gay for 9S because he’s wearing young Nier’s outfit in the DLC.

  • Emil making 85 million gay clones to further the gay agenda.

  • Emil being a gay skeleton head in general.

  • 9S and 2B finding Fyra’s stuff in the Desert so we can cry about it.

  • Kainé seeing her hut underground and then probably commenting on why the fuck someone built a shopping mall on top of it.

  • Kainé in general.

  • Jean-Paul being a fucking asshole.

  • Terminal alpha/beta appreciation.

  • 8B successfully fighting with 6 swords, a pair of combat bracers, and a spear. Fucking impressive how she does it.

  • Soft child Eve.

  • A happy ending for Desert scanner child.

  • 49S.

  • Crying because of Gathering Keepsakes.

  • Adam misinterpreting fiction as human records like he’s an Alien in fucking Galaxy Quest.

  • Accord being a fucking dork, stealing weapons from different timelines and selling them, and watching everyone kill each other with a bucket of popcorn like it’s a fucking soap opera.

  • Literally anything except the 2Booty because while I appreciate that ass, we already have enough fanart to last until 11945.

  • If I didn’t include anything I probably just forgot it and do support more of it.

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A friend gave me a rock (because they know I like interesting rocks), and oh Atticus! It's like a piece of the Moon! It's a fist size piece of granite that is blue and gray like the full moon, and one side resembles a lunar crater and debris field, and it is dense and cold and reassuring like the Moon, and when I hold it, it is like sitting with a quiet friend in a dark night. I wish I could share this rock with you, Atticus, because if anyone should have a piece of the Moon, it is you.

Hold it up to show the moon the next time it is full. I’ll give it a gander and see your beautiful present, a gift in and of itself!

Shance Fluff Week | What Lies Beyond the Morning

**For @shancefluffweek​ !! | Day Two - Sea/Stars (Myth!AU)

AO3 Link: What Lies Beyond Morning


In a child’s tale, handed down through the lineage of elders that greedily hungered for the divine art of storytelling, there was once a mighty black lion with the red wings of the sun.

The lion was a fast and a fearsome beast, yet to all who he blessed with his presence, they found a curious comfort; for such a large dark brute of a creature, the lion’s kindness knew no bounds, always giving to the people as they needed, whether it be for the sake of a village’s welfare or to bless the union between two lovers.

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Moon’s magnetic field lasted far longer than once believed

Rutgers and MIT experts lead lunar rock study with implications for life and habitability on other moons and planetary bodies

The moon’s magnetic field lasted 1 billion to 2.5 billion years longer than once thought - a finding with important implications for habitability on other moons and planets throughout the universe, a Rutgers University-New Brunswick professor says.

“The Earth’s magnetic field is a shield that protects us from dangerous solar wind particles and ionizing radiation, so magnetic fields play a key role in the habitability of planets and, possibly, moons,” said Sonia Tikoo, lead author of a study published online today in Science Advances and an assistant professor in Rutgers’ Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

“Without this shield, we’d have more radiation, we’d have lots of mutations and who knows how life would respond in an unstable environment like that,” said Tikoo, who began working on the study in 2013 while she was a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and who has examined more than 10 moon rocks. “It would be a harsher place to survive in.”

In their study, the researchers – for the first time – successfully heated a lunar rock brought to Earth during an Apollo space mission to retrieve an accurate intensity for the lunar magnetic field, she said. The energetic cores of planets and moons generate magnetic fields, and rocks can record magnetic fields to which they were exposed.

Tikoo reanalyzed a moon rock collected by the Apollo 15 crew on Aug. 1, 1971, on the southern rim of Dune Crater within eastern Mare Imbrium. The small, young rock – partially coated with melted glass – likely formed during a meteor impact on the lunar surface.

Tikoo used a rock magnetometer to analyze the lunar rock. The device measures the strength and direction of magnetic fields in rocks. She slowly demagnetized the rock to reveal its original magnetization, heating it to 1,436 degrees Fahrenheit in a controlled atmosphere chamber at MIT to keep the heat from altering the rock.

The researchers think the moon’s magnetic field declined by about 90 percent from its high point 3.56 billion years ago or earlier. That’s when the moon’s magnetic field was about the same strength as the Earth’s is today – an average of about 50 microtesla, a measure of magnetism. The lunar rock Tikoo tested, which is about 1 billion to 2.5 billion years old, recorded 5 microtesla.

The moon has no core-generated magnetic field today, and scientists don’t know when it turned off. Lingering questions include trying to figure out when the field ceased and what the field was like between 3.56 billion and 2.5 billion years ago, she said.

“We didn’t think that small planetary bodies could generate magnetic fields for a very long time because they have smaller cores that would cool quickly and crystallize early in their lifetimes,” she said.

“Because the rate of crystallization depends on the core composition, our finding may challenge what we think the lunar core is made of. It’s mostly made of iron, but something must be mixed in with it: sulfur, carbon or another element.”

When a planet’s magnetic field dies, ionizing particles from its sun can lead to the loss of its water over hundreds of millions of years, Tikoo said. “That’s a big deal in terms of habitability,” she said, adding that Mars once had lots of water but lost nearly all of it after its magnetic field died about 4 billion years ago.

“Whenever we look at exoplanets or the moons of exoplanets that could be in the habitable zone, we can consider the magnetic field as an important player in habitability,” she said. “Then the question becomes what size planets and moons should we be considering as possibly habitable worlds.”

IMAGE….The Apollo 15 breccia (rock) sample 15498 analyzed by Professor Sonia Tikoo of Rutgers University-New Brunswick. The rock consists of basalt fragments welded together by a dark glassy matrix that was produced by melting from a meteorite impact. The black scale cube is 1 centimeter across. Credit NASA

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“Lunar Force Field”
Here’s a single frame from the timelapse I’ve been posting different versions of. When uploading photos, I usually like to start with a single frame and end with the most manipulated versions of the timelapse. Maybe next time! (Yes, this is a personal reminder for myself, in place of an actual description of the photo)
Hey look, a moon halo!