lunar eclipse spoilers

i never noticed the pattern that teen wolf seems to have with female villains?

every season there has been the ‘big’ villain who is a mastermind and is ten steps ahead of everyone else and then there is a small time villain who poses more of an immediate threat.

season 1 - kate (small time), peter (mastermind)

season 2 - matt/kanima!jackson (small time), gerard (mastermind)

season 3 - kali (small time), deucalion (mastermind) & jennifer/darach (mastermind but also immediate threat)

this villain A/villain B thing isn’t a problem for me really, it’s like the plot outline of an episode of Degrassi and at most it’s annoying. what is alarming is the tendency for the female villains to be killed whether they are 'masterminds’ or 'immediate threats’ while only one of the four (or one of six if you count Ethan & Aiden) male villains were killed off. either the male villains were allowed to live or by some miracle they just didn’t die (*cough cough* Gerard fucking Argent).

Can someone explain to me why the women of Teen Wolf are being killed off at a faster rate than their male counterparts?