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 sooo, I did this to pass the time but then it got too real *sweats* 

This upcoming Solar Eclipse under Leo is going to be a big one. Lots of exciting change is going to happen and this month is a powerful time for transformation into the person you want to be, start fresh, but also understand yourself better- you just have to play your cards right. Since I’m a big astrology nut I’m silently ticking off the days until the 21st and preparing myself for the big day  ☼  ☾

🌞Solar & Lunar Eclipse Magick🌚

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  • Solar Eclipse: occurs during a New Moon, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned - the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, causing the Sun to be obscured by the Moon. At this point, the only visible sunlight stems from its corona, or the outer aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun.
    • Correspondences - transformation, rebirth, change, renewal, reflection, shadow work, spirit work
  • Lunar Eclipse: occurs during a Full Moon, when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow, or umbra - sunlight is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, and the only visible light is that which is reflected through the Earth’s shadow causing a reddish hue to appear on the Moon
    • Correspondences - illumination, revealing secrets, unveiling hidden knowledge, healing, protection, divination

Eclipse Magick by @phaesphore

Lunar Eclipse Water 🌕🌞

Lunar Eclipse water can be used for matters involving illumination, revealing secrets, unveiling hidden knowledge, healing, protection, and divination.


  • Clean, clear container
  • Water (the source doesn’t matter)
  • Optional: a sigil or statement of intent written on paper


  1. On the day of the lunar eclipse (August 7th), fill your container with water and set outside or in your windowsill before the peak of the eclipse (the time will depend on your location)
  2. Program the jar to absorb energy from the eclipse - you can use visualization to accomplish this, or set the jar on top of the sigil/statement I mentioned above
  3. Remove the jar before the eclipse ends and store in a cool, dark place

Note: this eclipse will only be visible to those who reside in Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


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 Lunar eclipse - one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, not inferior to the dramatic of solar eclipse. I saw a total lunar eclipse twice - and this really inspires awe. A dark, heavy, brick-red moon with a pale edge hangs in the sky, and it seems somehow especially voluminous. Not just a luminous circle in the sky, but a huge ball in thousands of kilometers from us…