lunar chronicles [1]

[In a hotel room at Farafrah]
  • Wolf: Intruder! }:[
  • Cress: Special Operative! D:
  • Cress: Guard! DD:
  • Wolf: Scarlet? O.O
  • Jacin: Hacker? 0.o
  • Wolf: Cinder? :-[
  • Cress: /Cinder/? :-0
  • Erland: Shit... >.<
  • Thorne: Cress! -_-
  • Cress: Captain! 0-0
  • Thorne: CRESS! ||-DD
  • Cress: CAPTAIN!!!1! :DDD
  • Wolf: Thorne? O.O
  • Thorne: .../Wolf/? O.o
  • Cinder: DONKEY!!!!!! D:D

The Lunar Chronicles aesthetics 1/? — Linh Cinder/Princess Selene Blackburn

“Let me guess,” Thorne said. “Breaking and entering?”
After a long silence of examining the retracting mechanism, the girl wrinkled her nose. “Two counts of treason, if you must know. And resisting arrest, and unlawful use of bioelectricity. Oh, and illegal immigration, but honestly, I think that’s a little excessive.” 

head over foot, a iko and kinney fanfiction one shot

The sound of Iko’s laughter resonates through the hall, inevitably reaching the ears of Guard Liam Kinney as he resided at the end of it. He sneers at the sound, and pictures her perfect robotic body turning the corner and her frowning at him. He hears another voice laughing with her–Selene, he notes. They are joking together. When they eventually do turn the corner, Iko is doubled over with laughter and Selene is grinning from ear-to-ear.

“I can’t believe Kai did that to you!” Iko exclaims, whilst trying to catch her synthetic breathing.

“I know, but he did! He was on his knees, and I was terrified, and then he–”

“He pulls out the foot!” More perfect laughter from perfect android Iko.

More sneers from Kinney.

It takes an eternity for Iko to finally notice him standing there, and when she does, her lips contort into a deep sneer. Stars, she was beautiful. It wasn’t fair. Why did he have to go and fall in love with nothing but metal? It was becoming annoying. She’d say something completely normal, completely human, and he would forget entirely about the wall between them–the wall being the fact that she was a robot and he was a human. Or, Lunar. He’d have to force himself to remember that she wasn’t, that he couldn’t, that they… That it was unfair.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” Iko jeers at Kinney. She turns to Selene and sighs. “What is he doing in front of my room?” She throws a pout on her face and Kinney feels a unwanted hitch forming in his lungs.

“I thought it’d be safer to have someone we know guard you while we stay here.” Selene frowned. “You’re my best friend, Iko. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. And, I trust Kinney.”

“But, Cinder, he’s completely moronic. And racist! He treats me like I’m just a–a robot!”

Kinney laughs abruptly, “Isn’t that exactly what you are, though?

Iko huffs. "I’m practically human,” she says, crossing her arms. “I have feelings, you know.”

“Sorry I wasn’t aware,” he replies in a mocking tone. He rolls his eyes even though his brain is screaming she’s right! She is practically human. She does have feelings. She can make jokes. She understands sarcasm. Why can’t he love her then? What’s wrong with it?

Because practically human isn’t completely human, he reminds himself. He wishes she were human. He wishes it every day. It’s the only thing that’s stopping him from kissing her right there on the spot.

That and the fact that she thinks he hates her.

Selene laughs. “Look, I’m sure everything will turn out fine. Why don’t you take the time to recharge? We’re having dinner with Kai tonight.”

“Oh, no, no, no. We are not having dinner with Kai. You are having dinner with Kai,” Iko says, shaking her head vigorously.

Selene raises an eyebrow. “Iko, I told you that I don’t feel com–”

“You are dating him, Cinder! You can’t be afraid of him. You’re in love with him.” She speaks about love in a dreamy way. Sometimes he gets to guard her chambers often if he persuades Selene the right way and enough times, and he can hear her talk to herself from outside her door. What it’s like to be loved, feel loved, to love someone else. His heart reaches out to her and he tries to whisper quietly on the other side that he’s here, and he’s definitely in love with her.

But he doesn’t. Because she’s a robot. She wouldn’t understand even if he made her.

“I’m just a little nervous, I guess. You know, about seeing him again after being away so long. Again.” Selene rubs at her hands and Kinney recalls Emperor Kaito telling him that she used to wear gloves all the time. Kinney guesses it’s become a sort of force of habit she does when she’s really nervous.

“You shouldn’t be,” Iko urges, clutching Selene’s hands in her own, metal and all, “He proposed to you with a foot, remember? Head over foot is what he is for you.”

Selene giggles unbelievably, shaking her head. “Okay, fine. I’ll have dinner with Kai. I’ll have a servant bring you something to eat, yeah? Now I really think you should recharge.”

“Fine,” Iko giggles, too.

Kinney clears his throat. “This is all very heart-warming, but must I remind you that I’m still standing right here?”

Iko sticks her tongue out at him. “Yeah? Must I remind you that no one cares?”

Selene rolls her eyes and places a kiss on Iko’s forehead. “Love you,” she murmurs.

How can Selene do it? How can she love a robot? No…how can she be so open about it?

“Love you, too,” Iko smiles. Kinney’s heart leaps, but then he remembers that the words aren’t directed toward him. He orders himself to calm down. He composes himself in time to see Selene traverse down the hall and around the bend.

Iko sashays up to him. He wishes she didn’t, though, because his eyes are now focused on her hips which are swaying and her eyes which are playful and charming. Vibrant, changing colors with her mood, he knows. She brushes past him. Her arm touches his and he inhales quietly, hoping her robotic interface doesn’t pick up on it. She pauses there.

“I’m going to recharge,” Iko says. “I don’t expect to be disturbed.” She tilts to her head to the side and peers up at him. She’s a robot, he reminds himself over and over. A lifeless android who could never ever love you. “Got it?”

“Sure do, darling.”

And she bristles and leaves him. Just like that. He’s alone.

He runs a hand down his face and let’s out a small frustrated groan.

How much longer can he keep on pretending that he isn’t head over foot with an android?


Fanfic by @lovelunarchron
Cover art by @moon-mirage

Summary: Desperate to not be alone again for the holidays, Cress hires a man to pose as her boyfriend for her family’s annual Christmas celebration.
Cress, Thorne, and a whole cast of TLC favorites
Rating: Teen & Up/PG-13

Chapter 3 is up!

(A03 has Chapters 1 & 2 so far and will be updated soon)

(1/9) tlc + seasons moodboards: springtime, cress darnel 

“Maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate. Maybe it’s just the opportunities we’re given, and what we do with them. I’m beginning to think that maybe great, epic romances don’t just happen. We have to make them ourselves.” (Meyer, Cress)  

My ONLY problem with the Lunar Chronicles is:
1) We have four main characters who all represent such a diverse group of woman and all four of them are 100% straight.
2) People live on the fucking moon yet there isn’t a single cannon gay person in the entire series (though I have a headcannon that Sybil was gay for Levana and their is a fan cannon that Torin is gay).
3) There’s a rude sex change comment but thankfully Meyer openly apologized for it.

Lunar Chronicles Head Canons: 1/?

Part (2)(3)

  • Despite what he says about not caring about anyone on the crew except Winter, Jacin will get up at least once during the night and check on everyone to make sure that they are safe and sound.
  • Whenever there are chances for Thorne (and Iko) to leave the ship (refueling and such), they’ll often nab some pieces parts for Cinder to tinker with. She of course gets on their case about (Thorne convincing Iko into) stealing but she is kinda secretly touched.
  • As Cress’s hair grows longer, she, Iko, Scarlet, and Winter have fun trying different hair styles on her golden strands. Cinder stays close by, enjoying the company and making technical suggestions. Cress loves it so much. After so little contact on her satellite, having the girls around and playing with her hair makes her feel more loved than she ever has.
  • After the crew finally rescues Scarlet, Wolf just follows her around like a lost puppy for the next few days, making sure she’s eating okay, and things like that. He really does try to give her space but he can’t help wrapping his arms around her- reminding himself that she’s okay and she’s really there.
  • Sometimes, after a particularly difficult day, when every one is in the living spacing trying to recover, Thorne will talk Cress in to singing something for everyone. At first it just distracts and relaxes them, but after the third song they all fell asleep;
    • Scarlet curled up practically on top of wolf, Kai with his armed wrapped around Cinder, Winter squished next to Cinder and resting her head on Jacin’s shoulder and Throne with his feet on Jacin’s lap and head in Cress’s lap.