lunar chronicles

  • Cinder: Ha ha ha, you have a sister?
  • Levana: Channary, yes. Shut up, and when we were kids, she was so mean to me. Always teasing me, calling me the ugly princess, rubbing cheese curds in my eyes. One time, she stabbed me in the neck.
  • Cinder: So now you’re, like, super close?
  • Levana: Hell no. I wouldn’t piss on her neck-stabbing ass if it was on fire.

can we all acknowledge the reason that jacin worked actively against the crew at some times, exposed them to levana, and other bad things he did to the crew/cinder were because he knew if cinders plan didn’t work, he would probably be executed for treason and there would be no one to protect winter from levana and/or aimery? bc of winters sickness she was SUPER vulnerable and even if she wasn’t helpless, jacin knew that she could and WAS being taken advantage of by the lunar court and if he wasn’t there to watch she would easily be married off to a r*pist. jacin did everything with winter in mind, which means he had to make a lot of bad decisions in order to keep winter safe. jacin isn’t 100% good but just because he’s not 100% good doesn’t mean he’s 100% bad. him being morally grey as well as having motivations that predate the revolution makes him a really interesting character so like… can we just appreciate him a little more

TLC characters as troubled birds

Hey my dudes I had some time to kill so please enjoy the tlc characters as troubled birds










Bonus: Levana

The Lunar Chronicles + Hamilton Quotes
  • Cinder: I've seen injustice in the world and I've corrected it.
  • Kai: They're asking me to lead, I'm doing the best I can.
  • Thorne: I prob'ly shouldn't brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish.
  • Cress: Helpless, look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
  • Scarlet: Uh...France.
  • Wolf: Ev'ry day you fight like you're running out of time.
  • Winter: I am the one thing in life I can control.
  • Jacin: Geniuses, lower your voices.
  • Levana: I will kill your friends and family, to remind you of my love.
  • Iko: You want a revolution, I want a revelation.
  • Dr Erland: Immigrants, we get the job done.
  • Konn Torin: Talk less, Smile more.

Remember back when Cress was crazy in love with Thorne but she didn’t think he loved her back? Remember how it was after he gave her, her first kiss and she was so naive that, even though Thorne was the blind one, Cress was the one too blind to realize that he was obviously falling for her, for real, and in a way he’d never felt for other girls? 
Remember how Thorne would flirt with literally everyone but her because she was so special to him that he just couldn’t treat her like the others, and also he just didn’t think he deserved her at all. Remember how he thought that he’d sufficiently chased Cress off and made her see that she deserved better. So, he was convinced that she was no longer in love with him at the same time he’d fallen in love with her?

Remember how Thorne found out Cress was jealous, confessed his love, and they were together for real? Remember Thorne visiting Cress after the final battle, in which he’d been forced to hurt her and it seemed like they were destined to die for each other before they’d even had a chance to live?

Remember how he promised that he’d spend the rest of his life trying to become the man she always knew he could be so that he could endeavor to deserve her?

Remember how Cress, the girl who spent her entire life trapped, first with other shells and then in a satellite, got to travel with the boy of her dreams all over the planet she’d come to love? <33333

This is why I ship Cresswell. 

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