lunar chronicles

a few reasons to read the lunar chronicles

• out of the 9 main characters, 5 are non-white
• 5 characters are also women
• these women have distinct and different personalities/goals/interests/body types
• these women don’t immediately hate each other upon meeting, they aren’t jealous of other women just because they’re other women (they don’t instantly love each other either - character/relationship development 4 life)
• the cutest ships in the entire world you won’t be able to not fall in love
• BUT a huge emphasis on friendship
• AND male/female friendships as well as female/female and male/male friendships
• all the characters are based off of fairytale characters
• but it is in the FUTURE with ROBOTS and SPACE and cool TECHNOLOGY
• did I mention a cast of diverse characters? there’s a cast of diverse characters

  • me: ok i only have money for 1 book
  • me: *grabs 6 books*
  • me: i'll just not eat or something

Listening to Cress and this doodle started as a warm-up but I kept messing around with it so I really need to do my homework now

Definitely will play around with designs for this series more. This one was definitely influenced off of bluandorange’s version of Cress haha I’ll do more sketches some other time figuring her and the others out :>

The first time, he had wondered why she liked books so much, and if it had anything to do with why he liked spaceships. Because they could take you somewhere far, far away.
—  Marissa Meyer, Stars Above
why the diversity among the lunar chronicles female characters is so important

a post that could be a million pages long but instead is kept short

  • iko is for every girl who loves makeup and fashion and boys but has been told for their entire lives that girls like this are vapid and shallow. girls who can be strong and friendly and brilliant and helpful but also want to look hot and kiss cute boys. iko is for all of the unapologetically girly girls to show them that there is nothing wrong with wanting to do ‘girl’ things, being a girl is nothing to be sorry for. 
  • cinder is for every girl who has never really liked to do things meant for ‘girls’ and instead loves male dominated fields. cinder shows all these girls that just because they would rather get dirty and not dress up that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of love or even be friends with other girls. there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘tomboy’ and being a tomboy makes you no less of a girl. 
  • scarlet is for every girl that felt like she didn’t fit in, that never had many friends and for the girls that put their families first and take leadership roles. scarlet shows girls that just because they feel lonely now or don’t fit in now, they will find their place some day and they will find that group of friends that they would be willing to die for. scarlet shows girls that girls who take control can be ‘bosses’ not ‘bitches’ and girls can be in charge, girls can take on motherly, nurturing roles while being totally kickass at the same time. scarlet shows girls that just because they don’t have the same body type as everyone else it doesn’t mean they can’t be be beautiful. if you aren’t as skinny or petite as another girl, it doesn’t mean you aren’t just as beautiful as they are. scarlet shows girls the importance of a strong family, and that sometimes your family isn’t always the people who are related to you - scarlet shows girls that if your parents are awful to you you don’t have to love them, you can find family in those who love you. 
  • cress is for every girl with big dreams, who have suffered abuse, and dreams of boys, happily ever afters, and maybe isn’t the strongest physically. cress shows girls that just because you aren’t the strongest physically it doesn’t mean you can’t be strong in other ways. cress shows girls that they can be geniuses, that you can be a smart girl who also has dreams of balls and boys and pretty dresses. the amount you wish to find the man of your dreams and live the life of a princess in a fairy tale has nothing to do with your intelligence. cress is for the girls who suffer abuse, or who have been abuse victims to show them it has nothing to do with them and there is recovery available for them at some point, that they will be able to work through this and they will be okay
  •  winter is for girls who are known for nothing but their beauty, whose accomplishments and personalities are overlooked because of their looks, and who have a mental illness and are often judged for it. winter is for all the girls who because they’re pretty people can’t look past the appearance and assume things about them that aren’t true - winter is to show girls that being pretty has nothing to do with their accomplishments and what they are capable of. just because they’re pretty it doesn’t mean they’re dainty or vain, girls can be beautiful and strong. winter is for the girls whose mental illness is often seen as their entire personality, who are treated as weak for having a mental illness or who are overlooked because of it. winter is to show girls that just because they have a mental illness they are not entirely made of that, they are people outside of their illness and it is nothing to be ashamed of - strong girls can have mental illnesses and having one doesn’t make you weak. you are not your illness. 
  • Iko: *loses Kai in a crowd*
  • Iko: *sighs* *pulls out megaphone* HAS ANYONE SEEN LINH CINDER?!?!
  • Kai: WHO IS THIS LINH CINDER YOU SPEAK OF? HA WHAT A CRIMINAL THIEF! SHE DESERVES TO BE EXECUTED AND ROT IN JAIL- unless you found any news about her is she hurt is she okay oh my gosh cinder i love you
  • Iko: found him
  • Scarlet: If you want to take on Cinder, you’ll have to go through me.
  • Cress: And me.
  • Levana: Is this a joke? I will not be threatened by two little girls.
  • Scarlet: You don’t want to mess with us.
  • Cress: She’s a hair puller.
  • Wolf: And you’re not just dealing with them.
  • Thorne: You’re dealing with all of us.
  • Jacin: Except me.
  • Thorne: Except Jacin.
  • Jacin: I don’t care what happens.