lunar bow


fixed them all up a bit and I think I’ll be sticking with these designs~ (I just realized how strongly the bride/groom aeshetic happened)

Day 1: Your Akumasona

Name: Tourbillon
Costume: Vaguely Bridal and Very Much Threatening! Butterfly themes so he’d match with his One True Love, and a petit chapeau to top it all off <3 His favorite pen became his Whip Bouquet~
Special Power: “Tempest” - anyone within range of the storm of petals emanating from his bouquet/whip will end up with nice rose brooches and become willing slaves [mostly used to act out a citywide wedding ceremony as Tourbillon continues to flirt with Hawkmoth]
How he gets akumatized: Added pressure from college and a few failed papers can make someone wish they could just find a hot rich powerful man to marry u_u
How he gets de-evilized: his superconductor whip’s probably going to get tangled up in electrical wiring somehow and he’d end up… getting grounded (lmao)

Day 2: Your Miracusona

Name: Luna Trick!
Costume: a dapper ensemble for a night out with friends! A coat that fades to translucency to represent the indecisive and vague nature of its owner, matched with a dark dress shirt, leggings and hella boots. His pocketwatch necklace becomes his lunar moth bow tie. You can just very slightly detect Sailor Moon sensibilities somewhere there
Special Power: “Tock Tick Luna Trick” - temporal manipulation. Can stop/skip/go back in time for a maximum of twelve seconds per use. Can be used once before the timer sets in~
Kwami: Tomme is a stoic and somewhat stern kwami with a tendency to nag in a very deadpan voice. Tomme can be quite sassy, but usually means well. They’re very particular about getting things done on time, and eats Tomme de Savoie to recharge.

anonymous asked:

hey, would you be so darling as to listing some kaider post-winter headcanons bc I'm such trash?❤️

  • Well, as we all know, **Stars Above spoilers** Kaider don’t see each other for two years after the revolution. They try to keep in touch, but it’s difficult when they’re both trying to run countries–not to mention the whacked out time-zone differences.
    • Luckily, Kaider has the best support system/team. 
      • Cress sets up a shared calendar link for both Cinder and Kai which pings whenever both of them are free for at least 10 minutes. They take these moments to comm each other, even if it’s just to say hi.
        • Both Torin and Iko have access to this calendar too. Sometimes they conspire with each other to schedule some “free” time for the teen rulers because Iko totally ships Kaider and Torin is really a big softie.
      • Since the Rampion is always going back and forth between Luna and Earth to pick up shipments of the letumosis antidote, they always stop by the E.C. to either pick up a care package or drop one off.
        • The first care package Kai put together for Cinder included his grey hoodie. He kept second guessing himself whether or not to include it, but in the end, he hurriedly stuffed it into the box before Thorne could complain (again) about them being late.
          • Kai may or may not have accidentally (but not really) drenched it in his cologne.
          • Cinder may or may not sleep with it every night.
        • These care packages also include honest to goodness love letters. They’re on thick parchment, written out in pen, sealed with kisses and tied with ribbons. They could even make Jane Austen heroines jealous.
  • When Cinder finally moves into New Beijing Palace, Kai actually takes a whole week off from “work.” Of course, he still has to send a few comms here and there and Torin made him promise to give up an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to review treaty agreements, sign paperwork, etc. But …
    • Kai gives Cinder a personal tour of the whole palace. Cinder smiles and lets him show her around, even though she doesn’t have the heart to tell him she has most of the blueprints memorized from the time they kidnapped him and she can just pull up a map on her retina display whenever she needs to.
      • Cinder does appreciate the insider information she gets on the tour, though. Who else can say they know that the third dragon carved into the Emperor’s throne is winking at the Empress’s throne. Or that if you squint and look closely at the tapestry of Empress Kim Mai, you can see the spot where a young Prince (and later Emperor) Rikan spilled duck sauce on it and spent the next two weeks with the royal art restorers to remove the stain.
    • They also keep their engagement a secret for quite some time which gives Kai an excuse to plan little romantic picnics in the gardens or secret trips to the market so that Cinder can actually appreciate New Beijing Market.
      • Cinder wears Kai’s hoodie and sunglasses.
      • Kai gets a new hoodie and matching sunglasses.
      • Once, someone thought they were stealing things because they looked too sneaky and suspicious. 
        • The pork bun merchant was incredibly embarrassed when he found out it was the Emperor and the Lunar Queen and bowed profusely before stuffing warm baos into their hands.
          • When Kaider finally did announce their engagement, the pork bun merchant was sent an invitation to the wedding.