Nike Air Pegasus 89 Premium “Lunar Grey”

Colors: Grey-White-Teal/

Release Info: Now Available

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My Etsy Shop is Active.

Hey y’all!  It only took me about 3 years but I’ve put some things up for sale.  On the internet. I’m not announcing it anywhere else yet because I feel like tumblr is where I started and where I get the most love. My etsy shop is now active!  

It’s not perfect yet, and it might not ever be.  I’ll be slowly building the inventory and adding products over the coming months.  In the beginning it will be mostly originals since I need capital to invest in more prints.  

There’s so much to know that I can’t find out until I’m in the middle of it.  But it’s time.  I’m excited to get started!

Things to release on a full moon
  • fear of change 
  • searching externally for answers rather than going within
  • resisting Divine Will
  • releasing a job/relationship/plan and the energy attached to it
  • the belief that you’re not good enough
  • comparing yourself to others
  • FOMO
  • worrying about money
  • clinging onto things
  • fear of sharing
  • letting go of the need for approval from others
  • fear of criticism and judgement
  • old beliefs that are no longer serving you
  • pushing, striving, manipulation, forcing

From True Shining Self

moon in leo

Megan Fox, mother of two children, refers to herself as “Lunar Leo mother goddess” on her instagram bio.

Megan has her moon placement in Leo and, like other Lunar Leos, has a connection with nurturing and protection. This can materialize as parenthood or leadership depending on circumstances in life. They often shy away from the spotlight which is not typical for Leo sun people. Lunar Leos have lots of inner creativity that can sometimes be bogged down by laziness. People with this moon placement require lots of love and attention whether or not they realize it. When their Leo pride is damaged even slightly, their emotional displays will become volcanic. But, they often care about maintaining their image and will keep their outbursts behind closed doors. They can be prone to hiding and sulking in times of distress. They find comfort and strength in their own home and can often be considered loners by their peers.

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