Stars Gif Tutorial (?)

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Note: Once again, “It may seem like my mouse is randomly scrolling around in the video, but it’s actually clicking files (which doesn’t record for some reason)”

@fleuvrdelacour jasbdjkasbdk I finally made it, be proud of me :’)

I learned how to do this by @katie-bell so check her out!

(It’s probably going to be easier to just watch the video bc I’m a bad teacher)

1. Find your photos that you want to put the gif on 

*put a filter on it if ya want (I usually use sauna)

2. Go to and put some words or designs on it.

3. Go on tumblr and find a star gif that you’re going to use, then download it.

4. Now go to and upload the gif you downloaded from tumblr.

5. Click ‘Edit’ > ‘Copy to clipboard’

6. Upload the canva photo

7. Click ‘Edit’ > ‘Paste from clipboard’

8. Adjust the stars and press apply

9. Go to ‘Animation’ > ‘Edit gif animation’

10. Change the speed from ‘Very fast (20 ms)’ to ‘Super fast (10 ms)’ and press apply. 

11. Save and now you have thisssssssssssssssssss

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*If you use a gif that’s not transparent, it’s the same thing but you lower the transparency after you paste it

anonymous asked:

hey, you know for your overwatch comic with doomfist and sombre where they do the high five and sombra goes flying? how do you make the.. "blur"/"motion" effect? :O

I use this site:

I first draw the image I want to blur, save it as png then put it through the motion blur generator then copy the image into the comic or what ever

Hope that made sense :)

A lot of people ask me how to edit the transparents onto their own images and I’m going to list a couple websites and apps. For apps,you can use cyber fm,wikimagic, Pizap. For websites you can use and To make your own transparents you can go to or download an app called eraser. If you have gimp or photoshop on your computer then that works too. Hope this answers some of your questions! Plz let me know if this helps!