anonymous asked:

I have a stupid question? probably? how did you make the which Chis pine are you today? (I wanna make one for myself but I have no idea how to start)

Nah, not stupid at all!

I mostly used Google Search and Pinterest to find the pics. It depends on the actor, but I’m sure Tumblr is also a good source.

I opened the pics in Photoshop, went up to the crop tool and chose the 1:1 (square) option, and selected the parts I wanted to keep. Then I resized the images to 150px x 150px and used the text tool to put numbers on them. Then I created a blank 600px x 600px document and embedded all the pics. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, I’m sure just about any other photo editing program would work. Paint would probably be fine, as would online editors like

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me!

pbubbsies  asked:

Im plannig to start making animatics soon, and I came to ask you for advice, this my very first duel, haha just kidding, I wanna ask, how do you do that blurry thing where one character is in focus while the other one is blurrysay the one farther away from the camera and then it changes focus to another character

its just the blur effect!! (not the motion blur!! just blur) u can use it in krita or photoshop!! or here