Naming Schemes

Personal, Family, Clan name, in that order. Upon union, the female takes the male’s Family name.

“Egg Aster Bunnymund” = Egg of the Aster Family from Clan Bunnymund.

Star Tag, Personal, Mentor’s Designation. Typically shortened to just personal or a short nickname of the personal name. Personal is always related to the Star Tag.

“Sceptrum Sanderson Mansnoozie” (later “Seraphina Sanderson Mansnoozie”)

All Tsars shared the first name ‘Lunar’. To say Tsar Lunar, without number or identifying traits, is to refer to any of the twelve, and is why so many records of the Golden Age are easily mixed up. Tsars are clarified by their secondary or “middle” names. All other members of the Lunanoff House, including the Tsarina, used their first name. Upon taking the throne, if the heir is not the firstborn, his first name is legally changed to Lunar. Nicknames and titles abound, further complicating matters.

The spouse of the lesser House takes the greater House’s name.

“Tsar Lunar Artemis Lunanoff” or “Tsar Lunar Lunanoff XII” refers to, of course, the Man in the Moon. His mother had been “Galatea Harmonia Pisces” but after marriage became “Galatea Lunanoff”.

Personal name, occupation.

“Ombric Shalazar” = Ombric the Teacher

Personal name, Family name. Sometimes nicknames or other signifiers. Family names tend to be cheese or cheese related.

“Robert Cheddar III”, “Julius Roquefort”, “Amelie Swiss”

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MiM has some fans and it seems love for him is growing [be that due to the books or the many blogs popping up].  Here is a fun and easy list of ways for your Earthbound character to interact with him that don’t involve spontaneously appearing on a space ship hundreds of thousands of miles away from Earth.

  1. Be Patient.  The Man in the Moon might come down to Earth on an expedition or for fun.  You’ll have a great chance then.
  2. Get Creative.  The Man in the Moon listens to his balloons which are linked with children all over the Earth.  If you really need to talk to him, just focus on those thoughts.  Sending a message via balloon would help too.
  3. If you want to ask him a question, ask it!  A lot of MiM roleplay blogs also serve as ask blogs.  Muses will answer questions out of their current setting.  So all you have to do is ask something.
  4. Talk to a Guardian.  MiM is the head of the Guardians.  Maybe talking to one will yield some results.
  5. Even just watching them might be good.  An opportunity could spring up any time, via M!A.  [Hell, you can even send a Magic Anon to turn ‘em human sometimes!]

But please please please please stop showing up on the Clipper out of nowhere.  In all honesty there is just nothing to go on when you do that.  We MiM muns are just as human as you are and one-sentence intros sent via askbox, featuring your muse just randomly appearing on a secure vessel are horribly difficult to write off of.

Please be creative.

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I. NAME / ALIAS.  Danielle/Dani/Leafmun
II. BIRTHDAY. March 12th
IV. HEIGHT. 5′4′’
V. TIME.  11:11 PM
VI. SLEEP. More, please. I want all the sleep I can want. And then I’ll stay up for 24 hours straight. My internal clock defies the sun’s schedule.
VII. FAVORITE BOOKS. Any of the Protector of the Small books by Tamora Pierce (Squire is the best), Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Good Omens.
VIII. FAVORITE ARTISTS. Ho boy. Here’s the short version, go to my personal blog and look at the list of people I follow. Some of the standouts are makanidotdot, shoomlah, coelasquid, kikiface, emmyc, aidosaur, chirart, secondlina, shingworks, ktshy, and rennerei. Seriously, they are all so fucking talented. Also, please see some of the Epic concept artists, including Sang Jun Lee, Michael Knapp, and Jake Panian.
IX. LAST MOVIE I WATCHED. Meet the Robinsons
XII. DREAM JOB. Animator, concept artist, or storyboard artist for animated movies.
XIII. THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR URL.  It was the simplest, most concise one I could think up.

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              ❛     mr lunanoff.  you are looking rather happy , which is ….         annoying ,        good , i suppose. i understand that your class might require for us to buy an additional book ? do i pay to you , sir , or are we responsible to buy the book on our own ?    


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I’m honest. It’s the world that’s awful.❜ – a clash of kings sentence meme

“You’re right, of course,” The Tsarina tells DJ, surprisingly agreeing with him.  She smiles knowingly.  “It must be the world.  After all, I don’t think people are awful– but they do awful things because they have been put into circumstances which should never have happened.”  

Tsarina Lunanoff studies DJ with patient interest, having heard about him from her son. She pulls her lips to one side, pursing them in thought.  “The question is, if the world is awful, should we give up trying to make it any better, or should we try even harder to improve upon it?”    


                                 PROFESSOR LUNANOFF

  • STAFF NAME: Marcus ‘Manny’ Lunar Lunanoff
  • D.O.B: December 1st, 1981
    - Astronomy Professor ( room #312 East wing tower past the library )
    - Counselor ( room #109 Main Hall to the right )
  • ALUMNI: Graduating Class of 1999, Galahad House
  • LOCATION: Small loft in Northern York, 5-10 minutes driving distance from school
    - Jack Frost ( Son of an Old Girlfriend )

                                              H I S T O R Y

Manny’s family is part of a long line of Royalty from both England and France,  – they are well known for their charities and yearly parties. The Lunanoffs have been sending their children to the Academy since the school opened – Often making large donations to help fund the Academy, mostly to their Art departments and Scholarships for students in need.

After graduating from the Academy, Manny traveled to America to attend community college on the east coast – where he met a young woman named, Julie Overland. They were in a serious relationship for over two years until he received news of his parents being involved in an accident back in London. During his time of grief he left Julie for good, saying it was best that they were apart. 

After the tragic death of his parents – Marcus Luananoff xi, and Adelaide Lunanoff – their only son decided to become a teacher instead of continuing his father’s business – returning to teach at the school his parents adored so much; and the very one that he had attended as a young man.

Manny first started working at the Academy as a basic Physics teacher in 2005 after getting his teaching degree, then changed to Astronomy when he got his PHD in Science and Astronomy in 2013.  He seems to be well-liked by the students and staff, most often call him by his first name ( which he gives them an option to do so each year ). Always positive and cheerful, Manny isn’t known to harshly reprimand students.

One would find him either in the East Wing Tower in his classroom, in the Library, or in his official Office in the main hall. He is known to stay at the school during dinner – like some of the other teachers – before returning home to his white house cat around eight o clock.

mooniisms asked:

♡ - Our characters are at a top-restaurant together so Manny can offer Tadashi a spot on his team at Lunar Inc. \ o v o /

Valentines Meme!

♡ - Our characters are at a top-restaurant together.

     Tadashi couldn’t help but feel a little nervous; but, really, he had good
     reason. It wasn’t every day you were invited to a meal at one of the
     finest restaurants in the city with the CEO of a renown company. The
     thought of the dinner had made him nervous enough, but he’d done
     his best to dress appropriately, choosing smart-casual attire, with
     emphasis on smart rather than casual, forgoing his lucky cap and
     choosing instead to simply let his hair free. 

     He’d already taken a look at the menu, and everything was ridiculously
     expensive. He was likely going to order the cheapest dish they had.
     Marcus Lunanoff may have been paying for the meal, but Tadashi didn’t
     want to go overboard. Absently adjusting his tie as he waited, it didn’t
     take long for Tadashi to recognize Marcus, and he stood, offering him a
     smile as his hand outstretched.  

     “Mr Lunanoff! Thank you for inviting me!” 

     Despite the fact he had no idea what it was for.

How easy it was to be brave when those around her were awake and lively, turning to her for courage and an unfailing smile.  But when all was still, the heaviness of hopelessness often overtook her, stealing her rest and keeping her up and alone during the night.  To take her mind off of things, Tsarina Lunanoff peered though her telescope.  They had just reached Earth’s orbit earlier that day.  “Let’s see what this little Green and Blue planet holds for us,” she murmured as cheerfully as she could.  She scanned the surface for curious faces.  Would anyone notice that Earth suddenly had a moon?