A royal tsarina gown~ Teacher said we can draw clothes on our pratice croquis, so expect more. (Hopefully a better picture later)

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MiM has some fans and it seems love for him is growing [be that due to the books or the many blogs popping up].  Here is a fun and easy list of ways for your Earthbound character to interact with him that don’t involve spontaneously appearing on a space ship hundreds of thousands of miles away from Earth.

  1. Be Patient.  The Man in the Moon might come down to Earth on an expedition or for fun.  You’ll have a great chance then.
  2. Get Creative.  The Man in the Moon listens to his balloons which are linked with children all over the Earth.  If you really need to talk to him, just focus on those thoughts.  Sending a message via balloon would help too.
  3. If you want to ask him a question, ask it!  A lot of MiM roleplay blogs also serve as ask blogs.  Muses will answer questions out of their current setting.  So all you have to do is ask something.
  4. Talk to a Guardian.  MiM is the head of the Guardians.  Maybe talking to one will yield some results.
  5. Even just watching them might be good.  An opportunity could spring up any time, via M!A.  [Hell, you can even send a Magic Anon to turn ‘em human sometimes!]

But please please please please stop showing up on the Clipper out of nowhere.  In all honesty there is just nothing to go on when you do that.  We MiM muns are just as human as you are and one-sentence intros sent via askbox, featuring your muse just randomly appearing on a secure vessel are horribly difficult to write off of.

Please be creative.


And some weapons. The sword Lord Tarr gave to Pitch is pretty much Anduril (Aragorn’s sword from Lord of the Rings, first picture and SO PRETTY). The others are all just inspiration for nothing in particular.

The Lunanoff twins, Marcus and Mani, are notoriously popular at Etoku Academy. They’ve been attending the boarding school since their parents passed in a traffic accident years prior. Mani serves as President of the Student Council, while his elder brother is the Vice President.

Mani’s focus is entirely on handling the business of the student body. Marcus enjoys being part of the soccer club and gardening club with their childhood friend, Aster.

The Lunanoff brothers have quite the following– girls at the school are exceptionally fond of them and have formed quite the fanclub for the handsome young men. Unfortunately Aster eventually gets pulled into things and the trio become known as ‘The Princes and the Knight’.

mooniisms​ meets the General

    He gives a sidelong look at the man standing nearby. The stranger had the same air as his Tsar. A relative, perhaps? It seemed likely considering he was on the homeworld of the Lunanoff family.

        “My apologies if I’m intruding. I didn’t expect anyone to be here. Are you looking for someone?”

          The Will looked at the hologram in his hand and sighed. ❝Damn. heir to the Lunanoff Empire or whatever, Eh? Sounds like a load of bullshit to me.❞ He groaned as he stuffed it back into his pocket.

 The Freelancer lights a cigarette. Nasty things, they were.  His ship was closing in on the Lunanoff’s ‘Clipper’. It was the ‘moon’ of some planet called ‘earth’. An underdeveloped one, too. A shame, really.
❝Hey Lying Cat, wake up.❞ He calls back to over-sized feline.