#1 Tip for my Brides: Get a Quality Photographer

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At the tail end of last month I came across a wedding photographer who put an ad on craigslist because someone told him his pricing was “wack”. I LOVED that post because not only was he completely honest about how people want something for nothing but he broke down how much his photography business costs.

Read the craigslist post here. 

People do not understand how much work is put into Photography. I know from colleagues and past experiences that brides often do not think to invest in a good photographer. My #1 tip to brides is…Get a quality photographer. This advice and love for photography was passed down by one of my mentors. Photos are how you remember your event. They are the memories you describe to your children/grandchildren and ultimately how you reflect back on that moment in your life.

Situation: So you find a photographer who you ‘kinda like their photos and they are super cheap’. Your dream wedding happens and then the moment after your wedding ends, you anxiously wait to see the photos from that day. You think - ‘I wonder if they got this shot, that shot etc.’. You wait a couple of weeks for the photographer to finish editing and your your reaction is… I really dislike the images. That is the moment when you will say, “I wish I paid more attention to photography”. It is a balancing game: Quality vs Savings.

I have worked with many photographers in the past and the duo husband + wife team of Lunahzon happens to be one of my favorites. Their whimsical, artsy creative photos speak for themselves. Jeremy + Debby are a passionate high-energy duo that really cater to a client who enjoys being creative. They are known for their bright colors, taking things to the next level and their awesome personalities! I asked them a few questions about what THEY think is most important about hiring a great photographer for a wedding. Their answers are a pure example of what Lunahzon is all about. Read below:

Aight!!!!  So here’s our answers!   Obviously these answers reflect our views, which aren’t necessarily always the most popular ones… we’ve always followed our gut and sometimes our gut is what’s currently “in”, sometimes it’s timeless… sometimes it’s just out in left field, but it’s what’s right for us & the people who dig us!!!

1. What do you think makes a great wedding photograph (emotion/caption etc.)?

ANSWER: Genuineness. There are plenty of awesome pictures that are perfectly posed & placed that just lack the chemistry and buzz that a slightly less perfectly posed photograph holds… and I’ll always veer towards the one with chemistry! That’s not to say you just go all willy-nilly being sloppy and using that as an excuse, but truly there’s almost always a good middle ground between “those epic blog poses” [on pinterest] and “what feels right to this particular couple”… and that’s the happy place for us! Also realizing just that - all couples are different and you can’t expect that the same thing will work across the board… that’s a huge step towards keeping it genuine! Part of being genuine is also having personality. Unless you are photographing the shyest couple in the city, most people have a “cut loose” point where they let their real selves shine. Being able to feel you’re getting a glimpse of them as they are at home, being in love - that’s pretty darn important!!! 

Of course having a good knack for taking photographs (good lighting either using natural well, or being proficient in flash), being willing to take chances, and keeping the wedding day as stress free as possible are ALL contributing factors that go into the recipe too! You can occasionally have that artistic shot that takes two strangers and still pulls off looking AMAZING too… but those are more the rarity & more power to those b/a photogs that pull it! 

2. In your opinion: Why does hiring a great photographer for your wedding day so important?

ANSWER: You’ll find no shortage of photographers on the Internet offering you reason after reason, horror story after horror story as to why you should pony up & spend a little extra for a professional. Seriously - Google that junk, I’ll wait. They’re almost always dead on too. Here’s the thing - it’s common sense… like buying a house, getting a car, renting equipment to go rock climbing, etc. You can always find a better deal if you keep looking, but when you start losing quality for savings? Sometimes you’ll luck out and get talent & a solid price, sure - but is that one of those times in life where you really want to gamble? You want someone who knows how to handle unexpected situations as they arise, someone with solid work ethic, someone whose work is consistent so you don’t get surprised by a drastic difference from one event to the next, and ultimately - you want to know you’re taken care of. It’s hard to speak on this subject without sounding like you’re resulting to scare tactics, for sure - but it’s beyond us photogs liking being able to pay our bills & afford dinner… we truly never like hearing someone recant a tale of how they took a gamble on ANYTHING that can’t really be just reshot and saying things like “I made the wrong choice”. It’s beyond what we do for a living, it’s human to human… and it’s love for our craft. We want people to love the art of what we do as much as we do!! Part of that is, being informed enough & making a decision based on that info - not just thinking about the wallet as the end all decision maker. 

3. What are 3 tips you would give someone who was looking for a wedding photographer?

ANSWER: Three tips… hmmmm… gotta be smart with this, that’s not a lot! Is this a wish situation where I can make a tip to give me more tips and then I keep the ball a rollin? No? Ah well, worth a try. Okay tip genie thingy - here’s my best take at three solid tips.  First off, and to piggyback off my last questions response - take the time to notice styles & bodies of work! What types of photography get you all “ooh” and “aah”? Take note and start seeing who really should be your focus, if you don’t already have a good idea. 100% of the time, I’d rather people book us because they’re fans of our work than just using us because their sister’s best friend knew us and said we were nice people.  We are nice people (at least I’d like to think so - we surely try to be anyways), but if you’re not over the moon with the kind of work we do that’s perfectly fine to not use us. Find those people that get you as excited as you SHOULD BE about your wedding photos (even if that means less money in our pocket… I don’t even think twice about offering up that advice). Similarly, if you find someone whose work knocks your socks off, but you guys have absolutely no chemistry when you finally get to meet, sometimes that should make you pause and rethink. Us photogs spend the most time with you on your wedding day than pretty much any other vendor. Save for planners - and even they are usually busy executing all your plans instead of sitting by your side half the day. You should be able to be yourself around your photogs, and likewise, I think they should feel that level of comfort to do their best work with you! Honestly, those two points cover more of what you need to bear in mind when seeking a photog than anything. I can offer TONS of advice & input towards the wedding itself, but towards the photog search… those two things will steer you most the way there!

I really hope you guys enjoyed my interview and thought process behind the overwhelming world of wedding photography. I know wedding planning is often hectic, stressful and emotional. But things like narrowing down good vs. bad or quality vs. savings is the epitome of why you should hire a wedding planner. Thanks for reading and share this with your friends and loved ones who may be getting married. You could save them from photog catastrophes!

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