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I'm 23, female, 5'3 (160cm), blue eyes, natural red hair. I love to read, listen to music and hang out with friends. I would take you to an amusement park to have fun and then go out for dinner and walk/ride you home

omg you have blue eyes and red hair you’re so pretty angkdg ;; I WOULD ALSO LOVE AN AMUSEMENT PARK DATE sob you definitely need to date me ( ’ v ’ )

My first time doing this lol

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Questions from Rainstans

1. In kpop, who would you consider your #1 in each of the following?- a. Looks b. Singing c. Dancing d. Acting?

a. I’ll try and not be biased. For looks i’d honestly choose Ailee. She’s daanngg gorgeous lmao

b. For singing, it’s Ailee again. Her voice is really strong at Immortal Song 2.


d. Acting…does it have to be an idol? For all the koreans as actors or singers i choose Joowon /spazzing

2. What is something that makes you spazz a lot?

You know me unnie~ ;) *coughlunacough*

3. Which kpop idols do you think resemble you the most?

I’m not sure…but once my friend said i looked a bit like B.A.P Jongup

4. Most favourite crackship? Teehee


5. Which kpop idol do you want to be your- a. sibling; b. best friend; c. sibling’s boyfriend/girlfriend?

a. I want Donghae as my bro :)

b. Luna as my bestie!!


6. Favourite body part of your bias?

I don’t know if this counts but i really, really love Luna’s eyes…and Chanyeol’s eyes…and Tao’s face…and Taemin’s eyes…and Kris’s BUSHY EYEBROWS MUAHAHAH

7. What are your top three most played kpop songs in your ipod?

I don’t have an ipod.

LOL whatever, i have a playlist anyway. They are f(x) Electric Shock, Bring me to life cover by Luna and TRAX and f(x) Beautiful Stranger :3

8. An OTP you use to hate but now you like/love

I…don’t have. Or rather can’t think of one that is /bricked

9. Your OT3?

TaoRisYeol~~!! :D 

10. Do you watch K-Dramas? If so, which is your favourite?

I do watch a few dramas here and there, but my favourite would be Bridal Mask :) I LOVE THAT DRAMA AESDFGKFJG

11. (You can skip this if you want but I’ll be sad lmao) In no more than 100 words (a paragraph or a few sentences will do), write a drabble on your OTP based on any of these prompts: a. wearing each other’s clothes; b. sneaking off/secret date; c. cooking/baking; d. cuddling/kissing :) My OTP is TaoLun but i’m using one of my crackships instead: Sunggyu/Luna ;) “This is too big” Luna stared into the mirrow, fiddling around with Sunngyu’s sweater and trying to take it off her. Sunggyu chuckled and continues taking out his clothes for packing.  “How about this one? Or…oh look!!” Sunggyu held up an old football jacket, the one that Luna had given him a few years ago. The girl immediately ran towards him and tried it on, adjusting the hem of it. “You still keep it!” She said, smiling at him. Sunggyu grinned back, “Well why would i want to throw away anything that you gave me? It’s a sin to be doing that” “No, no, please, don’t get cheesy or you’ll- ah!” The next second Luna found herself just inches from Sunggyu’s face. He smirked, tighting his grip around her waist. SORRY IT’S TOO SHORT. Laptop’s battery is low. I’ll do my own questions next time :)

lunaexotic asked:

Just want to say to you; don't pay any attention to all those anons that say mean things about you. They're just jealous and the reason they stay anonymous is because they're cowards! You're beautiful and from what I can tell you're really nice and thoughtful too. If you ever get down because of nasty comments or messages, just remember you are loved and liked and wanted! Never forget that! <3

omg,  I really don’t deserve this darling you’re so kind and fbdsug I really appreciate it bb ;; <333 *snuggles u*