So tonight on the Podcast Michael got tipsy and threatened Miles with a reed and I saw Miles’ entire life flash before his eyes I mean seriously look how terrified he is

And Lindsay and Kerry just laugh hysterically while their significant others fight to the death (aka Michael beating Miles to death with a thin wooden stick)

Well guys I just got rid of a lot of people I used to follow and now I need some new ones. Reblog if you have one of the following

  • Rooster teeth/ Achievement Hunter (anything from these guys)
  • Game Grumps
  • Disney animated movie (as you can see I would like a lot of happy things on my tumblr)
  • Markiplier
  • Monster Hunter
  • Red vs Blue
  • RWBY
  • Ships (let me take out my list

  • (ahem) Mavin
  • Freewood
  • Matt/Jeremy
  • Geovin
  • Raywood
  • Turnfree
  • Juggey
  • Lunacross
  • Any other relationships from Rooster teeth
  • Churboose
  • Tuckington
  • Any relationship from RWBY

I was in the “Mavin” tag, and I saw little to no hate at all.

So, I went to a few other RageHappy ship tags. All of the posts were pretty much tagged correctly, and there was no drama as well.

I’m so proud of all the RageHappy shippers right now!

Happy shipping, everyone (^_^)”/”