✘ the aftermath — hongki & luna

Even with his expectations as low as they could possibly be, Hongki still wasn’t expecting the night he ended up having. He wasn’t even sure he could say he was surprised, though, because he wasn’t; it just figured the one good evening he was hoping for would end in disaster, the way said disaster played out was just unexpected. Maybe it was the firewhiskey he’d downed before coming to the Great Hall, or the firewhiskey he downed in the Great Hall, but he was feeling a little numb to everything, the usual pain he would normally expect to feel deadened into a slight sting in his chest and his mood mostly just resigned. Because he should be used to this really, disappointment and ending up alone.

The girl, though, he was worried about that girl. He didn’t know her name and barely knew her face due to her mask, but he knew that green dress. And he figured she couldn’t have gone far, so if he searched around he would see her, simply to ask how she was doing. She seemed unphased, but if she had agreed to a date with Jonghyun, she must have liked him. As he left the Great Hall, swaying slightly in place from the smuggled whiskey bottle he’d found and chugged after the confrontation, he made his way down the corridor on a hunt for the stranger.

The muffled sound of crying as he passed by a door caused him to hesitate, pausing mid-step before he reached for the knob and twisted. Peeking inside, he was met with the very girl he was looking for, in tears and huddled inside the caretaker’s broom closet. Biting his lip, Hongki didn’t say a word at first, simply squeezing his way into the closet as well to join her. Once they were wedged together in this close proximity, he blinked down at her a few times, not even sure where he was going with this or if she’d want to hear anything he had to say, but he still found his voice after a moment and greeted quietly, “Hi… I’m Hongki. Are… are you okay?”

「a familiar face » juniel & luna 」

-venturing into the sixth year girls dorm, she glances around a few times before going to the trunk she keeps at the foot of her bed, kneeling before it to get a few things. it’s when she does this that she freezes, a bit startled but not fully showing it, noticing someone else in the room on one of the other four poster beds. with only some of the school’s students arrived yet and the school year not started, as well as her only spending time in the dorm sporadically, she’s only met a couple others in her year thus far, and has yet to interact with fellow Ravenclaw girls- Oh, hello. -she offers stiffly, going through the formality of greeting someone to simply avoid being rude, zeroing in on the other girl to get a good look at her as she speaks- I’m new here, have y— Luna? -recognizing the other girl as her past roommate from Beauxbatons, her eyes widen, unable to hide her surprise this time-

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(/enters the Charms classroom, looking around curiously) Uh...hello? Is there any way I can sign up for this class?

-glances up when he hears a voice, smiling at the girl who seems a bit lost- Hello. -gestures for her to come closer to his desk, nodding- Absoluely. What is your full name and year?

lunaclaw replied to your post: You (My Original Song)

That’s brilliant! I always think the lyrics are the best part of a song. I can’t wait to hear the music that goes with it :)

If you inbox me your email, I can send you a rough copy of the song, so you can hear how it goes. Its not a finished recording but you get the idea :) (I cant even believe people want to hear my original stuff!)

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I was listening to some of your covers today, I downloaded them all when I was deciding what put in Curt's video, and I wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful voice. They're all on my ipod now!

:D Wow! You downloaded them all, that’s pretty awesome of you. Thank you so much, I’m still not used to people hearing my stuff, so when I get lovely messages like this, it makes me smile. I’m slightly nervous that I’m on your ipod though haha!


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*Throws Harry Potter into your ask*


Favorite Person: George Weasley

Least Favourite Person: Lavender Brown (I can’t really hate on any of the characters, but she’s so annoying.)

Prettiest Person: Uh, don’t make me choose one. All of them.

Person I Want to Marry: George

Person With Whom I Want to Be Best Friends: Hermione

Favourite Pairing: Fred/Hermione