How I use the keyboard on my phone to create sigils.

Okay so I love making sigils it’s super fun and relaxing for me. I also live with my phone in my hand and I love makeup so I wanted to combine the three.

I carry my face powder in my bag and I thought I’d get a little witchy with it by adding a sigil for awesome skin.

Anyway here’s how I did the thing:

I have a screenshot of the keyboard on my phone:

I open it in paint and just kinda doodle around playing with the letters that make a workable design:

(For this sigil I used “My skin is beautiful”)

Once I have the shape I like I grab some paper and a pen  so I can finalize my design(I like working my final drafts on paper, but you can totally keep the digital thing going)

I got some lines that I liked and flipped everything vertically, now it’s time to make it pretty!

This is what I came up with in the end. I’m kinda in love with it. Looks a bit like a flower. Anyway all that is left to do now is draw it on my thing and charge it. I ended up charging this under the blue moon. I realized since I took the sponge thing out there’s actually room for a spell pouch or some crystals in there too! :)

Done! Now I have a little boost of beauty every time I retouch.

Urban/City Witch things:
  • Carrying an amulet for always catching your bus on time.
  • Embroidering a protective sigil onto your favorite denim jacket.
  • Carrying  few extra coins in your pocket for offerings.
  • Anti-gentrification sigils around your neighborhood.
  • Protection sigils for your community.
  • Releasing bay leaves with wishes written on them while driving around.
  • Carrying pepper spray with protection charms/sigils.
  • Enchanting a rollerball perfume for confidence and badassery.
  • Evernote grimoire and tarot app on your phone.
  • Playing a special song or playlist to activate protection wards while you’re out and about.