top three bops of the century

1) i didn’t just come here to dance - miss carly rae jepsen

2) free somebody - luna

3) hey ya - oukast

I just did this Celtic Cross spread with my newly obtained Earthbound Oracle deck. The reading has left me saying “whoa” and not much else. It seems this deck is brutally honest and this spread works very well with the deck.

I can’t really reference what the reading was about as it’s quite personal but here’s what I pulled:

1 - Life

2 - Luna

3 - Death

4 - Failure

5 - Fear

6 - Sol

7 - Protect

8 - Water

10 - Cycle

There’s a small part of the reading that I’m not entirely sure how to interpret unfortunately but that’s why I have a hard time reading for myself, especially with this situation, because I’m too close to it and I assume all feelings are negative when in reality they’re not or likely not.

If someone wants to input their opinion or interpretation then please feel free.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Heneral Luna. 

I bought tickets with the 50% discount. I watched it twice because it’s awesome. 

1. Cinematography. In the movie, the time when Luna’s mother visits him, they reminisce the old times when Luna was still a kid and it was a continuous shot of one era to another, from his childhood to his adulthood. Now having watched Pinoy movies, there has never been a shot like that, if ever there was, it wasn’t successfully delivered, then there’s this movie, and they did it perfectly! 

2. The Script (no, not the band -.-) 

 “Para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag- ibig ng isang puta!“ 

“Arestuhin nyo na, nauubusan na ako ng Ingles tangina naman!”

“MGA TRAYDOR!!! DUWAG!!” -Heneral Luna

3. John Arcilla. Why is he only given a main role just now? This country is too busy casting tisoys as pinoys and painting mestizas to look dark. They chose the perfect guy to play the part,  I’m glad Daniel Padilla wasn’t considered. 

4. The Sad Reality.  “Mga kapatid, mayroon tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa sa mga Amerikano—ang ating sarili.” A Filipino’s death by a fellow Filipino. How could you?

5. 50% Discount. Even if it’s worth 250.00 I think I’d still buy tickets because it’s worth it *trumpets*

 Hey Star Cinema, I want my money back.