nelayn replied to your post “how. do. people. plot. I have zero (0) idea as to how to wrap this…”



luna-skylar replied to your post “how. do. people. plot. I have zero (0) idea as to how to wrap this…”

You have done so many other stories so beautifully before. The ending is in there love, you’ve just got to find it.

I legit wrote that post and then face palmed cause, righto, I did this for the place between and managed to figure it out then, so all signs are pointing towards the ability to do it once more.  though I also remember the sheer pain that was creating that ending (ugh and also how amazing it was, so there’s that), so I’m sure i’m in for a wild ride on this one too

semperama replied to your post “how. do. people. plot. I have zero (0) idea as to how to wrap this…”

This question plagues me every single time. I usually end up only satisfactorily resolving either the relationship stuff OR the plotty stuff, I feel like. xD

IT’S SO HARD.  Which just makes me impressed all over again when authors manage to make it seamless and natural in their stories, cause what I really want to do is write ‘then they kissed, the bad guys died, and their spaceship flew away, the end’ which probably isn’t actually a sufficiently awesome ending

Iconic actress Jane Fonda will be voicing an evil sorceress in the new TV movie Elena and the Secret of Avalor, which will premiere as a special simulcast on Sunday, November 20 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. The movie will also launch on the channels’ respective apps and Disney Channel VOD the same day.

Secret of Avalor tells the exciting backstory of how Elena was imprisoned in her magical amulet by the evil sorceress, Shuriki (Fonda), and eventually set free by Princess Sofia of Enchancia. An anthemic original song, “My Time,” performed by Aimee Carrero (voice of Princess Elena) will debut in the special.

In addition to Carrero and Fonda, the movie’s voice cast includes Ariel Winter as Sofia; Sara Ramirez as Queen Miranda; Chris Parnell, Yvette Nicole Brown and Carlos Alazraqui as the jaquins Migs, Luna and Skylar, respectively; Jenna Ortega as Princess Isabel; Ana Ortiz as Rafa; Darcy Rose Byrnes as Princess Amber; Tyler Merna as Prince James; Travis Willingham as King Roland; Barbara Dirickson as Flora; Emiliano Díez as Francisco; Julia Vera as Luisa; Christian Lanz as Chancellor Esteban; Jillian Rose Reed as Naomi; Joseph Haro as Mateo; Jorge Diaz as Gabe; Keith Ferguson as Zuzo; and Joe Nunez as Armando.

The creative teams of both Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor combined forces for the TV movie, which is written by Craig Gerber and directed by Jamie Mitchell, both of whom serve as executive producers. John Kavanaugh serves as songwriter/music director, and Kevin Kliesch is the composer.Elena and the Secret of Avalor is a production of Disney Television Animation.

Fans can get a taste of the new adventure on October 18, when Disney Publishing will release a hardcover picture book titled Elena of Avalor: Elena and the Secret of Avalor.