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Thank you Tobi!!

Name: Luna 
Nicknames: Luni, Daisy, Lulu,… 
Zodiac sign: Libra 
Height: About 5'7 I think 
Orientation: Pansexual/panromantic 
 Nationality: Belgian 🇧🇪 
Favourite fruit: Strawberries!! (But I also really love peaches, mango and watermelon!) 
Favourite season: The beginning of autumn or the end of spring 🌸 
Favourite book: The whole Harry oPotter series! 
Favourite flower: Carnations! 
Favourite scent: the yellow roses from my garden, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, belgian waffles, strawberries… 
Favourite colour: pink 💞 
Favourite animal: Cats and dogs! 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea definitely, but I really like hot cocoa too and I love cappucinos 😊 
Average sleep hours: 6-7 
Cat or dog person: aaaah that’s so hard but I have to go with cat person! 
Favourite fictional character: That’s really hard, probably Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! 
Number of blankets you sleep with: one really thick blanket! 
Dream trip: I really really want to go to Brighton one day! (My dream is actually to move there when I’m older 💭) 
Blog created: I think 31st of October 2013 but I never used this blog until January of this year.

I tag: @meowgraine , @i-hear-a-second-voice , @vulcanvampire , @angellfallendown , @twentyonequasars , @banhowell , @odetoslept , @jus10-t and @revichan (you don’t have to if you don’t want to though 💞)

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Happy Things and Ice Cream // Para // Luna + Kasper

The only place he really had a home for in the states was gone. He didn’t realize it until late when he noticed all the sirens and noise. He pretty much lost everything except his messenger bag and the clothes on his very back. It was really sad to find that out after a day of hard work. So much shit has gone down in the past.. what? Week or two? He wasn’t sure how to handle it all now.

Bottling it up surely couldn’t do anything good. But it’s all he was used to. Bottling it all up until he cracks. He did it in high school and the years before that. It was all he could really do so not to draw attention to himself.

One person he knew who seemed drama free was Luna, or ‘Luny’. She was an alright girl, from their previous adventures together. Getting ice cream at this ungodly hour was basically all they could do. So once they got that they just walked around the streets of New York City and ate what was in their cups/cone.