Alfred: “Son, you sure we’re watching the right movie?”









Alfred: “Well, I did suggest watching Hamilton with Maricela and the young dude, and Maricela was excited, but Manuelito kept on asking me what kind of role Andres Bonifasho (is it Bonifasho? Wait, ah!) I mean, Bonifacio was gonna play. I really had no answer.”

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“Why are you like this?” Harry Imagine

Requested:  can i have a y/n where y/n has a crush on harry and he knows that but he acts a bit rude to y/n but after a while he realises that he loves them.

Word Count: 312

Warnings: None

A/N: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that this sucks. But keep requesting stuff! Imagines, preferences, ships, would includes are all open still! I am working on a posting schedule since I start school soon!

“Y/N, just talk to him!” Luna said.

“Yeah! If you just talk to him and maybe he likes you too!” Scarlet said in agreement to Luna 

“I don’t know… He looks like he likes Hermoine… He probably doesn’t like me.”

“You never know unless you try.” They said simultaneously

“You two are right! I’ll try to talk to him today.” I waved goodbye to my friends and headed to my next class.

I saw Harry walking by himself so I took my chances and started talking to him.

“Hi Harry.”

“Oh, uhm…. hi Y/N..”

“How do you feel about the potions exam from yesterday?”

“I guess I did well….”

“That’s good, confidence is the key to success.”

“Well…uhm…I’m going to leave now..”

Was Harry annoyed by me? I tried to shake off the feeling but it stayed with me.

*5 months later*

I have a feeling Harry doesn’t like all. All he does is give me dirty looks, talking bad about me to Luna, and he just is down-right rude to me…but I still like him.

I’ll talk to him and ask him why he’s been so rude lately. I saw him walking down the corridor and knew this was my time to talk to him.

“Hey Harry, can I talk to you for a few?”

“Well, yeah..I guess.”



“For the past five or so months you have been extremely rude to me. You’d give dirty looks to me in classes, you’d brush me off like I was nothing. I like you…all you had to say is that you don’t like me back or to leave you alone and I would…So why have you been so rude?”

“Truth is Y/N, I do like you too… It took me a while to realise it, but I do like you too. I am so sorry I was so mean to you…”


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