I want f(x)’s next comeback to get a shit ton of views for the MV on the first day,get a shit ton of wins,have a never before seen concept, have beautiful outfits for the performances,a decent promotion period,a decent line distribution,a badass choreo,a great mini album/full album to come with it, and for it change the kpop world forever

f(x) reacting to you being a dancing machine!

Krystal: She tries to impress you with some cool dance moves she’s learned as a trainee, but then you start popping like pro and leave Krystal with an admiring stare.

“I didn’t knew you can dance that good ,Jagi. Well that’s embarassing…”

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Victoria: You and Vic are working out at home and Vic starts to dance furiously to some EDM music. You join and it soon starts to be a serious dance-battle. She even has to show of her flexibility, and still barely wins. 

“Well Jagi, you are really good,  but I’m better.” *savage again*

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Luna: (you two are having dance practice) In a break between your choreography, you start to do some freestyle and leave Luna stunned.

*can’t even speak*

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Amber just needs to pull a dirty joke seeing you dancing really good.

“Jagi now I know why you’re so good in be-…” *jaw drops*

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Luna was surprised by the knock on her door and the redhead pulled her hair up into a messy bun as she walked towards it. Most people didn’t come to her apartment anymore and she didn’t mind it. Pulling the door open she froze as she looked up at Zephery. “What are you bored and I was the first person that came to mind?” She rolled her eyes before taking a step back. “I’m busy.”

f(x) reacting to you making them jealous!

Krystal: Interrupts you flirting with some random person…

She pushes you and the person apart and gives you a long kiss, then looks to the person you were just flirting with.  “I’m sorry I don’t think we know each other. I’m (Y/N)’s girlfriend.”

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Victoria: Gets savage af.

“Jagi, is this person annoying you? Let me take care of her.”

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Luna: Somehow gets really turned on…?

“(Y/N), I hope you know what you’re doing to me. I hope you know what I’ll  do to you later. Wherever.”

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(Your Taeyeon in this GIF)

Amber: While you’re flirting with another person, Amber wraps her arm around your neck and just stares at the person with a smile. Just plain, intense, scary staring until the person goes away.

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