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ginny weasley and luna lovegood

do you ever meet someone and all of a sudden everything makes sense?

there’s a reason you took that class and a reason you lost that stuffed animal as a child. or maybe they smile and everything goes away.

all your problems don’t exist and you could care less about the classes you fail because they’re here and they’re happy and you’re happy.

they’re blonde with big blue eyes, and they flinch every time you try to do their makeup and it’s a huge laugh. they’re taller than you even though you like to be taller one and the one in charge but you can’t do much when you have to look up to say hi or get on your tippy toes to give a joking kiss on the cheek if you’re brave enough.

there’s a reason you can’t form a simple sentence when a stranger looks at you the wrong way because you’re too scared they’ll reject you if you say the wrong thing. but sometimes you forget to say anything at all. and they leave you anyways.

but all of their jokes makes sense even when there is no punchline or it’s not supposed to be funny at all yet you just look at each other and you can’t stop laughing. and her laugh makes your whole face go red because it sounds like what you’d imagine heaven to feel like.

there’s a reason you lost your father and a reason she held you in the girl’s dressing room and you cried, smudges of black dripping down your cheeks. she isn’t sure if it’s from mascara or the way you’re feeling.

and shit you go outside to the lake every time she stays at your house over the weekend and right before the sun disappears into the sky there’s this moment where the clouds turn all shades of red, pink, and orange, but somehow, just somehow, she turns gold. because that’s all she is. gold.

but gold ruined your life because it’s the color of carelessness and desperation. the heartbreaking need to see gold on their side of the bed as light flickers in their hair, and you watch curl into the covers as they sleep because it’s 3am why are you awake? why are you so damn distraught over the color gold?

there’s a reason you’re without her. reminding yourself that you’re young and there are other people out there. but there’s a single thought in the back of your mind.

what if there’s no one else?

I’ll be back (Cassian Andor x  reader)

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Can I get a number 15 with cassian andor where they have an argument and he accidentally confesses to her ???? Thanks ☺☺☺

15. “I love you, you piece of shit”

-note: AYEEEEEE LOOK WHO’S BACK!!!! I have a math and traditional language exams tomorrow but I figured this would calm me down. P.S. IF YOU DONT LIKE ANGST, PRETEND THE LAST LINE DOESNT EXIST O K-

“Don’t come with me,” Cassian said, “Stay here, I’ll be back before you know it.”

(Y/n) sighed, inspecting her black blaster rifle as she slung it over her shoulders. The girl rolled her eyes. “I can take care of myself.”

Suddenly, she winced in pain. She almost forgot about the blast wound in her shoulder blade she got from her last mission.

“Listen to me,” Cassian said in a low growl, “I’m not letting a weak girl ruin my reputation.”

“‘Weak?’” Asked (Y/n) incredulously. She meant to be loud, but it came out as a small squeal.

“You’re worthless,” Cassian spat, turning his back on him. Although his words are hurting her, he was hurting, too, seeing her like this, but he’d rather have her hate him than lose her.

“I’m not weak,” said (Y/n) quietly.

Cassian looked back to see a girl with water on the edge of her eyelids. A wave of guilt washed over her.

“I’m not weak!” she shouted, gathering quite the attention of many people.

“I don’t care!” Cassian shouted back. He felt either anger or guilt but he couldn’t tell the difference.

“Cassian, please trust me!” (Y/n) was practically begging. “Give me one good reason why-”

“Because I love you, you piece of shit!” Cassian cut her off, which silenced her completely.

(Y/n) looked down. “Oh.”

Slowly, Cassian walked over to her, wrapping her on a tight hug as he pressed his lips on her forehead.

“I’ll be back, okay? And then on my next mission you can come with me.”

(Y/n)’s mouth curled into a tight smile. “Okay.”

So she watched him leave to Scarif for the sake of the galaxy. She believed that he would come back to her, like he always did.

But he never did.





Are trending on Twitter in Korea and I think that’s beautiful.

But do you know what would be even better???

If f(x) had an actual comeback.

And I’m sorry but SM has no excuses whatsoever for not giving them one.

Oh and btw, blaming a member and saying that they’re the reason f(x) is not getting a comeback is ridiculous.

In the meantime support Luna’s and Amber’s YT channels, Victoria’s upcoming solo album and Krystal’s dramas 💜💜💜💜

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Imagine this..

 Raven sitting on the ark with Bellamy, and they’re just sitting at a window staring down at earth. Raven says to Bell, ‘I hope Luna’s safe,’ to which, Bellamy tells her the news about the lethal game of ‘hide and seek.’ Raven is just absolutely grief-stricken and broken when she hears what happened and feels like she can’t go on.
Meanwhile on the ground Clarke and Madi find Luna injured, but alive. Clarke patches her up and takes her back to the rover where they live. While Clarke is bandaging her, she asks her about Raven, and Clarke tells her that they wen’t back to space.
Then the arkers finally come down and after a couple weeks of searching -not to mention avoiding the miners- Bellamy is the first to spot Clarke and the other two. So Bellamy motions for the Raven and the rest of the arkers to come over and see what he found, and as soon as Raven sees Luna, she cries out her name and runs towards her crying and hugging her. Luna just stands there holding her tightly and they both sob, “they told me you were dead!” 
They all reunite with lots of hugs and happy tears, and Clarke introduces little Madi to them.
And they’re all one big happy family now! <3