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I feel this on a daily basis

So I climbed out a car window today

So story time I was waiting in my mom’s car at cvs waiting for her to get pictures printed. The windows were fully down in the front seat and an alarm goes off if you open the door. So basically I was bored and wanted to get out, and knowing about the alarm I didn’t wanna deal with that shit so I sit there and think
What if I climb out the Window?
So at first I was like nahh not gonna happen but a few minutes later I started getting curious if I could do it so I decided fuck it let’s go for it
So I start by going feet first stomach out cause who the fuck would go head first I mean do you want a head of death I don’t, but the problem is I don’t have the leverage to get to the ground. Now at this point the parking lot is empty except for this little old lady in the car next to me but she doesn’t seem to care what I do so I start twisting around in the seat to have my butt facing out. Now, being a big girl this has been no easy process but at this point I’m halfway out so I’m seeing this shit through. By some miracle and a scrapped elbow im able to houdini my way out of the windows and somehow stuck the landing. Now at this point I’m having an adrenaline rush cause holy shit I just climbed out a car window its like I’m god damn James Bond over here and suddenly I see this woman standing next to me staring and I’m just like shit its not what it looks like I wasn’t kidnapped this isn’t the call this car is my mother’s im cool and she goes on bout her business.
So now the part when I get to go into the store and who do I run into but my mother and I’m just like hey what’s up and she’s like how the hell did you escape and I start telling this epic tale of my greatness and the cashier starts to fucking lose it and that was basically my Monday night


Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Words: 1722

Plot: Libertus warned Nyx about Glauca being Drautos, so Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? 

Personal Comment: Since I really had a ton of unexpected encouragement, I decided to write this fic. This is only the first part as you can see and it’s also very short, but please let me know what do you think. thanks to the lovely @loveiscosmicsin for the collaboration. This fic will probably took me an eternity, guys, please be patient. Enjoy! <3

Lunafreya sat in a corner of the street, concealed by some dilapidated building. She really needed to catch her breath, it was that sole reason why the Oracle and the Glaive had stopped for a moment. She lifted her gaze from her hands, watching the sky beyond the smoke. 

 "Nyx Ulric … The wall is gone. Insomnia has fallen.“ She whispered with a sad look  of resignation. Nyx Ulric stood up right beside her and didn’t answer a thing. He was sad too though in a very different way. He was somehow angry and frustrated. Without the king’s magic, he was powerless to do anything else but stay by the princess, the last order he had been given. He took a deep breath and put the hands on her shoulders, trying to warm her up a bit while his eyes explored the area for possible dangers.

“We have to keep going, haven’t we?” She asked, shivering at the Glaive’s touch.

“Yeah. We must get out of the city before the Empire finds us. We’re almost there. Can you still move?“ 

Luna was slightly injured, but it was nothing compared to the uneasiness of her heart. Her hope was still there but with the death of King Regis - a dear friend who always had been present in her fondest memories of childhood- she really lost a father figure in which she used to trust. "Don’t worry,” she replied, touching the gunshot wound on her shoulder. “A scratch won’t stop me." 

"Let’s move then." 

Nyx pulled her up delicately and together they walked fast until they saw the frontier. A huge crowd was pulling from everywhere, trying to get out of Insomnia, the city condemned to destruction. Desperation, fear, and anxiety were painted on their faces. Nobody was expecting such a madness right in the same day in which the treaty had to be signed. Luna and Nyx looked at them, disturbed by the tense atmosphere. 

"Look, I chose this frontier because it shouldn’t be so very well guarded but a lot of people probably thought the same. Masses are unstable. We can take advantage of the confusion, but we also have to be more careful. Stay close to me, keep your eyes down, and trust me." 

"Magitek troops are in position, looking for us.” Luna squeezed her fist tightly, the Ring of the Lucii imprinting on her palm. If the Empire set up a checkpoint, they have no hope of passing inspections. “We can’t pass.”

“I knocked off hundreds of empties back in my military experience. They think like a hive together than apart. We can pass unnoticed or we can trick them.” Nyx gave her a thumbs up and a cocky grin. “I’ll manage somehow." 

"Without your powers?" 

"Thank you for reminding me of it every three minutes, princess.”

She tried to smile and then she decided to trust him. After all, he guarded her well until now, even without his magic. They acted very quickly: Nyx lead Luna holding her by her elbow right in the center of the crowd, pushing people aside so she could pass. Someone protested but he didn’t care. In five minutes, they found themselves face to face with some MTs, but they were strangely still. 

 "Maybe it’s our lucky day.”

"After all we went through, I highly doubt we can call it ‘lucky’." 

"Okay, let’s just say we had luck in this very specific occasion.” Nyx was still speaking when a Magitek suddenly opened his eyes and stared right at them. That was so terrifying that both Nyx and Luna boggled. An alarm started to sound in the air. “How the hell …?” Nyx took his kukri out and in the same time he pushed the princess ahead, barking a single order, “Run!”

Luna didn’t wait for the Glaive to repeat himself. She immediately ran ahead, ignoring her prior exhaustion and the shooting pain in her feet. Nyx slammed his fist in one of the MT’s face, ready to do the same with every one of the them if it was the case. He had to clear the way - which was enormously hard to do without his warp magic - and when he thought he almost did it, in that very moment a better armed soldier appeared in the distance, shooting at him. Nyx didn’t even feel the pain immediately, he only noticed his left arm bleeding under the sleeve. “Damn” he cursed, hating the sight of his own blood. That wouldn’t have happened if he still had his powers. 

“Nyx!” The princess stopped in the middle of the road as she saw him being hurt. 

“What are you doing? Keep running!" 

"More Magitek soldiers are coming!”

Nyx lift his head and he noticed that Luna was right. In the chaos of the fight, he didn’t hear the engines getting closer. This was bad and it could have get even worse if a black car wouldn’t have appeared in the distance. At first Nyx thought it was another imperial enemy, but as the car got closer, he started to feel hope again. 

A short man dressed in white came out of the car, speaking in a very evident accent from Tenebrae: "Princess, take this car and use it to escape!“ 

"Rufus!” Luna screamed in relief as she recognized her personal chauffeur. “What do you want to do?" 

"I’ll distract them somehow, but if we lose you we lose everything. You have to go!”

 Nyx immediately felt sorry for ignoring him two days before, when he met Lunafreya for the first time and took her away from him just to follow Drautos’ instructions. That short and showy man clearly was braver than Nyx gave him credit for. 

“Thank you, Rufus. I won’t forget this,” Luna said, as she stepped back, took Nyx’s good arm and pulled him to the car. 

“We can’t leave this poor man here to die” Nyx replied, seeing her intentions. He was pretty certain that Rufus would have been mortally wounded in 0.2 seconds if he stood alone against the empire. 

“Nyx, I need YOU to come with me.” The way she pronounced his name was ambiguous. Maybe it was a plea, maybe it was request, maybe it was a supplication. She seemed worried. She looked afraid. Yet, her voice was gentle, strong, and determined. “Can you drive me out of this city? Please?" 

Nyx didn’t even try to deny her something that was his duty anyway. Trying to stop the blood on his arm with a hand, he entered in the car and assured that the princess was safe in the backseat. He glanced at Rufus for a second before he pushed the clutch, gaining speed very fast. A Magitek ship shot at them, but the car resisted pretty well and the Empire wasn’t ready to see them leave on the wheels. 

 "Your chauffeur is a dead man now” Nyx mumbled after five minutes, looking straight ahead. His conscience didn’t settle with the idea of ‘we didn’t have a choice’. He would have regret abandoning him for ages. In fact, Luna didn’t seem feeling right about it either. She just sat in the backseat, hands covering her face, maybe hiding some silent tears. A deep hush went on for a long time. In the end, Nyx decided he had to say something. “Nobody is following us. I guess we took them by surprise, so that’s an advantage for us. Still, it’s just a matter of time before they start tracking us down again." 

"I have to heal your wound” she said out of nowhere, lowering her hands and showing her tired, pretty face. 

“You what …?” Nyx looked at her in the rearview mirror. “No, I’m fine.”

“I can heal your wound. Inside the crown city’s protocol I am the former princess of Tenebrae, but outside of it I am known as the Oracle. So healing people it’s my duty." 

"That’s not the problem. We just can’t stop now. When we will arrive at Hammerhead maybe… it should be safe there." 

"Hammerhead is two hours away from Insomnia and you will bleed to death in the meantime. Please, Nyx Ulric. I’m worried." 

Disarmed by her firm kindness, Nyx muttered something unclear and pulled over the car. ‘Please’, that magic word was literally everything she needed to say to make him obey like a little puppy. It happened before, it happened now, he feared that it will happen again in the future. 

"I hope you’re happy now, princess,” he commented, determined to complain as long as possible about Luna’s decision to stop in such a crucial moment. 

 "I will when your arm will stop bleeding.“ They both got out of the car. Luna moved in circle until she reached the Glaive’s side. Without saying another word she took off his jacket and examined the wound, causing him moaning in pain. "Oh, this could wait, right?” She asked in a very sarcastic tone. 

“In my defense I can say I didn’t think it was that bad." He replied cheekily.

Nyx was lucky, having the Oracle with him because no potion would have been enough with that bullet hole. Luna sighed. She covered the terrible wound with one gentle hand and with the other she cupped his cheek. Nyx stopped breathing for a moment: Luna seemed having in her daily routine the physical contact with her patients, but for him it was a brand new procedure. As she touched his forehead with hers, all he could think about was the warmth of her skin and the sweet smell of her breath. The operation took her a couple of minutes, in which she murmured prayers in foreign words that the Glaive couldn’t start to imagine their translation. Nyx didn’t move at all because he didn’t want to compromise her professionalism with some inappropriate comments. That was all she was. Professional. Nothing else. So his heart should have stopped beating so fast now. 

"How do you feel now?” she asked.

Nyx looked at the wound: there was a subtle scar where the hole used to be, but the pain was gone. 

“Much… better. Thank you, princess.” Luna sighed in relief this time and only then Nyx noticed the bead of sweat trailing down her neck. She suddenly looked so tired. “What about you?" 

 "I am fine. Healing other people cause me some discomfort, but nothing to worry about. I just need some rest.” She stood unsteadily on her feet and took a deep breath. “I’m sure I have some clean clothes in the luggage van. I’ll change and then we can leave. Hammerhead?" 

 Nyx looked at her. It was his turn to be worried. "Hammerhead.”

“I hope you have a fortune Princess, cause I think you just scratched the prince’s car.”

Luna practicing reverse parking with Nyx “Did they teach you to drive in the royal academy” Ulric.

I have too many wishes about Luna learning how to drive, with Nyx being both a nuisance and a mother hen about it. (Like checking her blind spot while simultaneously trying to rattle her nerves.)

Imagine the banter and backseat driving.

Okay, I’m going to make a list of all the times Noctis talks about Luna in media (though I’m not counting the times he actually talks to her herself), so here I go:

Feel free to add to this if I miss anything!

Them talking about Luna in the car at the end of Kingsglaive.

The actual game:

Noctis, before heading out, “I don’t know about you, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” And then when Regis tells him it’s not too late to turn back, “You think I would?”

Oh, and Noctis teasing his father when he reminds him to mind his manners around his “charming bride to be”.

Cindy - “Lady Lunafreya’s groom, right here in Hammerhead.” Noctis - “Not hitched just yet.”

The waitress from Golden Quay asking Noctis if he’s hitting on her, and him denying it (this isn’t him talking about Luna, but proving what Ray Chase said about Noctis never flirting with any other girls–same thing with Iris, and Cindy in Episode Duscae).

Edit: @moonlight-at-dawn Prompto saying something along the lines of, “Now that you finally get to marry her…” to Noct, which shows that this is clearly something Noctis has been thinking about for a long time and wanting.

Prompto asking Noctis how he feels about getting married to Luna. And he says something along the lines of, “Any guy would be super excited to marry her.” To which Noctis replies, “No big deal.” And Prompto responds, “Oh, come on!”

Gladiolus reminding Noctis that even though he’s getting married, he can’t let himself go.

Noctis telling Prompto he’s not going to tell him anything, despite Prompto wanting him to, about what Luna wrote to him and what he wrote back.

And speaking of which, Noctis writing back to her “Finally going to see you after all these years,” most likely.

Noctis listening intently to what Luna says on the radio about their upcoming marriage.

And speaking of that, much thanks to @oraclesoul for this tip: “There’s also a time where the guys tease Noct in the car at the beginning of the game when the radio station is discussing his and Luna’s marriage. Ignis basically states that Luna is all about the idea, Gladio points out that Noct likes it too, and Prompto says ‘What’s that? I do?’ And Noctis responds with ‘Buzz off’ lol. Too cute.”

Noctis being upset about reports of Luna being dead, I believe.

Noctis being super relieved to hear from Iris that Luna is okay.

During the “stroll for two”, Iris telling Noctis, “And you already have Lady Lunafreya.”

Noctis looking super happy/proud in front of this “Long live the Oracle” graffiti in Lestallum:

Stuff during the battle with Titan: “That was Luna? You spoke to her?!”

Noctis writing to Luna in their notebook, “I received the blessing. Thank you, Luna.” And then him telling Umbra, “Tell her I’m safe, and that she won’t have to wait much longer. We’ll be together soon.”

Noctis saying how he “can’t wait to thank her in person” for all she’s doing for him, when the Chocobros bring her up.

I think Gladio even says, “That’s an amazing woman you have,” or something like that. And Noctis’ answer is, “Don’t I know it?”

Coctura asking for certain berries from Noctis, because she wants to honor his and Luna’s wedding that way–by combining some Lucis and Tenebrae flavors together: this is actually the dessert that Noctis kept wanting in Brotherhood, and so the chocobros talk about that a little bit (and Luna) here.

Noctis’ reaction to Prompto offering to take sultry pictures of Lunafreya for him. “Oh, no you will not.” @prynacle “In the photo session with Prompto, he tells Noct his plans to give the pictures he took of Noct to Luna, and Noct goes, ‘If you want to…’ Looking to his side, playing it cool 😂”

…Doesn’t Iris seem kind of mopey, when you part with her being in your party, because she knows Noctis is going to go have to join Luna soon? And I don’t think Noctis says anything here, which probably says everything.

Our prince being angry about Ravus, for the empire targeting Luna.

This is the description for chapter nine: “Noctis receives a warm sendoff as he sets sail for Altissia in high spirits. The prince goes forth ostensibly to seek the blessing of the Hydrogen, which will enable him to challenge the empire’s might, but his true heart’s desire is to find Lunafreya, his betrothed.”

On the way to Altissia, Noctis saying how Luna comes first–even before Leviathan–and stuff.

People in Altissia feeling bad for Ravus, and saying how “he just looked at the church teary-eyed”, or something like that. And the friend goes, “Can you blame him? His sister was supposed to get married there.” And this is after it’s revealed that the wedding conditions had all been a ruse on Niflheim’s part, of course, and so the wedding is seemingly off the table.

The chocobros reaction to Luna’s wedding dress, and them saying that Noctis and Luna need to make the wedding happen.

Going off of that: @hernkydernky123 “There’s also this cute scene where the boys see Luna’s wedding dress, Prompto said her dress is beautiful (I think) and Gladio said to Noct, ‘I bet the groom can’t wait to see it on his bride-to-be.’ And also the scene in Altissa where they actually see her dress and some people in the background a man and women were saying….Lady: ‘I want my dress to be as pretty as that!’ Man: ‘And it will be, for i am your Prince Noctis.’ Gladio: ‘Looks like the Prince’s got followers.’ And something else in those scenes but yeah…cuteness overboard!

Noctis being angry for Luna during the negotiations. “She’d better be safe.” “I want to see her right now.” “They’ll be a reckoning for you, too,” that you can have Noctis say when Camelia threatens Luna.

Noct asking Ignis about Luna after her death, and then sobbing at the answer as he flips through their book. “The last page is stained with tears.”

Promto saying that they’ll be rolling by Tenebrae, and Gladio then saying that they’re not stopping there.

Gladio yelling at Noctis for moping about Luna, and him being like, “I am over it! I’m here, aren’t I?”, but clearly lying and storming off to clutch the ring and cry some more.

Actually, probably all of Noctis’ anger at Gladio in chapter ten is over Luna. Like when he says, “Can you shut up?” to him and stuff like that.

Noctis undoubtedly listening to the radio as it talks about Luna’s death, like the broadcast that lies and says they were both swept under the waves together (and you know he was probably listening to stuff about her on the radio in general).

Noctis trying to kill Ardyn (though it’s secretly Prompto), for murdering Luna. And also blaming him for everything.

Noctis asking if they can stop in Tenebrae, and Gladio responding, “If it’ll help him get over it”.

Just all of chapter twelve, when Noctis is talking to Maira (even about Pryna, Luna, and Umbra), the little girl (”I lo- Thank you.”, visiting Tenebrae, seeing things about Luna, talking to Gentiana/Shiva, and then finally crying at the ghost-Luna’s feet and apologizing that he couldn’t be there for her.

Noctis having a serious hard time putting the ring on, but finally doing it in great pain.

Him reading the notes that Ravus wrote to Luna. And speaking of Ravus, I think Noctis suddenly treating him nicely in the latter half of the game is for sure because of Luna (or partly, anyway).

Noctis thinking of Luna while in the crystal.

Noctis’ reaction to seeing Luna’s hanged body.

Noctis, perhaps, choosing to take a picture of his journey with him, on the off-chance he can show it to Luna in the afterlife? Maybe?

Ardyn digging the knife further into Noctis in chapter fourteen: “When your beloved died, you could only lay there and watch,” or whatever the exact wording was.

“I love you all: Luna, guys, Dad.”

I’m also going to throw in the Oracle decal for the car, with the description of, “Now you can be together forever.”

I also swear that their are NPCs who say that they’re wary of Noctis and Luna’s marriage, and think there’s more to it than meets the eye (like, they’re probably thinking it’s a power play).


Noctis apologizing to Luna for the hold up in his mind, and promising her that he’ll be there soon.

Noctis freaking out and getting angry, after Ignis moved the lovers’ notebook and told him that he should write back to her soon. “I know that!”

Noct telling Prompto that he can meet Luna on the first episode of Brotherhood… before taking it back on the last one, and saying that she might just want to see him.

Our Tsundere prince telling Prompto to “shut up” when he’s teasing Noctis about Luna at one point in Brotherhood.

Oh! And Noctis also doesn’t flirt with those girls getting ice cream in Lestallum like Prompto does in episode four.

I’ve also seen/heard that when Noctis is reaching in the water, after falling into it in the last episode, it’s supposed to be him thinking about Luna and when they were separated?

And you know what? For the hell of it, I’m going to throw in the removed stuff from trailers, too.

Omen trailer.

The updated World of Wonder trailer, that has Noctis talking in it. And he says, “Where’s Luna?”

Noctis, looking at the moon: “It’s been a long time. Too long. Not much longer.”

Noctis - “Luna says she has something for me.” Ignis - “So she made it out alive?” Prompto - “Don’t want to keep your date waiting!”

Luna - “I can’t stay any longer! Forget about me! Live your own life!” Noctis - “My heart won’t let go.”

I know that that last one was technically Stella. But it was at a point where they’d retconned so much about Stella, that she was now childhood friends with Noctis (which she originally wasn’t, but that was something that became true about Noctis and Luna), so I’m counting it.

Edit: There’s also stuff from the audio drama I should probably add, but since I’ve only listened to it once I’d have to give it another go before I attempt that.


Miniature Noctis being in Luna’s room during the Mystery disc demo, and commenting on it (with fanart of Luna and himself all around him at the time), and a giant Umbra coming up to him and wanting to play. LOL.