luna stormborn

Luuuuuuuuuna || Stormzera

Louis crept about the grounds ninja-like even though no one was out. He navy-crawled in the corridor of the library and rolled to the main desk. He jumped up at what he thought was the speed of a Strigoi and yelled “Boo!” to an empty desk. Wow. Now he felt stupid. Where was his sexy Librarian when he wanted her? He sat on the desk as his features settled in a pout. Was she angry at him for not returning any of her texts or calls? 

Hidden || Open

“We can’t hide her forever,” Ed whispered.
“It isn’t forever,” Onyx whispered back, “It’s just until Louis’s alone and we can bring him to her.”
“Don’t you think they’ll ask questions?”
“And Luna already agreed to lie for us. She won’t mention us. She’ll say it was some glory seeking Spirit user.”
The two Spirit users sighed at each other. “Fine.”
They both sat down in the suite not aware of the ex-Strigoi silently leaving her suite. She wasn’t worried about being noticed since she’d dyed her hair brown, but she was worried about Louis. She had to find him before he did something drastic. She walked silently through the halls, keeping herself tucked into herself, searching for some clue of where Louis was.

Would You? || Stormzera

Louis laid there, tangled within the bed sheets as his and Luna’s clothes once again were torn and everywhere on the floor. He turned on his side, staring into the crimson outlined irises of the woman  beside him. Rapidly, he sat up, ignoring the sound of the broken headboard as it fell to the ground. 
People had said that Strigoi couldn’t love. 
Louis begged to differ. He had a very strong feeling about Luna. Love, was it? Shrugging, he ran a hand through his hair. Today was his cousin and his best mate’s wedding, but before heading off there, this Strigoi had other plans. “Luna…” he said slowly, caressing her face. “Would you marry me? We’ll have nothing big. We’ll just sign the papers and get rings.” He smiled a tiny smile. He wasn’t romantic at all, but he loved her.

Luna Stormborn || Age 20 || Moroi || Element: Fire || FC:  Emilia Clarke || Taken

Luna is the new librarian at St. Vladimirs. She was orphaned at the age of 6 when her parents died in a Strigoi massacre. She moved in with her aunt and uncle. Her uncle went to Tarasov when she was 9 for treason. Her aunt worked 3 jobs to support them. When she was 16 she got a job and has been working ever since. When she turned 18 she moved in with her old boyfriend who turned out to be controlling and physical/emotionally abusive. She only uses men for sex now. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in over a year.

She’s relatively shy with people until they get to really know her. Then she never shuts up. She can always be found with a book in her hands and can easily remember things. She usually timid until it’s something she cares about deeply. She gets overly excited about things she’s interested in (Her uncle used to her Puppy because of it) She strict when it comes to her library and books.