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Ideas for big, filling breakfasts that are not avo toasts, tofu scramble, smoothie bowls, or oatmeal? That's all I see when I google vegan breakfast TT_TT. I get up early for work and don't get to eat til 1pm in the afternoon. I'm not allowed to have any snacks cause I work a front desk job and it's not professional/clean if I eat up there. I need something really big and filling. I dont get how people can have only a smoothie for brekkie & be on their day!

I’m not really a big breakfast person usually makes me kinda sick to eat in the morning but if you have time to cook in the morning i’d suggest the stuff you listed hahah. I love tofu scramble especially in a tortilla with potatoes and any kind of veggie/green. But I also feel you about the smoothies, that’s not a meal to me personally - i’m still hungry as I drink it, I gotta chew man. Anyways, I love making hash browns and certain veggie breakfast sausages. What if you made muffins or something at night? Or you could make pancake mix the night before too, throw them on a pan in the morning. Pancakes and muffins fill me up a lot. Waffles too, I want a waffle maker so hard. I know you said besides oatmeal but oatmeal is really dense and filling! If you’re in a rush you could also just get a big bowl of cereal and throw a buncha nuts/fruit/whatever on top and grab a protein bar (luna and cliff are amazing.)

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Hey Sam! You've talked about what your cooking a lot and you've mentioned stuff that you take to work for lunch, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on that a little bit - I'm going to be starting my first full-time job in two weeks and I'm not entirely sure what kind of things are good for lunch (sandwiches? leftovers from the night before?) Thanks!

Congrats on your new FIRST JOB! That’s great! 

I tend not to take sandwiches, I’m not really sure why – I’m not averse to them, it just doesn’t occur to me. I do take sandwiches when I’m traveling, but I guess I think of them as more of a road trip kind of food. Also remember that I basically don’t eat vegetables, and a nice salad is always an option if you do – one of my friends at work makes great mason jar salads, where you put the dressing in, then all the ingredients in layers, and you stir it up and shake it when you’re ready to eat it. Also fruit salad is nice, and it’s a light meal if you, for instance, get indigestion easily. 

I’m kind of a creature of habit so I tend to take the same handful of dishes regularly; they’re not really leftovers, technically, but they’re reheatable portions from the cooking I do over the weekend. So:

Baked beans with shredded chicken
Macaroni in red sauce with mini meatballs
Chicken enchiladas
Sloppy joe (beef hash) over rice (or any bbq meat or curry goes well over rice)
Diced chicken with stuffing (stuffing on top helps the chicken heat better)
Chicken Quesadilla sliced into wedges (optional salsa/sour cream on the side)
Cheese and chicken omelette (usually half of one I made for breakfast)

This is a lot of stuff that can be cooked in a massive helping, portioned into tupperware, and either frozen for the distant future or reheated with ease in a microwave.

Stuff that doesn’t need reheating includes: 
Greek yogurt with jam stirred in (and granola in a separate container)
Cooked ravioli tossed with butter and parmesan (can be reheated but perfectly good cold) 
Hummus and a bag of pita chips or crackers

I usually also throw in a hardboiled egg or a mini cheese for a bit of protein and a palate cleanser. Also if I’ve ordered pizza and have leftovers, I’ll chop the pizza into bite-sized pieces and put it in a tupperware to reheat – it’s less messy to eat small chunks with a fork. 

I also keep a tin of various protein bars (Luna Protein, QuestBar, RXBar, Think Thin) at my desk so if I’m snackish I’m eating something that at least pretends it’s healthy. Saves me a lot of money on the vending machine.

I hope the job is awesome! Happy eating! 

April 12
Forgive me for this weird ass pose, I see people with actual arm muscles doing it all the time and idk I think my butt looks cute. So. There ya go.

I think we may have found a winner for half marathon shirt; it’s big, a nice color, not cotton, doesn’t chafe, and doesn’t show my sweat. A good contender for the moment. Of course I have like literally 5 months to figure it out lololol.

Yesterday was chest / back / triceps and a short 2.25 miles. For some reason, even though I started pretty early, I felt very rushed to get through the last couple sets because I wanted to finish in time to catch the train that gets me downtown before RTM closes at 6. Literally having your fresh grocery place closing at such an early hour SUUUUUX so much. I barely had enough time to get back and stretch after my run, even though I ran faster than I was expecting the day after Afterburn.

I’m starting to get frustrated because of the lack of weight loss I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks, despite the rigor and variety of my workouts. I’m eating well, sleeping well, taking vitamins every morning, changing up my routine all the time… I legit don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I feel better about my runs I guess, but it’s still annoying to be working so hard and doing everything you’re allegedly “supposed” to do, and still not seeing any results. If anything, I’ve gained weight. Wtf. Over the summer when I was doing T25 ONLY, I was slimming down so fast. I know it takes time, but I’m spending so much time on this and I’m very committed, so it’s just very discouraging to see not even a damn pound off.

I think it may have something to do with how quickly I can eat after my workout. I know I used to hear all the time if you don’t eat pretty much immediately after your workout, you might as well not have done it. Part of the annoying thing about working out at work is having to commute home afterwards, which is not a small amount of time. I also usually have to rush out of there in order to catch the damn train so I’m not home at like 7:30 and have no time to make dinner. So it’s not like I can hang out and like have a smoothie or a meal or something. Idk.

Do we know how much time you actually have after a workout to eat before you risk not fueling right? I’ve heard anything from half an hour to 2 hours, and that’s a big difference… Does anyone else experience a plateau because of improperly fueling? Any advice on protein bars I can buy, or something quick I can prepare as part of my late lunch that won’t be a bitch to do in the morning? I just bought Luna Protein bars yesterday to hold me over until I can find a good solution, but I’m not a big fan of how much sugar is in them. Bleh.

Chest / Back / Triceps
3x each

15 reps lat pulldowns w/ machine, 60# resistance
15 reps chest fly w/ elevated legs, 10#
15 reps lawnmower pulls, alt. sides, 10#
15 reps bent over wide rows, 10#
15 reps bench press machine, 30# resistance
20 reps cobra late pulldowns
15 reps dumbbell pullovers, 10#
15 reps bent over back fly, 6#
15 reps chest fly machine, 30# resistance

2.25 mi
9'33" min / mi

Listening to: “Power” by Little Mix

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Hi Sam, I was wondering if you would be willing to talk a bit more about how you handle your food prep for the week? Do you freeze things? Or are your dishes things that last with just refrigeration for the entire week? Do you pre-portion? I've suddenly new dietary restrictions that require me to cook but I grew up in a house where left-overs were better left to a hazmat team, so I'm failing so hard at feeding myself properly right now. Thanks!

It depends a lot on the food you’re cooking, but I’ve found that most leftovers will last a week or two in the fridge with few consequences. And yeah, I definitely pre-portion, just so that I don’t have to think about it later. 

I make a lot of casserole-style dishes, which are like “thing A plus thing B in a sauce”. Baked beans with pulled chicken, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti or macaroni in meat sauce or with mini-meatballs, beef stroganoff, enchiladas. Not for lunches so much but for both breakfast and dinner I’ll make a batch of small turkey or shrimp patties (shredded meat plus greek yogurt and egg plus breadcrumbs and seasonings, make into patties, pan-fry) and reheat those in the toaster and eat them on a little bun. (They don’t microwave well, and we only have microwaves at work.)

I do freeze a ton. Generally I’ll make, say, sixteen shrimp patties, and I’ll package them in packs of four and freeze them. Then at the start of the week I’ll put one pack in the fridge to defrost. And I own ten zillion tupperwares – for a while, every time I went to Target I bought a $3 package of Lunchblox, my preferred plastic storage method. (I also wash and reuse plastic sour cream and yogurt containers, they’re good for storing masses of stuff when I run out of lunchblox.) 

So on the weekend I will make, say, a pan of enchiladas, a pot of mac and cheese, and some baked beans with chicken. I like doing that – cooking is soothing to me so spending a few hours in the kitchen on a weekend is fun, especially since I can take breaks while things bake. 

And ALL of that food gets packaged up into lunchblox, with maybe some extra in larger tupperware to go into the fridge. And all the lunchblox go in the freezer. At the start of every week I take out enough for the week’s lunches, and maybe one or two extra for other meals. They’ll last me a solid month or two, usually, especially if I augment them with other stuff I’m cooking.  

I don’t really do modular lunches the way a lot of people do, where it’s like a sandwich and some carrot sticks and some crackers, or a salad and some chips – I just have the One Thing and I heat it up and I eat it. Sometimes I’ll throw a handful of mini babybel cheeses into my lunchbag at the start of the week and eat one of those, and once in a while I’ll take an apple or a banana with me to work to augment lunch, but my usual lunch is very basic because a) it’s easier and b) I get SUPER self-conscious about preparing food in the tiny-ass lunchroom at work, so I just want to go in, heat up my food, and escape. 

Often I’ll make a sandwich for dinner, or cook up some ravioli and eat it with butter and garlic (I go through a lot of ravioli). Cold cereal with some fruit, sometimes a freezer pizza or some Mrs. T’s frozen pierogies, my dinners are not as relatively healthful as my lunches generally but they get the job done.

Also I eat a metric ton of protein bars. I had to give up my preferred Think Thin bars because the fake sugar in them was giving me indigestion (also the name sucks), and Quest bars while delicious are also super expensive, so my balance between “actually nutritive with low sugar” and “affordable and edible” are Luna Protein bars, which are gr9. 

I hope this helps, Anon. I think the most important thing always is to figure out what works for you – I know people who would FREAK OUT at the way I eat, and others who would be like “that is not organized ENOUGH”, so. Keep trying stuff and if it doesn’t work, toss it out and try something else! 

Luna chocolate peanut butter protein bar! 🍫🍯💪
This one doesn’t taste very healthy. It taste like a snickers bar with caramel. The peanut butter is very sweet.
It’s a thick chewy caramel peanut butter mixture with peanut pieces incased in chocolate. Most of the caramel is on the top.
I don’t like it, and plus these things are tiny

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I'm a runner and already have cut out meats and dairy bc I find they make me feel gross during my workout. But I'm still not sure what vegan foods are especially good for before/after running. Any suggestions?

Before -  I’d say fruit for sure, carbs are important. Bananas are a popular pre-workout food. Hummus would be good for before and after, Oatmeal also good for after too, Energy bars (Luna, Cliff, Lara etc). Protein for after - dark greens, tofu, beans, nuts and seeds, quinoa etc. I’m not sure if you know about this, but there’s a protein mix called Vega, they make bars and other stuff I think too. 


If my arms aren’t super sore tomorrow, I am going to be highly disappointed.

2.0 miles / 21:32 minutes / 10:46 pace

Where did that speed come from?! I ran the entire thing and increased my speed every 2-3 minutes. After that, I attempted the spin bike for 5 minutes, but it hurt my ass and I swear I was going faster than it said. 

PLUS I LIFTED. My sad life confession is that I haven’t lifted in over a week. I focused primarily on arms for at least a half hour, and then foam rolled. 

I really mostly hate that thing.

Oh, and instead of getting a piece of pizza tonight for a “snack” before dinner, I ate a Luna Protein bar to curb my hunger, and then made this deliciousness.

90 calorie flat out baked for 3-4 minutes at 375 degrees.
Added BBQ sauce, grilled chicken,  peppers, onions, olives, and mozzarella. 
Baked for a few minutes until cheese melted. 

Delicious. I definitely need to make this more often.