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This week movie goers will be reminded of Philippe Petit’s epic tightrope walk between the towers of the World Trade Center in The Walk. We thought it’s a good time to remember the captivating high wire acts from Coney Island’s past. 

George E. Stonebridge, Coney Island - Luna Park, tightrope walker series, c.1900.  New-York Historical Society  PR-066


April 18, 2017


by Danielle Mastrion

A Parsons School of Design trained painter and muralist, Mastrion has painted all across the U.S. and abroad, looking to “continue painting walls & canvases in every city she visits.” She says she’s been painting her entire life, but as her paintings kept getting larger and larger a friend finally suggested she put her work on a wall, and her career hasn’t been the same since. Her extensive mural work in NYC has included a series of commemorative murals at Yankee Stadium, and the largest mural in Coney Island for Luna Park NYC. As a Brooklyn resident Mastrion is amazed by the movement she’s seen in the community’s transition to an ‘art’ neighborhood, and has been happy to add multiple pieces to its walls—this wall on Troutman St. was done as part of the 5-year anniversary celebration of the Bushwick Collective Block Party.  @daniellebknyc  @thebushwickcollective  


I had a grand old adventure over in Coney Island today!

I loved all the parks on Surf Avenue when I was a little kid and this is the first time I’ve been there since Astroland shut down and the New Luna Park opened up.

Oh my gosh to see substantial coasters OTHER than the Cyclone.

Guys they opened up a new steel coaster called the Thunderbolt only feet away from where the original Thunderbolt was assassinated. The feels were so real. There’s no house under it anymore but given the space they had to work with i think the managed to erect an appropriate successor.

And they moved the B&B Carousell to the south side of Surf Avenue. This is the first time I’ve seen or ridden it since they closed it down at the old location.

I’m a bit worried for it though since not its even CLOSER to the sea if a Sandy like storm were to come again…

And also, maybe its because I haven’t ridden it in 12 years back when it was on the north side of Surf, but I SWEAR this thing used to be a heck of a lot faster.

Also, no more grabbing rings. I guess the insurance company wouldn’t allow something so “risky”. :<

The “mildest” coaster there, the Tickler, ironically ended up banging me up.

The elevated swing was fun once you get used to it.

And there’s a rollercoaster named after the old Steeplechase. I rode on it. It was probably the most “intense” roller coaster I’ve ever been on to date. I loved it. I rode it three times. In a row.

And I had a delicious ice cold fresh lemonade (literally I watched them squeeze the lemons right there in front of me) and walked down the pier that turns people into cartoon fish if they fall off of it.

Next time…

Next time I think I can finally take on the Cyclone.

No promises, just saying.