Naughty Amber 😆😁 and Krystal 😏


just some sassy vic moments // happy birthday to the hard-working, kind and lovely leader. Who is willing to do anything for her members. Her work ethic and dedication to her career is unparalleled. Even though she may be worn down from her activities she never lets it show and finishes every performance full of energy. To our leader who has been through so much and who is still with f(x) thank you Song Qian! ~ 


International fans, where you at!!

Some people say f(x)’s strength is their international appeal, but they’re still struggling to keep up with the competition in areas where foreign fans can actually help.  The domestic fans have proven you don’t need a fanclub name to be united, so it’s our turn!

Watch the MV!  

  • Delete your cookies often and open new windows for it to count.  
  • Don’t mute, play in HD all the way until the end.  
  • I’ve heard also that YT only counts a few (10?) views per IP address, and if it sees too many views from one place it disregards it as spam.  So if you’re extra paranoid, use a VPN.
  • EDIT: also log out of your YT (and Google?) accounts!


Digital Streaming!!!

  • To stream on Melon/Naver/Genie you need subscriptions and things so most of us can’t–BUT there’s still Spotify!

Watch official videos instead of fan-uploads!!!! 

1) Performances (idk which shows count what, so I’m just putting them all in here)

2) Other cool shit!

The competition is really strong so we gotta work for it!  Here’s a better guide on how to help them win on music shows.  They’ve been through so much this past year and lbr it’s probably going to be another year or more before we see them together again.  Even if you’re just a casual fan, you know they need all the validation right now.  It may be silly, but if f(x) is willing to practice until the sun comes up for us, then we can play a few videos for them.