luna new years

Lily: Well, we’ve got to find a way to cut down on expenses. What can we live without?

Albus: Probably James.

Happy Chinese New Year Everypony!!

You may be wondering what Scoots is doing there. Well that’s cos it’s the year of the Rooster! Chinese New Year is a huge celebration where I come from (Malaysia) and lasts half a month. For more Chinese New Year Trivia and what this holiday is all about, keep reading below ^^ Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the new year bring good fortune and prosperity to you all!

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Per quest'anno basta con i buoni propositi è tempo di imprese impossibili: scavare profondissimi buchi nell'acqua, seminare vento e ballare sotto la pioggia della tempesta, progettare, costruire, arredare ed abitare castelli in aria, allevare unicorni, andare a pesca di stelle cadenti e trovare le pentole d'oro alla fine di tutti gli arcobaleni.
—  Lucrezia Beha

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