luna moonrider

Have a Luna sketch. Posing for Sylla I bet,I was playing with some ideas for tattoos for her. I like the idea she has markings dedicated to Selemene, Nova and Sylla. Her Goddess. Companion and husband respectively. Also huge thighs and arms because she’s a glaive throwing machine. Oh and I will draw the other dota elves like this next

“I was once the scourge of the plains, man and beast bowed before me and my war brought half the known world into chaos. I cant say I am proud of who I was then, but I can say I am a far more dangerous opponent since those dark days, and that you now have five seconds to start running before I claim your damned heads for all the nightsilver to see”

-Luna Moonfang, The moonlight rider.

Whilst coloring stuff tonight I felt like adding some to this old collab between myself and ( irasponsible ).

Find her sketch (here)

And my inks (here)

anjael  asked:

aAaa you reblogged that shipping post mwahaa... tell me about: - moonriding! - fishing! - a lotr ship of your choice

Hai friend, gunna break it down into 3 posts

Moonriding! (Luna and Sylla)

  • when i started shipping or if i ship it

Probably after my first 10 or 20 games, I loved Luna straight away, and after reading both hero’s lore I thought they could defiantly support and be there for each other, both having long and hard lives. Then bam moonlight cuddles, ale, moonriding etc

  • my thoughts

The thought of them both feeling super lucky beyond reason makes me happy. Sylla realizes he has a super powerful, scary, skilled and incredibly attractive wife and he doesn’t feel he deserves her. Luna feels she has the most kind and sincere husband ever and feels she deserved to die, but instead was given a new life by her goddess and sylla to boot, she has all she ever wanted.

  • what makes me happy about them

Any art of them doing cute things or thinking of scenario’s where Luna is yelling at everyone except Sylla who she’s just cute and flirty with, and this completely throws everybody off who have never seen her like that.

  • what makes me sad about them

Sylla has been alone in exile for thousands of years, and Luna probably was homeless and just trying to survive the centuries. She never wanted to become a warlord but she could not back down either.

  • things done in art/fic that annoy me

How a lot of artists dont seem to respect women, and powerful women like luna are often used in horrible porn that tries to defile them, or its just art of animu boobs and splitting costume. No respect at all. Says a lot about the artists really.

  • things i look for in art/fic

Art that does the characters justice and remember that both are fierce and powerful. Also shippy art of them makes me happy. AND FRECKLES!

  • my kinks

Luna rides Sylla hard every damn chance she gets, not even joking. She has the best turned on face for him ever.

Also Luna at 6.5ft tall is slightly taller than Sylla, and super tall warrior women are hot.

  • who i’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other

Ship what you want, but I will have no other ship for these 2 scott elves ever.

  • my happily ever after for them

They outlive all the mortal hero’s by hundreds of years and after a great battle plant the world seed over the ruins of the long destroyed temple of Selemene. When the world is reborn there were never bodies found, so maybe they go to the spirit realm together or they survived their injuries.

Also bonus art by dok-tah because its super cute