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“You look nice,” Luna had agreed, “which is funny because you aren’t.”

“Luna,” Blaise had hissed.

“What?” Luna had looked up at him, “I thought we were admitting she was evil. Are we not openly admitting that yet?“

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Ficlet pls: "So the squid was the one behind this?" "Yeah." (If you want to.)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tomarry

Tags: Fluff, Ficlet

Tom eyed the scene with the most unimpressed look he could manage. When a second year Ravenclaw had rushed him and began babbling about ‘cephalopods’ and ‘magic’ he hadn’t the foggiest what the boy was talking about.

Now however…

“So the squid was the one behind this?”


Harry was not meeting his gaze, despite the fact that Tom had to be a lot better than anything around them at the moment.

The remnants of what looked to be a rowboat, lay scattered around the gross near the bank of the Black Lake. A tree was uprooted not too far off. Harry stood beside Luna Lovegood, who was equally bedraggled and soaked as he. The only difference was that Harry’s glasses were askew and hair a mess, whereas Ms. Lovegood had no glasses and her plait was simply heavier due to excess water.

“What happened?” Tom asked once he was certain he’d gotten all the visual details.

“Malfoy started something while Luna and I were out on the lake, attempting to communicate with the merfolk. I decided to finish his little attempt as a duel before it could even truly start. Unfortunately for Malfoy, the Giant Squid came out of nowhere and decided that it wanted in as well. We were knocked out of the boat which ended up suffering damage while Malfoy tried to flee.”

There was no sign of Draco Malfoy’s presence. 

Harry merely pointed to the lake. “Luna and I fell into the water during the fight while the squid dragged Malfoy and the tree under. The two mermaids we’d been attempting conversation with hauled us to shore. The tree suddenly came flying out of the water and landed on the bank over there. No one has seen Malfoy since.”

Lovegood merely smiled, eyes unfocused like always. “Draco is taking a nap. The Mer-Chieftain has him now.”

Tom sighed. This meant going to Dumbledore. He hated going to Dumbledore with anything.

“Your wands,” he ordered, holding his hand out as was standard procedure in these instances.

Lovegood seemed to stare through him while Harry winced.

“Mine is in the lake,” he confessed, voice low and full of embarrassment. “When we capsized, I lost hold of mine.”

“Mine has been missing for three days,” said Lovegood as if there was nothing wrong with the fact.

It would at least explain why Harry and she had been attached at the hip for the past few days. Harry would never allow one of his friends to walk around unprotected.

Tom sighed. “The Headmaster needs to know about this.”

“What about Malfoy?”

A shrug. “He’ll have to wait for Dumbledore to do something about it. Come.”

Harry snorted though. “More like you want him to suffer a little bit because he endangered your boyfriend.”

That too.

Also… “You know that I hate the term ‘boyfriend’, Harry.”

“And that’s why I use it.”


One of the favorite pastimes for all of the kids at Hogwarts was swimming in the Black Lake, particularly at night, after curfew, in freezing temperatures. They often had ‘polar bear contests’ in which everyone had to go waist deep into the ice cold water, and whoever stayed in the longest got a galleon from everybody else.

Lucy submerged in the lake, which was actually a perfectly bearable temperature.
Taken by Lysander.

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Hi! This is random but I recently asked @colubrina for dark!Luna fics and she suggested I ask you as you're know to know "gems." So would you happen to have any suggestions? Preferably Hermione-centric but any will do. Thanks!!!

Hello! Honestly I can’t think of any off the top of my head (besides the one below) besides the ones I have written that have grey or dark Lunas. I will tag others below to see if they have some good recommendations.

Lady of the Lake by @colubrina |  Hermione and Draco team up after the war to overthrow the Order and take over wizarding Britain. “I don’t even especially mind belonging to you most of the time,” he closes his eyes and just breathes for a bit, savoring not being in pain. Finally he adds, “Just… try to take better care of your toys.”

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THIS IS LUNA LAKES. She’s one of the oldest sims in my library. — i basically made their lips more frowning and a narrow face.


shake it off


What the bloody hell is this, Y/N!?” George exclaimed, as he and his twin were trying to pry their goblets off of their hands.
Fred looked up at you, trying to use a spell to remove it. “What kind of spell is this, woman!?”
“Not a spell,” you said with a smirk. “That, my friends, is good, old fashioned, muggle born ingenuity. We call it Super Glue. Suck it!”
Harry, Ron, and Hermione were laughing as you moonwalked out of the great hall, leaving the twins to fume.

You were walking near the lake with Luna on a warm morning.
“But honestly, the nargels are fascinating,” Luna rambled, only stopping when you had come to a sudden hault. “Y/N? Why did you stop?”
Your mouth set into as hard line. “Fred and George…leg locking jinx.” You looked around, not seeing them. “That really the best you two sods got!?” You looked back at Luna. “Help?”
Luna smiled and nodded, but before she could grab her wand, you were swooped up between the twins, who were headed straight for the lake. “DON’T YOU DARE!!!”
The boys stopped short, calf deep in the water. “Maybe she’s right George…” Fred said.
“Maybe this is too much?” George asked. You tried to wiggle out of their grasps as they pondered.
They laughed then and chorused “Nah!” and flung you into the water. You struggled for a few minutes to get your footing, before finally standing and moving out of the water, where Fred and George stood, holding your bag and books, laughing hysterically.
You walked up to them and said, “Hope it’s still funny when your in hell.” You gently slapped their cheeks, covering their faces in mud and muck. “This means war.”
You took your things and made your way back to the castle with Luna, already thinking of ways to get the boys back.
As you walked away, George looked to Fred, “we might live to regret this.”
Fred chuckled, “maybe, but I doubt it.”

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Iñaq Uyu

Iñaq Uyu (Aymara, iñaqa a woman of noble caste of the Incas, uyu pen (enclosure), yard, cemetery, "pen of the iñaqa, the woman of the noble caste of the Incas", other spellings Iñac Uyu, Iñac Uyo, Iñakuyu, Iñak Uyu, Iñak Uyo), also called Aklla Wasi (Quechua aklla chosen, selected, virgins of the sun, wasi house, "house of the virgins of the sun"), is an archaeological site in Bolivia situated on the Isla de la Luna, an island of Lake Titicaca. It is located in the La Paz Department, Manco Kapac Province, Copacabana Municipality

Iñaq Uyu dates back to around 1000 C.E. to 1500 C.E. Like the other archaeological sites, Chinkana and Pillkukayna, Iñaq Uyu is located on an island of Lake Titicaca; however, Iñaq Uyu is situated on the Isla de la Luna, rather than the larger Isla Del Sol where Chinkana and Pillkukayna are situated. The name, Iñaq Uyu, has a linguistic origin that speculates that the cemetery was probably used as a burial site for the Incan women of noble and aristocratic hierarchy. Iñaq Uyu’s name roughly translates to “house of the virgins of the sun". This name may have been given because Iñaq Uyu is situated on the Isla de la Luna and away from the Isla Del Sol. Because Iñaq Uyu is away from the Isla Del Sol, it can be considered as a “virgin of the sun.”

The Character Development of River Song

Closing Time

(Dedicated to Megan – A slightly belated merry Christmas, dear, I hope you have had a wonderful couple of days!)

I believe that a considerable percentage of the criticism of River Song’s character or storyline is the result of a lack of understanding for her timeline. In particular, allegations with regards to her supposed failure to develop as a character always leave me puzzled, because nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of people fail to consider that we are observing River’s character development out-of-order, with glimpses of her character at different points in time, spanning at least decades for her life. The differences are always notable, even leading some to suggest that Moffat was messing up her characterisation as he went along. In a round-about way, these claims hold a grain of truth: We see River’s devolution, because we see her evolution to the person we met at the Library in series 4, in a primarily backwards manner.

To highlight the character growth which takes place over the course of River’s lifetime, it is useful to look at her appearances from her own perspective, in the order of her timeline and in the context of her life story. The scenes in which River features in Closing Time total to less than three minutes – and yet, as the only glimpse at her life and her character in-between Let’s Kill Hitler and The Wedding of River Song it is quite invaluable to look at it. I will also take the opportunity to talk about River’s choice of career here, because Closing Time is when we see her right at the point at which she becomes Doctor River Song and so it seems fitting.

River in this scene is different than in any other episodes we meet. There is a new-found innocence to River here which we will never truly see again. Even when something spooks her in a nearly-deserted library, she isn’t truly on-guard. When Madame Kovarian approaches her, out of the dark, reciting a poem, River is merely cautious. No guns are drawn, no other preparations made. In fact, the moment Kovarian makes an allusion to the Doctor, the resulting reaction in River is excitement – and when Kovarian mentions River becoming a Doctor of Archaeology, a smile of pride passes River’s face. This is a glimpse of the person River Song might have become if life hadn’t forced her off her chosen track. Unabashedly curious, young, with a yearning for knowledge. A person who jumps at the opportunity to talk about the Doctor, even if it is with a mysterious stranger.

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there is a deep solace in the quiet isolation of the night. it carries different scents to the day & reminds me to dream, wonder & play. ☽.
// ☾. ~ it’s still the night time & the luna moths are befriending the morning butterflies who have been up the whole night listening to their sweet songs & stories; there are floating blueberry cupcakes, chocolate cake & raspberry tea. watching the planets make their slow, dreamy orbits & careully circle the sky. a billion million enchanting mermaid treasures line the shore, some were washed there; others were guided there by the narwhals; others were found; & others were created from dreams. the night is alive with the sound of gently prickling little fires, fluffing wings of both feather & butterfly-silk, the sounds of moving waters, & cricket song. ~ by oceanvixen. {please don’t delete this captionellagram!}. x