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The Toki Project - Week 2 : February 6th-12th

Until April, I will try to draw as many different Tokiya pictures as I can, all with different outfits and themes. I take a bit of freedom with the weeks…I just try to upload them 4 at a time. That seems like a good deal, I think.

But either way, the themes of the second week:

5, Absolute Luna (April Fool’s 2014)
6. Marching Band (Music 3)
7. Live (UtaPri Maji Love Live 4th stage)
8. Perfect Diamond (Joker Trap)

The next batch will be for the start of next week.

You may not upload these pictures on other websites, alter, edit or claim them as your own in any way.

week 1

PS: I am going to open commissions again this week, before I do, however, I am going to change a bit here and there as I think I have changed a bit since I last updated that list.

Jakob’s Treat

Used Corrin, but you can use the name change-y thingy

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It was his favorite day of the year. The day his favorite person in the world, and one of the few he actually liked was born. What would his life had been without her? He thought anyone that had to live their lives without seeing her smile surely lead miserable existences. She was such a blessing to this world, it was his most important duty to see to it that she saw nothing but happiness this day. Gods knew she needed it. He’d shelter her forever, if he could. Take care of all her troubles, so she’d never have to shed a single tear. He’d have to make do with being her pillar of support, wherever she looked, he’d be there.

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Modern Day AU. In highschool, or college, or as professors. Real life AUs are the best. I can't liiive w/o it, I already have some ideas but I would really like your opinion on the matter, please !



  • Marx is a very typical college football player on a full athletic scholarship. He’s very smart, leading to all of the girls and boys falling over each other for him. He goes to the University of Nohr (what else did you expect??) and is very happy playing for the Black Devils. He is the most likely to corner his siblings (who all decided to go to the same uni as him) and ask them exactly what they are doing that night. Resident dad. He’s a pre-law major and knows exactly what law school to go to. He’a already taken the LSAT and got a 178. He is a senior.
  • Camilla is a biology genius. She breezed through the placement exams and ended up skipping two years of bio. She quickly picked up an internship and will probably go on to med school as soon as she graduates. She tutors the other freshmen in biology. Somehow, very few of them end up learning anything about cellular respiration. They were too busy trying to regulate their respiratory systems (see what I did there?). She is a senior, but a few months younger than Marx.
  • Kamui has no clue what she wants to do. She just went ahead with a business major and is most likely to go partying. Leon is always yelling at her to pick her game up and bring her 3.5 GPA up (he has a 4.0). Kamui never listens, and will pull out a water bottle full of some alcoholic beverage and gulp it down before him. Marx is always grabbing her by her shirt as they leave their dorm building, and takes her to his dorm if he finds out she was off to a party to keep an eye on her. She is a junior.
  • Leon followed in his sister’s footsteps, but with chemistry. He was able to breeze through several semesters of chemistry and has been conducting his own research for the last year. He was voted as the best dressed student on campus, and promptly began to wear sweatpants as soon as he caught wind of this. He’ll probably go on to dental school. He’s on the Dean’s list and Honors Program. He’s a junior.
  • Elise is very nervous about starting college and doesn’t know what she wants to major in, so she’s just following Camilla’s example for now. She has been leaning towards a career as a physical therapist. She’s more excited about dorm life and having a roommate than about learning. She did very well on her SAT (or whatever standardized test you take in your nation) and got a near full-ride. Yet, her GPA was really low. She’s a freshman.
  • Garon is the Dean of Nohr. He’s not very well-liked, and his tuition is pretty high. However, he’s hired very excellent professors and they enjoy working at the expensive, prestigious university.
  • Joker is the calculus professor, and dotes on Kamui so much. He wishes she’d switch her major to math, because she literally breezed through Calc I and II.
  • Lazward, Luna, and Odin were transfer students to Nohr. No one knows what college they transferred from, but do know they went there together. Lazward ends up joining the football team and is pre-law (just like Marx). Luna is hoping to be a PA, so she’s been following Camilla around. Odin wants to go into chemical engineering, so Leon has been his guide through his college endeavors. All three are sophomores. 
  • Zero is a humanities professor. He specializes in the history of torture and violence throughout the world. 
  • Cyrus is a Communications major and wants to work for an advertising company. He’s the one who holds back Kamui’s hair as she vomits into a toilet and carries her to her dorm when she’s too drunk to function. He got suspended for few days for letting Kamui go to an awful party and not telling anyone where she was. 


  • Ryouma is an Asian History major and is trying to become a high school history teacher. He has started the Kendo Club at Hoshido University and is the current captain. He is always trying to recruit more members, even if they can’t hold a sword to save their lives. Poor Sakura was dragged into it as well, but fortunately, Ryouma let her go becuse of her major. He has an education minor, so he has already worked as a student teacher at a middle school and two elementary schools. He hated working with the weak, hormonal kids, so he is determined to find a job as a high school teacher. He is a senior. 
  • Hinoka is an Electrical Engineering major. She placed out of many upper level math courses and has taken up to Calc 5. She has proven herself to be very skilled with her hands and has already wired her dorm room so she would be alerted if anyone uninvited comes inside. She is also on the track team. She gets teased for being a nerd and only able to run away (due to her being a runner) so she usually ends up sending the bully to the infirmary after delivering a solid roundhouse kick to their chest. She already has a job offer at NASA. She’s a senior. 
  • Kamui (male) is basically his female counterpart. See above. 
  • Takumi joined the Archery Team upon entering Hoshido University. There was no doubt about it. Eventually, he became captain his sophomore year and led the team to many victories against the University of Nohr, something he is very proud of. He was undecided on his major at first, but ultimately went ahead with a Psychology major, attempting to fix his own weak-mindedness. He hopes to find a position as an elementary school principal and help guide younger kids into a strong-minded personality. He is a junior. 
  • Sakura knew she would major in Nursing without a doubt. She decided to minor in music and find more niche instruments to learn. Eventually, she joined the orchestra and learned how to play most of the instruments. She still prefers her own traditional Japanese instruments over all else. She is a freshman. 
  • Saizou is the Criminal Law professor. He is also the advisor to the football team and hates Marx for being able to make Nohr one of Hoshido’s biggest competitions.  He is the one who crashes all of the parties by outing them to the deans.  
  • Aqua is a Dance major and Music minor. She has taken a lot of classes with Sakura. Aqua hopes to be a dance instructor for boys and girls in elementary school. 
  • Kazahana is a Fine Arts major and dreams of writing a popular children’s book series. She has a soft spot for Sakura and helped her through the admissions process. She has decorated her dorm with cherry blossoms everywhere and is the go-to person for dorm decorations. She is a sophomore. 
  • Tsubaki is the resident genius of Hoshido University. He has a 4.0, major in business, minor in Japanese Language and Culture. Tsubaki is always at a party, drinking profusely but never getting drunk. He has tons of people crushing on him left and right, girls and boys. Tsubaki is a total flirt and has several one-night stands. Yet, none of the RAs want to out him because he’s slept with all of them too. He’s even charmed some of the younger professors. Yet, he’s pretty smart and will probably take over some huge corporation. He’s a junior. 
  • Yukimura is the Economics professor. He is also the one who’s marching through the campus yelling at kids for playing ball or having a picnic and not studying. 
  • Kaze is the writing professor and is always yelling at his older brother for starting fights with the Nohr football players. 
  • Felicia is an Art professor and is always tryig to guide Kamui through his college studies, recommending him to the business professors such as Yukimura, but Kamui usually just pops into Felicia’s office to talk to her about the latest drama. 

I tried to hit the major characters! If I missed any important ones, let me know! I will add them here! 

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Hey hey~ What are your favourite pairings in Fates (and maybe Awakening if you feel like it o3o)? Well aside from TakuObo which is really cute

waah aslkdfjs thanks for asking !! ヽ(o♡o)/ there are a lot of pairings I like, but I sketched a few of my MOST favs and the ones that I’ll be keeping for my lunatic IK playthrough ~ (descrips and awakening under cut lol)

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if you could.... could you do a "sharing one bed" cliché scenario.... (for any characters you want ofc hehe :3c) (but if you could please, please include leo and takumi i would be so gratefUL AAAHH I LOVE THIS BLOG AND THE AWAKENING BLOG TOO!!!) thank you.... friend..... godspeed................

Ahh thank you very much! i always see your url and think of you fondly

Takumi: “Let’s go to town, you said. It’ll be fun, you said.” He’s sitting on the far corner of the bed, his arms crossed. He’s giving you your space, but his embarrassment is bringing out his prickly side.

“Well, I can’t predict the weather can I?” you snap at him, equally irritated by his snippiness.

“Isn’t that one of your dragon powers?”

You turn very slowly to face him, and he’s watching you, his arms crossed behind his head. “Takumi…”

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Halloween you say? :D That gave me an idea...Halloween headcanon! What would All of the characters dress up as? (With F!Kamui)

I’m utter spoopy trash so I’d love to do Halloween stuff until October 31st, maybe even bleed over into November if need be! Send in more spoopy requests? :D

  • Marx - He’d put on a police hat and call it a day as he followed the younger ones around. 
  • Leon - Stays at home giving out the candy. Lazy loser. 
  • Camilla - Witch. It just seems to fit her, and she’d probably go for something generic. But you know she’d goes as the sexy witch, right? Gotta show off them bara tiddies. 
  • Elise - Nurse. I can imagine her in a simple nurse’s outfit she made herself, but probably got into a fight with Foleo about how she made it. 
  • M!Kamui - Dragon. Rawr. 
  • F!Kamui - Dragoness. Rawr again. 
  • Joker - Joker. I’m being so serious. He’d want to go for a genuinely terrifying costume and blows everyone away with the creepiest Joker ever, like he blows the Joker from Suicide Squad outta the water. Oh, and he scares the children away so Kamui gets all of the candy. 
  • Suzukaze - Ninja. Ha. 
  • Mozume - Princess! She’s so sweet and would be a pretty princess with a magical wand that is actually hiding a dagger and will cut you down if you try to steal her candy. 
  • Lazward - He would probably end up cutting holes in a sheet and be a ghost, trying to scare everyone. Soleil would be the only one pretending to be actually scared of him. 
  • Luna - Mummy. She’d actually try hard and wrap toilet paper around her everywhere. Odin would be laughing at her the whole time. 
  • Odin - This nerd will make a fully functioning Iron Man costume, I kid you not. He’d probably just use it to punch Lazward in the head all day. 
  • Pieri - Oh, she’d wear a plain white shirt, but with a cut out in it that has fake intestines coming out of it and terrifies the living shit out of everyone. Winner of the scariest costume. 
  • Belka - Ninja. Look, she may be a wyvern rider, but she looks like a ninja with that headband and stuff.  
  • Zero - Pirate. It’s the eye-patch, okay? (also it’s national talk like a pirate day in the US today so yeah…) 
  • Elfie - BANANA. She’d totally dress up as a banana. I will fight anyone who disagrees. 
  • Harold - Alien. He’s… interesting, and I can imagine him picking something as ridiculous as that. 
  • Nyx - Witch, just like Camilla, but she’s be a hag, with the pointy nose and wrinkles everywhere. No, she’s not being sensitive about her age, what are you talking about???? hahaha…. 
  • Charlotte - Sumo wrestler. I saw this insane inflatable sumo wrestler costume at Spirit Halloween and instantly knew Charlotte would love it. 
  • Benoit - Cat in the Hat. I’m so sorry, I just totally imagine this. Benoit is so benevolent and just wants to be loved. 
  • Flannel - Wolf? Um, I don’t think he needs a costume, he probably just needs to go into battle mode and walk out with Velour (see below). 
  • Flora - Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She likely goes all out 
  • Gunther - He’d keep Leon company at home handing out candy, but you can bet he wouldn’t end the night without pranking the daylights out of Leon. 

Because of the tag limit, the kids are posted here

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(slam dunks "jakob jealousy headcanons" into ask box)

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Oh my I thought I did this…guess I lost the here is more! It got a little mushy oops

Where to begin with this one. The green eyed monster has bitten him in the rear end ever since little ______ found a place in his heart. Over the years, he’s claimed that he doesn’t trust people. Even so, he’ll bring out the same excuse. But it’s a little difficult nowadays, the more acquainted you get with people…and he certainly cannot call the princes ‘untrustworthy.’ He’d be skewered fast than he can say ‘I live to serve.’Instead, he must subtly sabotage the efforts of other men to talk to you. He keeps you as long as he can…distracting you in ways that you really don’t mind much at all. Dinner settings are strategically placed, and the man is more than ever reluctant to leave your side. It may be rather excessive, he knows, but you’ve been the only person to show selfless kindness to him–expecting nothing in return.

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(Modern Day AU anon here) How'd they dress, how'd they act like at parties, hobbies, how'd their relationships be (Joker always being at Kamui's side like their bodyguard, coz butler in Modern Days ?), where do they hang out, taste in music...

I’ll just do Nohr and let Zen do Hoshido…

  • Marx wears your typical white boy clothes… solid or print t-shirt and shorts, usually with a pair of Adidas or Nikes. He’s usually the one getting into fights at parties because someone cheated at an arm-wrestling match. Marx is the protective older brother and is always paying close attention to each of his siblings’ social lives (via stalking their Instagram). He can never tell when someone is flirting with him. I headcanon him as a straight guy. He usually goes to a basketball court with his friends or throws a football around. To everyone’s surprise, he listens to metal music. His favorite social media site is twitter. His favorite video game is Gears of War.
  • Camilla wears low-cut shirts and jeans or denim shorts. She also owns about 50-something dresses. Camilla is the one forcing shots down her friends’ throats at parties, chanting and encouraging them to gulp down large amounts of alcohol. She is very popular with the men, as you can imagine, but pays no attention to them. She always is the first to be at her siblings’ side when they get their heart broken. I headcanon her as a lesbian. She is usually found at a bar or club. She loves listening to Nicki Minaj. Her favorite social media is instagram, and her fave video game is Just Dance.
  • F!Kamui wears a lot of dresses and sometimes athletic clothing. She hates pants. Kamui is the life of the party. She smuggles the booze in, gulps it down like no one’s business. She’s the first one on the dancefloor and just starts bouncing to the beat. Kamui is like that one party-hard friend everyone has and knows just about everyone, or at least, everyone knows her. She’s the sibling everyone keeps an eye out for, as they’re worried about her health. Kamui is the last person to sleep around with others, and I headcanon her as asexual, maybe biromantic. Kamui listens to alternative rock, and her favorite game is Animal Crossing. (no but imagine Kamui hella drunk and crying at night that all of the stores in AC are closed and goes to talk to Phyllis at the post office because he’s the only one open. When he talks to her rudely, she starts crying again and throws feeble punches at the screen.)
  • Leon used to wear nice button-ups and slacks, sometimes a cardigan here and there. When people started talking about how dapper and well-dressed he is, he bought 10 pairs of sweatpants from the campus store and started wearing those and old t-shirts around. Deliberate non-conformist. Leon at a party usually grabs a small drink, heads to the corner of the party and just reads a book the whole time. Nobody knows Leon’s sexuality. Leon listens to classical music, and his favorite game is Okami.
  • Elise always wears dresses. No matter what. In the winter, she wears leggings under a dress or a skirt. She doesn’t like going to parties and never drinks, but when she is dragged along, she’ll get up to do the Cha Cha Slide or Cupid Shuffle. She likes to listen to pop music, like Taylor Swift or 5 Seconds of Summer or something. Her favorite game is Just Dance, because Camilla dragged her into it and forced it down her throat (not literally, but you get the idea). 
  • Garon wears dad clothes like a suit and formal pants. However, he does wear the occasional polo when it’s hot out. He crashes parties, doesn’t like music, and hates video games. However, he was caught playing Halo one day and Leon looked at him for a solid 10 minutes before saying he wouldn’t tell anyone if Garon gave him some money to probably spend on more books. Garon said yes, and that that will be kept a secret. 
  • Joker wears really nice clothes like shirts and sweater-vests. He is the always sober one at a party and the designated driver. He is Kamui’s uber close friend who knows exactly what she needs, what makes her tick, etc. He’s been her friend since they were kids when Garon told his mother that Kamui needed a playmate and Joker would be it. That was that. He listens to classic rock music, and his favorite video game is Dragon Age. 
  • Zero usually wears oversized sweatshirts and skinny jeans, with the occasional band shirt. He’s that one kid that everyone invites to parties because he’s really cool and mysterious, but no one really talks to him. He listens to hard rock and metal music and loves Chrono Trigger. 
  • Lazward dresses a lot like Marx does and usually just follows him around. At parties, he’s right up there with Kamui, dancing alongside her from start to end. Lazward drinks about as much as Kamui. He listens to classical music, but doesn’t play any video games. 
  • Odin usually goes around shirtless. At a party, he’s at the bar telling outrageous stories of his endeavors at his last school and just sounding like a total dweeb. He’s that one otaku friend always going on and on about how awesome Naruto is. Odin listens to country music, much to Leon’s disdain. Leon is his roommate and hates it when he blares his Carrie Underwood. 
  • Luna dresses in t-shirts and jeans, nothing else. Even in the summer, she wears jeans. And she almost always wears combat boots, making it much easier to kick any ass who tries to pick her up at a party. She is close friends with Kamui and Camilla, and usually hangs around Camilla when someone’s hitting on her, using Camilla as a distraction. She listens to rock music in general and hates country with a passion. 

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Young Joker feeling jealous because Cyrus is Femuis best friend?:)

Your name: submit What is this?

The young butler in training had a smile on his face as he was carefully wiping down a vase. He’d gotten better now, he’s only broken about two dishes for the week. It was a new record, and the young mistress promised to play with him as a reward.

However, the smile on the grumpy boy’s face slipped off once he heard another voice mixed with the young girl’s.

“______ slow down, you’ll get hurt!”

More measured steps followed lighter ones, likely the little princess had discarded her shoes once more.

Jakob clucked his tongue. Couldn’t that boy make sure she wore shoes? If she were to get a cold, what would they do? The poor little thing was too precious to fall ill. He’d have to have some words with that kid.

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What Hogwarts house would the characters be sorted into? (and what house are the mods in?)


Marx - Gryffindor for sure. He’s the brave and courageous onii-sama. 

Camilla - Slytherin. She’d love to slytherinto your pants, wreck you, and take whatever she wanted from you. 

Leon - Slytherin. He’d be torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but ultimately he would be put into Slytherin due to his inferiority complex. 

Elise - Hufflepuff. She would be completely loyal to her family, even to the point of death. 

Lazward - Hufflepuff. He is an absolute loser dork who will hang out with Prof Sprout all day. 

Pieri - Slytherin. Any psychotic girl like her would be like Draco when he was sorted. The hat won’t even touch her head. 

Luna - Ravenclaw. She’s smart, tactical, and doesn’t like to spend too much time brooding and rather takes action. 

Belka - Ravenclaw. Her skill level in just about everything is high and she is quick-witted. 

Odin - Hufflepuff. He has this desire to protect those he has made connections with and won’t ever abandon them. 

Zero - Slytherin. Is this even a question? 

Effie - Gryffindor. She has the strength and drive to throw herself into danger to protect her loved ones. 

Arthur - Gryffindor. Even though he’s a klutz with his awful luck, he wouldn’t give up on anything for the world, no matter how many times he’s knocked down. 

Nyx - Ravenclaw. She knows how to handle anyone, and her mental age has made her mature and wise beyond her appearance. 

Charlotte - Slytherin. She is the one to seduce you and then beat you, not unlike Camilla. 

Benoit - Gryffindor. He is brave and loves everyone, and tries his hardest to fit in with others. 

Flannel - Hufflepuff. Again, this one’s obvious. 

Flora - Slytherin. For reasons I cannot explain due to plot spoilers. 

Gunther - Ravenclaw. He is intellegent, wise, and understanding of everyone. He is also the teacher and educator. 

Nohr Children: 

Siegbert - Gryffindor. Marx 2.0. See above.

Foleo - Ravenclaw. He is much less cunning and angry than his father and generally loves the people. However, he is intelligent and clever.

Ignis - Gryffindor. He is much like his father, so he fits right in with the Gryffindors.

Velour - Hufflepuff. She has a bit of an attention span issue, but nothing too serious.

Lutz - Gryffindor. Look at this nerd. If he’s not in Gryffindor, my name’s not Unny.

Ophelia - Hufflepuff. She is like her father in so many ways. She’s very innocent and just wants to help in whatever way she can.

Soliel - Hufflepuff. She is an absolute dork like her father, but has a stronger desire to disregard her own health for that of others’.

Eponine - Ravenclaw. Years of stalking boys has made her the stealth goddess, and that requires knowing the land and everything about the science of how it works.


Joker - Slytherin. He makes tea and murder. Literal Lucius Malfoy. 

Kaze - Ravenclaw. He is wise, clever, and thinks with a cool head, ensuring he chooses whatever route will result in the fewest casualties. 

Mozume - Hufflepuff. She wants to help in any way she can, and will loyally follow whoever asks her to help them. 

Aqua - Ravenclaw. She may be brave, but she is also very smart and creative. 

Neutral Children: 

Midoriko - Ravenclaw, just like her father. She looks up to the wise people and follows whatever they do, hoping to become a better person this way. (isn’t she the cutest???)

Dia - Hufflepuff. Unlike his father, Dia is much softer and likes people a lot more. 

There is the stupid tag limit… continued in other one (reblogged here), and I’ll finish up the tags there if I have room.