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Luna regretted having those blueberries before she retired to her bed to rest. The dream seemed so real and vivid as events unfolded before her, leading her to be a swollen blueberry on the most decadent of dream sundaes.

…At least, she hoped it was a dream. Kinda hoped, at least. Sweet dreams, Luna.

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Including Luna, what's everyone's favorite Disney movie and why?

Chocobros + Luna: Favorite Disney Movies

Noctis: The Lion King. He relates to it. I can’t imagine why

Prompto: Big Hero 6. He cries every time at THAT part and thinks the whole cast is super cool. Probably has a baymax toy somewhere.

Ignis: If ignis is watching a cartoon, he’s in it for unique ideas and animation quality. So he’s gotta go with Atlantis or Treasure Planet. He appreciates Frozen as well but is taking that to the grave.

Gladiolus: Toy Story, and he could care less who knows about it. He likes Monsters Inc too.

Luna: Beauty and the Beast. Belle is equal parts selfless and badass, and that’s how Luna wants to be.

“Mmm… This surprise breakfast was quite the surprise, dear Sister!~”

Little did Luna realize that large quantity of food - mostly cake - was meant for Celestia before she retired for the night. This was the final straw - cake had been mysteriously disappearing from the royal pantry for weeks before. This spelled out Luna’s banishment to the moon.

And that’s how Equestria was made, Luna.

Cute fanart I did of Usagi and Luna~! Very much inspired by the Moon Animate Makeup project! I really loved all the unique styles in the episode! I enjoyed a lot more than SM crystal~! Some scenes made me laugh a lot. :’D Especially the ones with the really strange styles and I love how people got creative and changed up the scenes. I think one of my favorite parts is when Queen Beryl throws her ball at Malachite’s face and it was stuck there. XD So funny! I hope there’s another episode soon! I wish I could animate so I could participate! :’D I guess I should learn!

Sailor moon was such a huge part of my childhood. I love seeing all the tribute people keep doing for it! Maybe one day I’ll get an invite to participate in one of them? Please? :B