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À 22 heures précises, chaque nuit que je te manque, je veux que tu lèves les yeux et regardes la lune, et que tu saches que moi aussi, regarde la même lune… en même temps… et que je t’aime tellement et que je ne t’oublier jamais, et avec un peu de chance, cette connaissance-là dissipera peut-être notre envie de s'embrasser.
—  je n’arrêterai jamais de t’aimer 

I have a stupid question, cinder had been living all her life in a futuristic version of Asia right? And Scarlet is from France and Thorne is from America idk where Wolf is from either Luna or France too but I think there should be a major language barrier between them and it was never addressed, was it? from Cress is kinda understandable I mean she’s from Luna but it makes sense that she would have knowledge of Earthen languages but the others? idk it just seems weird to me


Favorite Works of Art Meme - (3/9)

Perhaps the greatest tribute paid to Méliès by his peers was the fact that, rather than attempting to duplicate the marvels contained in A Trip to the Moon, they simply stole it and released it under their own names, particularly in the United States. Méliès produced hundreds of films over the next decade. He had been a renowned magician and showman, who first became fascinated with projected images when he incorporated magic lanterns (early slide projectors) into his stage presentations at the Théâtre Robert-Houdin in Paris. Inspired by the work of the Lumière brothers, Méliès went on to build Europe’s first true film studio, at Montreuil, and began to make films indoors in a stagelike space with artificial lighting. He produced action shorts, fictional tales, and spectacles; but he was most successful with his fantasy works, the most famous of which is A Trip to the Moon.”

“Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon).” (Silent Film, circa 1902)
Georges Méliès. (French, 1861-1938)


[Fancam] 160602 Taeil & Luna - “사랑이었다 (It Was Love)” @ KCON France 2016
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