luna clothing



  • new mesh by me
  • 38 swatches
  • standalone
  • custom thumbnails
  • found in t-shirts
  • base game compatible
  • disabled for random

Thank you to @cestiny and @erinthesimmer for helping me testing this mesh in game! All jeans in the screenshot are by @inabadromance.


“Poor little queen…”

Since I love my wife, I had to draw her in my interpretation of what she’d wear in the Fateswap AU. I have a whole boatload of ideas for how it’d go, but that’s for later.

Some extra reference pics ✨


18. Other hobbies/interests besides MH? #Monster High Challange

I love to sing and to do almost everything creative you can possibly think of: drawing, taking and editing photos, writing, interior design, singing and composing, crafting and coordinating my outfits! I’m also extremely passionate about movies, cartoons and pop culture in general. While I’m part of several fandoms, Harry Potter is something I always like to come back to. Mainly influenced by Luna Lovegood Pearl became my little Ravenclaw girl.
I made this custom doll all by myself out of various Monster High clothes and accessoires. I curled Pearl’s hair, slightly changed her makeup and painted her earring, the tie on her neck, the buckle on her messenger bag and her entire body, which is the mummy one from the Create a Monster line. Her shoes are from ebay and the stockings were made by ElenaShowRoom.

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Commission for Hamleta da AyuAna
Tramite Flickr:
Custom dress order in Iplehouse EID size for Hamleta.

Can’t believe it’s almost summer! 😲🌞 I know that I always buy new clothes for each season and I’ve been listening to everyone who’s been asking me to make more clothing SOOOOOOOOOO check out these snazzy new tanks and tees just in time for the warmer weather 😆👕✨ This is my first project with Live Heroes and I couldn’t be more excited. 😄 In fact they’re so pumped for my clothing too that they’ve given me a discount code to pass along to you lovelies to get 25% off! 😁❤ Use my code Camilla25 at check out and treat yourself to some snazzy new apparel on 😘 Whoot whoot! 😆 Oh but remember! These are European sizes so double check the size chart first! 😉 These are all print on demand items in Poland so it takes a couple of weeks to get made and get to you. 💌 Patience is a virtue my loves! 💖 But worth it. 😉 I can’t wait to get mine in the mail and show them off to you!!😁📬 Hope you like and enjoy this new clothing venture!😊💞


All the suggestions for my OCs really got me thinking about them again so thank you everyone who sent me messages! I originally asked because I wanted to draw them, buuuut it kinda had the opposite effect and just made me try and develop them more… in theory. The most common questions I got though were about fashion in some way so I drew them in their typical clothes!

Being friends with Luna would include…

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-Sharing clothes (especially shoes), since Luna’s go missing every now and then
-Sneaking into each others common room at night
-Random sleepovers at the library
-Hunting nargles when they take away your stuff
-Luna taking you in the forest with her to visit the Thestrals
-The two of you being overly excited when you find out that both of you sleepwalk
-Tying your wrists together with a piece of thread so you can walk together
-Drawing imaginary creatures in each others notebook during class
-Getting a ton of detention when Snape sees it one time
-Being so protective over each other
-Not even needing words to talk to each other because most of the time a look is enough to find out what the other one thinks
-Spending so much time together that you would randomly start to talk to yourself, just because neither of you is really used to not being around the other one

some cute linny headcanons for your cute linny needs

- luna always wears ginny’s clothes
- at first it was because people kept stealing hers, but now they’re just really cozy so luna won’t return them
- ginny pretends it bothers her
- she actually thinks it’s adorable
- when people go too far bullying luna, ginny has the whole weasley family squad up and protect her
- no one bothers luna for the rest of their years at hogwarts
- after they graduate, they move into a london flat together
- (london, luna says excitedly, a muggle town! with actual muggles! i wonder what their customs are!)
- (all ginny has to say is christ, dad’s never going to leave me alone)
- four years and a move into a full-sized Adult House after, they decide to adopt a child from a struggling hogwarts teen
- ginny wants to name her pigwidgeon ii
- luna’s actually okay with it, but everyone else (especially harry) refuses to let them do it
- the child is instead named minerva rowena weasley-lovegood
- professor mcgonagall swears she doesn’t cry when she gets the news
- (hermione will later vouch: mcgonagall totally cried)
- minerva becomes the actual coolest kid in the world
- to everyone’s great surprise, she gets sorted into hufflepuff
- without minerva on their hands, luna and ginny have a lot of free time
- they spend most of it being weird and taking up various hobbies together
- every hobby lasts about a week
- when minerva’s in her fifth year, luna publishes a book
- it’s not about (maybe) mythical creatures (luna says she left that behind a while ago)
- it’s a thrilling adventure novel focusing on two girls that are completely and absolutely in love with each other
- it jumps to both the muggle and wizarding bestselling list within two months
- luna and ginny grow old together, and even though almost no one thought they’d last, they fight the least out of everyone
- it’s cute. they’re cute. everything’s cute.
- when they’re ninety and aching and cold everywhere, luna says one last thing to ginny
- everyone thought we were like stardust, she says, beautiful and equally fleeting
- ginny doesn’t know what she’s talking about
- but we’re the earth and the moon, luna continues, together until the very end
- ginny smiles and takes luna’s hand
- minerva finds them in the morning, both in bed together, hugging and smiling