luna best princess

Headcanon Princess Luna WIP in pencil and ink. 

I’m gonna color this one but I haven’t decided if I should use watercolor markers or colored pencil ?? 

I’m also going to eventually draw all the main six as well as Celestia and a few others. I had to start with Luna because she is, of course, best pony :) 

~ camikittens

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What are you talking about, Coffee Talk? You mean those memories you saw almost literally two years ago?!

Or the backstory-story Sombra did literally one year ago?!


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My 64 year old mom has become a big fan of Princess Celestia.

Once she started to notice the pony merch piling up, she obviously asked where it was from. I showed her the wedding episode and she loved the princesses, Celestia is her favorite. She even owns a mini collection with the mane 6, the CMC, Celestia and Luna.

March 12