luna and artemis


Got this today! Sailor Moon x Samantha Vega Luna & Artemis Purse. Very excited because I really needed a new purse!! Wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty 😍
This is a fake. The real one is about $300. If I did get the real version I would be too scared to use it because I wouldn’t want to get it even the tiniest bit dirty 😜

If I’m reading this right, this was drawn by Jinshichi Yamaguchi, here’s their Tweet:

“昔、これ描いたんだけど、頂いたサンプルの中でもどーしたらいいかわからんやつ これ、本当に役所に提出できるんだ”

“Guy in the sample I drew this long time ago, but I do know what I 😅 it, I ’m really can be submitted to”

(Twitter’s Translation)

“Long ago, I drew this, but I do not know what to do in the sample I received , I can really submit it to the government office”

(Google translate)