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The Ones Who Heard Character Aesthetics

“When a crop is ill - the farmer must nourish it.

When a crop is dying - the farmer must replant it.

Tom decided to uproot his people and plant them once again where the soil has been prepared.

His four loyal lieutenants, each holding control over one of the elements, went in a straight line and conquered the Earth for their Dark Lord.

But even Tom could not predict betrayal in such high ranks.

It seems that one of the four elementals has a twisted secret that could destroy everything he has worked for.”

Much love to my beta @salazars​ for always inspiring me and helping me with this blurb. Love her to pieces xx ♥️

Cassian Andor with Hutt Youngling

AU where Cassian Andor accidentally rescues and adopts a Huttlet named Babosa (”slug” in Spanish), but nicknames it Babi (”baby” in Spanish).

Background pattern is by gingerhaole!

Based of course on the meme-worthy nonsense of Diego Luna expressing enthusiasm over Jabba the Hutt, truly we are blessed as Star Wars fans.

The Ones Who Heard Cover

Can we talk about how gorgeous this cover is?! Ahhhh huge thanks and ALL of the credit to @harrypotterandthegobletofwine for creating this for me!  💋🔥✨♥️🌹I couldn’t be happier with it!  I mean, look at how gorgeous Draco looks blending in with his little galaxy behind him?!
 As always, I can’t thank @littlechmura enough either for creating this beautiful rendition of my Alien!Draco  💋🔥✨♥️ 

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Draco and Hermione’s First Meeting (The Ones Who Heard)

So, because I fail at life I posted this over on my author page @littlemisseighty-sixed (My strict fan fiction blog) instead of over here 💀💀💀 So I am reposting it here… Sorry I am so horrible 😂💀😭

Hi, guys! So, it has been about a *week???* Since this beautiful piece was done and I am sooooo sorry it has taken me this long to post it 💀💀💀 Work, school preparation, and these two writing fests I have gotten myself into have been sucking the life out of me. Anyways!!! This gorgeous piece was done by @lastbornslytherin and I couldn’t be happier! Look at her outfit! And the wand behind his ear! Ahhh so much detail, she is fantastic!!! If you don’t know what this is from, here is the scene below. ♥️♥️♥️ ***Also check the artist out? She takes commissions currently! ♥️✨***

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The Haunted Loud House ver.2:

1. Lincoln as John Constantine

2. Lori as a Xenomorph Queen

3. Leni as Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4. Luna as Iron Maiden’s Mascot, Eddie the Head

5. Luan as Beetlejuice

6. Lynn as a Minotaur

7. Lucy as a Ghosti8 and 9: Lana as Leatherface and Lola as a Killer Doll

10: Lisa as the Invisible Man

11. Lily as a Mogwai


femslash febrary 2k15 remake  →  Hermione/Luna + The X-Files au

Special Agent Luna Lovegood’s belief in extraterrestrials and the paranormal has earned her the nickname “Loony” and an assignment to the X-Files, a little-known department that deals with cases the FBI has deemed unsolvable.  When Special Agent Hermione Granger—medical doctor, and skeptic—is assigned to work with Luna, the two of them work cases that test Hermione’s beliefs and lead Luna closer to answers to the mystery surrounding her mother’s abduction by aliens.