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The Ones Who Heard Character Aesthetics

“When a crop is ill - the farmer must nourish it.

When a crop is dying - the farmer must replant it.

Tom decided to uproot his people and plant them once again where the soil has been prepared.

His four loyal lieutenants, each holding control over one of the elements, went in a straight line and conquered the Earth for their Dark Lord.

But even Tom could not predict betrayal in such high ranks.

It seems that one of the four elementals has a twisted secret that could destroy everything he has worked for.”

Much love to my beta @salazars​ for always inspiring me and helping me with this blurb. Love her to pieces xx ♥️

Cassian Andor with Hutt Youngling

AU where Cassian Andor accidentally rescues and adopts a Huttlet named Babosa (”slug” in Spanish), but nicknames it Babi (”baby” in Spanish).

Background pattern is by gingerhaole!

Based of course on the meme-worthy nonsense of Diego Luna expressing enthusiasm over Jabba the Hutt, truly we are blessed as Star Wars fans.

The Ones Who Heard Cover

Can we talk about how gorgeous this cover is?! Ahhhh huge thanks and ALL of the credit to @harrypotterandthegobletofwine for creating this for me!  💋🔥✨♥️🌹I couldn’t be happier with it!  I mean, look at how gorgeous Draco looks blending in with his little galaxy behind him?!
 As always, I can’t thank @littlechmura enough either for creating this beautiful rendition of my Alien!Draco  💋🔥✨♥️ 

Read the story here


Sometimes I wonder if they’ve taken after the two sides of me: goofy but introspective.
Luna begings reading, and I’m engrossed, not even realizing i’ve eaten my whole Pop-Tart until I try to shove an invisible piece in my mouth.
    “Zhora forgot her ray gun and fluffy mallows on the hovercraft,” Luna reads loudly, “and she needed to hurry. Dash was waiting.”
  Kinney scrunches her her nose. “Where are the ghosts or the trolls? Is there a witch at least?”
“Just aliens.” Luna taps Kinney’s nose. “Beep, beep.”
   Kinney barely flinches. She says matter-of-factly. “Ghosts are better than aliens.”
Luna shrugs and flips a page in her journal. “Everyones likes different sorts of things.” She glances at me, and when she starts smiling, I realize that I’ve been beaming at my eight-year-old like she’s the empress of an intergalactic  universe– and i’m just a little astronaut floating by, witnessing this beauty. 
Luna Hale might not have any friends outside of relatives, but she has more confidence at eight-years-old than I did hen I was twenty.
Never ashamed.
My daughter is never ashamed.
  “You made mommy cry,” Kinney says and starts drying my tears with her Darth Vader pajama shirt.
“Happy tears,” I tell them, wiping at my wet eyes, tears overflowing.
Luna touches her Hulk slipper to my Thor slipper and singsongs, “Fan fiction.” She makes a smooching noise, Hulk kissing Thor.