“I love you Dad!” Luna squealed with delight as she threw her arms around Nick and gave him a affectionate hug.

Nick was startled slightly by the suddeness of the action but after a moment he found himself hugging the little vixen back and replying truthfully “I love you too kid.”

Hi folks here’s a sneak peek at the next chapter of Take A Stand. This wonderful artwork was drawn by @judylavernehopps please check out her Tumblr and follow her because she is a great artist and has some awesome pieces.

The next chapter of Take A Stand should be out on Sunday so see you soon 😄

#TBT to last Tuesday when All-New Ghost Rider artist @traddmoore & I got to see actor Gabriel Luna play our guy Robbie Reyes in a badass action scene on the set of Agents of SHIELD! Gabriel and the cast & crew were super nice and made us feel at home during our visit! It was also the first time Tradd & I ever met in person, despite having created an original character and over 100 pages of @Marvel comics together! A truly memorable moment!

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Shingo Adachi’s wonderful tribute art in a 2-page spread from R20+5.

I loved how great it was to see his take on Classic Rock in the scene. An Adachi-led classic Rockman animated series would be miles apart better looking than anything we’ll get from the Man of Action version. Now I’m just making myself sadder…

Scanned from: R20+5 ~ Rockman and Rockman X 25th Anniversary Official Complete Works, Circa 2012

Me About Wash Dying In Season 15 Because We All Know Miles Might Do It

It’ll either be really sad like his team… His family, have to watch him die. Tucker will make Caboose close his eyes as he screams for Wash, Simmons and Grif will be quiet, trying not to watch. Donut will be crying, Sarge would turn away. Carolina would lose the last of her first family.

Or it’ll be quick. A quick slaughter that you won’t realize it happened until you actually /focus/ on it. It won’t get mentioned until a few episodes later, but no one can focus on it. They’re busy with the war, they can’t /bring/ them self to think about it.

Or, maybe one of his family has to kill him.

Caboose wouldn’t get it, this game isn’t funny. Freckles pointed at Washington’s head isn’t a fun game at all. Freckles has to be the one to do it, Caboose doesn’t want to play this game.
Tucker would fight tooth and nail not to do it. But in the end, Wash would talk him into it. Tucker would give up. He’d whisper, “I’m sorry.” Right before he pulls the trigger.
Sarge would be angry. He’d yell and he doesn’t want to do it. Just because he’s a dirty blue doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He doesn’t use his shotgun, he tries not to say a stupid one liner. But, just like old times, he let’s out a broken, “You just got Sarged.”
Simmons would be forced. He doesn’t want to kill a superior, let alone someone so close to him. Whoever is forcing him would have to use Simmons’ finger to pull the trigger.
Grif would pretend he doesn’t care. But his hand is shaking and he hopes he forgot to reload. He didn’t.
Donut would be choked up, he doesn’t want to kill Wash. Yeah, the other man almost killed him. But that doesn’t mean he wants revenge. He tries to miss and shoot him where Wash shot him all those years ago. Wash makes him move his hand.
Carolina would to it quickly, she was trained for this. That doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt, watching her families blood splat onto the ground. She adds David to the list of people she’s hurt oh so dearly.

Wash begs them all to do it.

Oooooh or if Locus stayed the villain, if he still had his obsession on Wash our boy would be dead. Locus would slaughter him. And there’s nothing anyone could do about it.

Locus would tear him up from the insides first. Not by calling him a monster. Oh no, Wash has heard that enough to be immune to it. But Locus tells him how much his family /hates/ him. He’ll repeat Tucker’s words, “I just want to stand around and talk to my friend. But he’s gone now, and all I’ve got is /you./” he’ll say Caboose doesn’t love him, because he’s not /Church./ He’d say the Reds would kill him in an instant if he wasn’t a Freelancer. Because Freelancers always give them problems. They’re just cold blooded and not /human./ Especially Washington. Who has betrayed them more times then they can count. He’d say Carolina never cared about him. Never cared about what he thought, and was smug about the fact of having Epsilon, knowing what the AI did to him.

And then? Then he’d destroy Wash on the outside. He’d kill him right in front of his supposed family. Would cut him up and shoot him and /slaughter/ him. Wash doesn’t understand why the Reds and Blues are yelling at him, telling Locus to stop. These people hate him. Why are they pretending they care? They never did anyways.That’s only if Locus still wanted the man to crumble between his fingers. He doesn’t tho, or else there’d be no such thing as David Washington.

Was there even an Agent Washington?