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The ceremony begins!

Seeing Luna and her confidence helped Twi get herself together, ready to go through with this.

Ponies not seen: Trixie sitting next to Starlight as her plus one. the rest of Luna’s bridesmaids, the rest of the EQG mane 6 (Spike the actual dog remained home)

OCs from left to right:

Buggy Code


Nebula’s OC (I don’t actually remember his name)

Mist Dancer 



“Poor little queen…”

Since I love my wife, I had to draw her in my interpretation of what she’d wear in the Fateswap AU. I have a whole boatload of ideas for how it’d go, but that’s for later.

Some extra reference pics ✨

Tanto tiempo sufriendo pensando ¿que hice para que esto me pase? pero me di cuenta que no hice nada malo. Traté de hacer todo bien y ese es mi consuelo; a pesar de todo, respeto lo que tuvimos, admiro cada momento, me alegra lo bueno, y te deseo lo mejor. Tu forma de burlarte de lo que tuvimos y de hacer ver que para ti no fue nada, solo me demuestra que no fue un error acabar todo; Para mí fue la mejor experiencia de mi vida, para ti solo un rato. Me despido de ti, te suelto de mi mente, así a ti te valga nada, tu perdiste a alguien que hubiese dado la vida por ti, yo perdí a alguien que no tiene coraje para aceptar lo que sintió. Cuídate cariño y con el dolor del alma no te volveré a dedicar mas versos.

clodicusmaximus  asked:

VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: whose toe-beans are cuter, Sparta's or Luna's?

Okay so!! This is a very important question indeed. So important that I had to take a few days to collect data (I didn’t forget, I swear.) (ok maybe i forgot just a little bit. i forget things. i do that.)

So Luna, right. Luna has the youngest toe beans. You know what’s rad about puppy toe beans? About itty bitty baby toe beans?

They’re soft.

So soft. So soft I walked around for an entire day almost, puppy in arms, telling everyone to hey!! here!! feel these toe beans!! because baby puppy toe beans are like baby human cheeks. imagine. so soft. so squish.

Luna also has this edgy thing going, you know. The whole monochromatic, black and white, unkempt, punk rock kinda thing. And I know some of you are peeved by this but hey, this is Luna. You wanna try telling her what to do, you go ahead. 

You know?

And then there’s Sparta. And Sparta has kinda this rougher texture to hers, because she has climbed some mountains, you know. She’s done some stuff. Stolen some horses.

But Sparta has one thing that Luna doesn’t.


idk man. you decide.