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Luna, the princess of the night, have run into you! Now she needs your help to escape a group of mysterious ponies that have stolen her memory - and perhaps even stolen more.

“This blog is very good. With beautiful artwork and an intriguing story, not to mention good humor and well-made characters, this is a blog that certainly deserves your attention.

And if you do follow, be sure to join in and interact with them, to see where things might go with your aid!”

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@paulaschoice_kr: 폴라초이스 X 나일론tv
딩동댕✔ 나일론tv의 주인공은!? .
바로 에프엑스 ‘루나’ 였어요😘
시종일관 웃음을 잃지 않는 모습에
촬영장 스탭 모두 반했다는 후문♥
루나가 애정하는 폴라초이스 제품,
9월 초 나일론tv에서 확인하세요!
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