Cuál es Tu personalidad? (Parte 3)


Aries: Retos

Tauro: Estabilidad

Géminis: Comunicación

Cáncer: Cuidados

Leo: Elogios

Virgo: Seguridad

Libra: Individualista

Escorpio: Poder

Sagitario: Experiencias

Capricornio: Autenticidad

Acuario: Amistad

Piscis: Arte


Aries: El Guerrero

Tauro: El Controlador

Géminis: El Encantador

Cáncer: El Ayudador

Leo: El Individualista

Virgo: El Pedante

Libra: El Estético

Escorpio: El Desconfiado

Sagitario: El Comediante

Capricornio: El del alma Vieja

Acuario: El Consejero

Piscis: El Ángel

nota: si no entienden algo o tienen alguna duda, me la pueden mandar al ask ;) algunas palabras les busqué sinonimo para describir lo que realmente quiere decir.

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Hey the 100 fandom

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Cuál es Tu Personalidad?(última parte)

Signo Dominante:

Aries: Rayo

Tauro: Bosque

Géminis:  Luces Boreales

Cáncer: El Mar

Leo: El Calor

Virgo: La Niebla

Libra: Un ArcoIris

Escorpio: Un Tsunami

Sagitario: Fuego fatuo

Capricornio: Volcán

Acuario: Tormenta

Piscis:  Un Pantano

Planeta Dominante:

El Sol: Una Majestuosidad

La Luna: Un Proyecto

Mercurio: Una Fatlidad

Venus: Una Fascinación

Marte: Un Poderoso

Júpiter: Un Caótico

Saturno: Una Antiguedad

Urano: Un Incontrolable

Neptuno: Un Vacilante

Plutón: Un Misterio

Nota: Recuerden que su signo dominante es el regente o sus regentes de su planeta dominante :)

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anonymous asked:

draco x luna for your rare pair ask thingy! idk how about domestic headcanons?

  • so.
  • draco and luna moved into a cute little flat after being together for a year.
  • and for draco, it was an adjustment.
  • he was used to living in a big manor and having house elves do everything for him.
  • so when reality hit him that he actually had to participate in adult responsibilities..
  • well..
  • luna decided to make it fun.
  • she taught him something new every day of the week involving household chores.
  • but sundays were draco’s favorite. 
  • this was the day that luna taught him how to bake something new.
  • draco was awful at it at first.
  • the pastries would explode in his face and the kitchen would be a mess.
  • he would stress out about it and give up instantly.
  • draco didn’t like doing things he was bad at.
  • and he certainly did not like messes.
  • and hell, he was really bad at it.
  • but as the weeks went on, he improved.
  • he learned to love when the flour exploded everywhere.
  • and he learned to fall in love with luna’s giggles all over again as he desperately failed.
  • he stopped failing, though.
  • he ended up exceeding expectations with every household chore.
  • and that’s when draco figured out quickly that without luna, he never would have accepted that failure was okay sometimes.
  • he also wouldn’t have matured in all the ways that were necessary.
  • you can be mature without losing your creativity and childlike wonder.
  • luna was a perfect example of that.
  • and for that, draco was grateful. 

anonymous asked:

luna lovegood x cedric diggory??

  • luna did not expect death to be so easy.
  • but right before she died, all she could think about was that she was dying for a good cause.
  • she was dying for harry; her first true friend.
  • she took a deep breath and opened her eyes; she was in what appeared to be a white never-ending space.
  • if this was heaven, it was serene.
  • she saw a figure round a corner that now appeared. 
  • her first thought was that it would be her mother, but instead, she saw cedric diggory.
  • “cedric?” she asked, “what is going on?”
  • he was more handsome than he was while he was alive.
  • he looked happier, calmer.
  • he approached luna slowly, and she noticed that they now appeared to be in a field.
  • he sat down in the flowers and motioned for her to do the same.
  • as she sat down, she realized she could not feel the grass against her thighs.
  • “this is your parting,” he explained, “our conversation will decide where you move onto next. whether you will be a guide or be resurrected.”
  • she nodded.
  • she understood. this was exactly what she figured the afterlife was like.
  • and that was comforting.
  • “what made you my guide?” she asked, “why not my mother?”
  • he pursed his lips.
  • “your mother was resurrected. she was not ready to guide the universe.”
  • but i am,” luna realized out loud, “i want to be like you.”
  • cedric knowingly smiled, “i knew you would say that, luna lovegood. come with me.”
  • he got up and held his hand out for her to grab.
  • when she reached for it, she expected to feel nothing like the grass against her thighs.
  • but she was surprised when all she could feel was the heat from cedric’s hand pulsing against her’s.
  • “i’ll show you everything. i’ll teach you everything,” he explained, “and you’ll realize why i’m your guide. i have been waiting for you.”
  • and for the first time in a long time, luna felt at peace.