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The singer-dancer Luna isn’t far behind, with 1.2 million Instagram followers (@hermosavidaluna), the 23-year-old pop star born Sun-Young Park is best known as the lead singer of the girl group f(x). Yet she’s also cultivated quite the solo career: She has appeared in Korean productions of Broadway musicals like In the Heights and Legally Blonde, and she released her solo debut earlier this year. Judging by both her Instagram and her Youtube channel, she’s also an avid baker and dog lover with quite the sweet tooth. And she’s a twin.

We were up all night at the emergency vet with Luna. I noticed yesterday that she was licking her private/butt area obsessively, scooting on the floor, and going back and forth to her litter box. This has happened a couple times in the past and it’s just been a little piece of poop that got stuck to her fur that was bothering her (gross, but easy to resolve), but this time I couldn’t find anything.

Late last night she started getting worse to the point where she just seemed so uncomfortable and restless. I may be a bit of an alarmist, but I can’t stand to see her in any sort of discomfort and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep because of it, so we brought her in to the 24/7 emergency vet in Boston.

We were there for about three hours total, mostly waiting. It was a long night. The vet noticed that her anal glands needed to be expressed, so she did that and said that might resolve the issue. She took a blood sample (all normal) and tried to take a urine sample but Luna’s bladder wasn’t full enough. She said if she still seemed uncomfortable today, we could call in for a prescription to treat a potential urinary tract infection. 

Luna has seemed a bit more back to her usual self this morning, but the licking and litter box running has persisted, so I called in the prescription. 

Even though it seems like it’s nothing serious, it’s still stressing me out really bad. It kills me to think that she’s even the least bit uncomfortable. 

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Here is to all the aces

The transgender aces.
The nonbinary aces.
The lesbian aces.
The bisexual aces.
The heterosexual aces.
The intersex aces.
The POC aces.
The young or old aces.
The closeted aces.
The aces who enjoy sex.
The aces who are sex repulsed.
The aces who don’t like being being aces because they feel like they’re missing out.

To every ace out there, you are so beautiful and amazing. Your identity is just as valid as anyone else’s.