[Fancam/직캠]150802 f(x) 루나, 엠버 Talk @현인가요제

What an incredible creature! This is the second luna moth I’ve seen today, but the first brown colored one I’ve ever seen in person. I’m so in awe of its beauty. Thank you for the good fortune pretty luna moths! I hope all you feel is peace on the rest of your journeys. This moth shall be named Peter Tosh. The little luna from earlier shall be named Everest. 💚
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150802 KBS A Song For You w/ INFINITE - Luna MC Preview

Crème de Violette (Pearlet) -Luna

a/n: Pearlet. lol I really wanted to write a fic so here I am. I plan on this having multiple parts due to wanting to develop the relationship. Apologies for the lack of Pearl/Matt in this part but they’ll definitely be more present in the next parts which I’m already writing!! Unless this totally sucks? Idk, enjoy? Part 1/?

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