Commentary Crew Preference- Embarrassment.

COMMENTARY CREW- Embarrassment.

•Hes embarrassed about you watching his second face cam
•"Stop it"
•"No, shut up"
•He blushes, his chubby cheeks turning a deep, rosy red.
• “StOp the videO” He says repeatedly
•"Niall, allow your lesbian lover to watch the video"
•Him doing childish things like covering your eyes and ears, dragging the chair away, grabbing you in general.
•"Y/n, im asking you nic-No im begging you, begging you y/n, please turn the video off, for the big pyrocynical"

•He gets embarrassed when you ask for his jumper, but he only has a vest on.
•"I mean, I literally have fucking noodle arms, the only definition is from masturbation.“
•"Calvvvvin, pleaseee im cooold” You whine, wrapping your arms around him from behind.
•"Get off me, you literally aren’t getting ny hoodie" He secretly loves it.
•"Fine but don’t judge my little boy arms"
•He looks sheepish while giving you the hoodie.
•Calvin, doesn’t mind as much because you look hella cute in his baggy hoodie.

•He gets embarrassed by his inability to say ‘V’s
•Roman first gets embarrassed after you giggle when he says “You’re wery beautiful”
•"Its not funny, stop"
•He rejects cuddles after your little giggle.
•You repeatedly kiss his face while he trying to shoo you away.
•"Y/N just leave me alone.“
•"Roman, no, I think your accent is adorable”
•After a while, he begins to let up and loosely wraps his arms around you
•"I love you wery much" you say, mimicking him
•"I love you wery much too" Roman chuckles, finally feeling less annoyed.

•He gets embarrassed when explaining MLG memes to you
•"I know they’re outdated but its hard to explain"
•hiding his face
•That bomb NZ accent being emphasised when hes trying to be chill
•"You can’t hide from me Jay, ill just google it if you don’t want to tell me?“ You say sternly
•"No-I mean-Its just ugh I dont know” He stumbled wildly over his words.

•He gets embarrassed about his channel
•"Its so cute that you used to play Minecraft"
•He simply replies with 'Shut up’ in Japanese, hoping you wont kick off.
•Sarcastic comments
•VERY intense kissing
Its short because I dont want to sexualise a 15 year old online :)

A/N so its kinda short, im super tired but im willing to do a few more people in the morning and release it early in the morning, and then the next request in the evening. Sorry if its not what you wanted :^)
(BTW to save time and confusion here is the actual commentary crew group -Niall, Leafy, Roman(nfkrz), Dolan, Jameskii, herotic & bamanboi but I may do Shorbie, Luna etc if that’s what you want)
I left some out of this one but if you want it, request it.