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So I just read this article about the Iron Fist show, and…

““In the comic books, that place is essentially an Asian culture,” Jones said of K’un Lun. “Now K’un Lun in our version, it is a very diverse place. It’s a mystical kingdom in an alternate dimension, but it is populated by people from all over the map. You’ve got South Americans there, you’ve got Europeans there, you’ve got of course Asians there. It’s a diverse space, and we address Danny’s inability to honor and hold responsible the Iron Fist — like, that is part of the story, the fact he has this title, but is unable to harness the responsibility of what that means. And Danny is on a journey to hopefully better himself and hopefully learn to earn the right to hold the Iron Fist… and hopefully in that journey, we address the issues which people are concerned about.”

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So…Marvel’s answer to the cultural appropriation in the Iron Fist story, is to make the K’ un Lun…less Asian? And not only that, the BIGGEST argument for keeping Danny white was because they needed him to be the “outsider.” And “Danny being white makes him an outsider in K’un Lun” (eyeroll).

 Well, K’un Lun is going to have people who are European (read white), and South American, and that pretty much destroys that “White=Outsider” right there because K’un Lun is going to HAVE PEOPLE WHO AREN’T ASIAN. So…how the fuck is Danny supposed to be the perpetual outsider in an Asian land when there are going to be people in that land who AREN’T ASIAN? 

And to the people saying “Well, he’s going to be an outsider culturally, rather than racially.” 

Which is basically what AAIron Fist would have been. 

What the fuck Marvel? 


Another drawing of Deeba from Un Lun Dun! Solidifying my new design for her lol (when i have more time I’ll draw some of the other characters too)

Xi Lun

Xi Lun and her sister, Ya Lun, were born on September 3. Although the public has finally been allowed to see them this week; mom, Lun Lun, has not brought them out very much. She carried Xi Lun out and placed her in the tub for a while this afternoon. Unfortunately, Xi Lun promptly fell asleep and was hidden from view behind a log. Picture quality is poor due to glare and the sun shining directly on my lens. Hope to do better next time!



Brace yourself, boy prince ‘cause true love’s about to hit you in 3, 2, 1…