lun lun


Let’s Play! (IMG_0361) by katalin_kerekes

Okay if S02 of Iron Fist is happening can we please have the following:

*Misty getting her robot hand.

*Her and Colleen teaming up.

*Her, Colleen and Claire teaming up.

*Luke Cage and Danny teaming up.

*Danny in the full comics costume with the mask.

*Ward Meachum’s reaction to seeing Danny in the costume.

*K'un Lun. Show us K'un Lun.

*A flashback to Danny fighting the damn dragon.

*Iron Fist getting canceled and a new show Heroes for Hire replaces it.

*And this is too much to ask but please, let Danny keep the character development he got in Defenders.


I really liked Luke telling Danny off and pointing his privileged. One of Danny’s most annoying qualities is how self-absorbed he is. He’s so obsessed with his mission and role and the big ideas that he never stops to think about other people. Whether it was braking into Joy’s apartment or fighting Hand he never cares to think about the consequences - for himself or others. This is how he lost K’un-Lun in the first place.

He needs people like Luke reminding him others don’t have the billionaire, white boy armour around them. Not everyone can get the best layer in the city even when homeless on the streets and get away with fine after kicking ass of a whole police unit. Luke went to prison for less. And while that kid was not innocent - cleaning bodies for criminal organization - he didn’t deserve to die in your war. Luke is the one who pays attention to collateral damage - he even holds it against Alexandra.

Danny also needs Luke or at least some back up because he is also stupidly reckless - going to the Midland Circle Financial knowing it’s Hand all on his own was never going to end well - and he would’ve been captured if it wasn’t for Luke and others.

But they also need him because while self-absorbed and reckless he is also the big picture guy. He just chases that big picture with tunnel vision. Still all the others only care for their own little piece of the story - the boy Luke couldn’t save, the client Jessica couldn’t help, the woman Matt lost. Danny actually cares about saving the world. Or at least New York City.

Him and Stick. The last people you would pick. Good thing they have back-up.