A i'a ke parë ndonjëherë shikimin e saj të vrarë,
apo ke zgjedhur rrugën e qyqarit se i tillë edhe je
shfaqja yte përfundoj nga shumë duke e parë
ligësinë tënde që nuk të hiqet dot edhe sikur nga shumë shira të ish larë

Si nuk dite t'a lexosh dashurinë te shpirti i saj,
oh, më fal, ti s'ishe më shumë se analfabet dashurie
shkëlqenin sytë e tu për atë që dikur që ajo e besonte, rrëfen ditari i saj
kishte emër të bukur ai shkëlqim i rremë, quhej dehje lumturie

Ti s'e di, e si ke që ta dish,
asnjëherë s'ke shkulur dikë nga zemra
e pse t'a bësh kur dashurinë qenia jote nuk e njeh
ti di të vish, por asesi të rrish.

How to say:
Luntia -> loon - tia
Mwute -> mute
Lumturi -> loom - too - ri

Real Names:
Luntia -> Louise
Mwute -> Manny
Lumturi -> Lynn

What the hell are they:
Luntia -> hell descendant
Mwute -> A dead soul
Lumturi -> Smiling psychotic girl

Luntia -> She was a girl named Louise but then died after finding that her sister Manny was murdered. Hence, grabbing a chainsaw from the shack in their back yard killing all responsible
for her sister’s death. However when the police arrived, she was accused of everything that had happened and was shot in the head. As she fell dead, her hair had gone to a darker brown, eyes from aqua blue to a blood red and hair had curled in slightly. She was then sent to hell, but was then given an offer for her that if she was given the power to revive her sister from the dead, she would have to serve hell for the rest of her life. After she had accepted it, she was given a chainsaw and was ordered to send anyone who have sinned to hell.

Mwute: She was once named Manny who was murdered after the parents of her 2 younger siblings Louise and Lynn and her had led a group of bandits to their house after not paying any of the money that they had borrowed back. Hence, getting killed by them in the process. After being buried, she was then revived by her hell bounded sister, Luntia. Her appearance had changed dramatically as her hair had became from blonde to black, eyes from green to black eyes and dead blue pupils, tear streaks down her face and hands into bones. She didn’t seem to remember anything other than the sisters she had and her own death as Luntia had been told that side effects of the revival would be a change in personality and appearance. She barely utters a word and will kill anything without hesitation.

Lumturi: She used to be a girl named Lynn, depressed and quiet girl. She was only comfortable with talking to her sisters and never really smiled. After coming out of her bedroom in the middle of the night being awoken by the sound of screaming and police sirens, she came out just in time to witness her sister, Louise be shot in the head and the the dead body of her elder sister, Manny. Her sanity had snapped as she started laughing for the first time in her life as she stared at the two dead bodies of the two that loved her the most in her life, and was dragged into a ambulance laughing and crying. Shortly after being kept in a mental institution for a day or so, she was then found and taken away by her two presumingly dead sisters Luntia and Mwute. Luntia was shocked to see that she was actually Smiling and acting like a lunatic compared to her past self, but then saw the reason to it.(appearance remained)

Where they live time line:
In the shadows of the city -> a observation lab -> The couple Ren Xi and Serene Celenbe’s “house”