Black Mothers Dont Hold Back on their Queer Kids
  • Mom: How's that boy you were seeing? The light-skinned one?
  • Me: Yeah....we broke up, actually...
  • Mom: Sooo...why aren't your relationships successful? Is this part of the lifestyle?
  • Me: O_O I....DAMN, MOM! Excuse me while I go jump off a bridge, kthanx!
  • Mom: Stop being all dramatic. Its just a question. You want Churches or Popeyes?
  • Me: ..........*silence*.......Popeyes...
Dear Trans* people I hurt and Cis people who did nothing to check me,

I FUCKED UP. Yesterday, on my personal Facebook, I made a “look what a good trans* ally I am” status update. This is problematic because that’s putting the narrative on me, a cis person and asking for a pat on the back I really didn’t need to ask for. After @queerdeviance and @queervomit tried to check me, I spoke over them, two trans* individuals, in a conversation about checking my own cis privilege.

I apologize for repeatedly allowing my feelings of momentary cis-hurt to trump the daily hurt trans* people go through. To ignore that is akin to violence so I apologize for enacting trans*violence. It was triggering and disrespectful for me to carry on denying my cis-sexist logic like I did. Whether intentional or not, I got defensive rather than actually allowing trans* individuals, my friends, to check me. Erasure of trans* voices is not only a pattern enacted by people like Dan Savage but a system of oppression that I, whether intentionally or not, participated in and furthered. To those cis-people who messaged me to console me, YOU ARE WRONG CAUSE I WAS WRONG AND I DO NOT CO-SIGN WITH YOUR CIS-SEXISM. I was entirely wrong from point A to point Z. I had NO RIGHT.

I’m going to work on being a better trans* ally because being an ally takes work and honest reflection. This is something Im ashamed to say I expect of others in matters of white privilege, masculine privilege, and hetero privilege but have not practiced myself in terms of cis privilege as I should be.


I apologize to all the trans*folks I hurt. Im collecting myself and doing my best to collect the cis-folks who are tone-policing you (as I did) in efforts to console me (which is bullshit).

Also, thank you to @queerdeviance for removing the screenshot of the conversation with my name, in order to protect my safety. Queer to queer, that’s appreciated. Please re-upload it, if it isn’t too triggering, with my name blocked out so that this is not forgotten.

After Im officially employed, Im going to make "Become Tumblr Famous" my next goal

Step 1. Frequently post pics/videos of myself twerkin in my undies

Step 2. Talk shit about cis het white folks

Step 3. Read said folks to FILTH

Step 4. Rinse and repeat with Garnier Fructis


Dear Real Nigga Jesus and Holy QPOC Spirit

Butt real talk, I just want a Verse/Top/ who likes to cuddle watching Adventure Time, plays Pokemon and Tekken with me, makes red beans n rice, likes couples cosplay, lets me crossdress them, smooches my face, smokes only blunts and drinks only vodka under the stars with me, laughs at white patriarchy (HA!), inspires my activism and FUCKS THE DOG SHIT OUTTA ME EVERY WEEK!
And more cuddles, nigga. Moar CUDDLES.