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At last! I have an estimate on how much longer this is going to be! I’m still not sure if it’s going to be twenty-three chapters or twenty-four, but I’m erring on the side of caution even though I know I tend to fall victim to story bloat. (If after all this it ends up being twenty-five chapters I’m gonna be so mad.)

This one’s a little bloody. Heads up for multiple injuries, some body horror, and blood. (Well, this is a vampire AU…)

I’m also on AO3 as MaryPSue!


Stan looked up from the throbbing lump on his wrist that he’d been poking at. He was pretty sure, by the stab of searing pain that shot through it and up his arm every time he poked it, that it was broken. It’d probably heal on its own, but he wasn’t sure he could bring himself to set it. Or that it wouldn’t do more damage to try.

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Went for my first ultrasound today, I’m happy to announce that it’s a cyst!

I’ve had this lump on my wrist for three years and it’s a pain the arse. I have limited movement in my wrist and if I lean on it or catch my hand at the wrong angle I get shooting pains up my arm. So why have I not bothered with it for three years? Quite simply because I couldn’t be arsed and also it’s started to impact on everything now it’s grown bigger, I can’t do floor poses in yoga anymore because I can’t lean on it.

The fun part (?) is that I now get to have a large needle put into my wrist and get it drained.

Can anyone help please I am panicking

I’m having a really bad reaction to something, my eyes are swollen, my forehead is covered in purple blotches, my legs are covered in coin shaped lumps and my wrists and worarms are swollen up and neither of my parents are answering their phones