lump wrist

Cracked Armor


Autumn tugged the sleeve of her coat down to cover her metal hand that hung lump. The wrist was loose, and because of it, she could barely use it. Something about the connections and wiring and she really had no idea. It was her own fault, really. She didn’t take good care of the stupid thing.

It hindered her, but she managed to shoulder her bags to carry from the motel. It was still early; her client hadn’t been one to last. And for that, she was grateful. Her scalp actually ached from where he had tugged so hard she was worried he was going to just rip all her hair out at the root.

She kept her head down as she walked, to hide her disheveled appearance. Her makeup was ruined; smeared in all the worst ways. A bruise had likely started to form on her cheek, too. This was to say nothing of other aches.

She headed back to her usual hunting grounds; some half busy area of the city that paid her no attention. As she was coming up to her usual spot, someone slammed into her and made her drop her bags.

“Prick!” She shouted, before trying to grab them back up with both hands. No matter how hard she willed it, she couldn’t get those metallic fingers to move. Nothing. “Oh, damn it…”