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I know beauty and the best is old news for you guys but it just came out a few days ago here in Japan so PLEASE CONSIDER: Voltron AU where Lance is Belle, Keith is Beast, and Lotor is Gaston. I feel like Pidge would have to be Chip lol and Lefou would maybe be Varkon???? Coran for Lumiere, Hunk for Cogsworth. Allura for Mrs. Potts, mall cow as the horse, Hagar as the enchantress… what’s left for Shiro? The dad? The wardrobe?? Lol. He’d be cute as the priest who likes to read. Or he could just be like… all the villagers lol. All of them. 



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Drawing 362 - 28/12/2013

I couldn’t let this 365 day drawing challenge finish without drawing her :)
only 3 drawings to go.
I hope this makes up for yesterdays lumpin’ awful drawing ;)

here’s a link to new tumblr blog which I’ll be posting from in 2014:

a revel with some rebels on a hot night

rating: t

a/n: for @rebelcaptainprompts “warmth”! this came to me pretty fast and it’s a little all over the place, but i kind of like it, lol. title from hamilton, because i’m not original in the slightest. tiny hints of hanleia and bodhiluke for fun! enjoy :D


Hoth is the coldest planet Cassian’s ever been forced to live on, if you can even call the perpetual shivering and irritability that plague everyone stranded on the lump of space ice living at all. He is, decidedly, not a fan. 

Tonight is different. Tonight, they’re celebrating a victory. It’s a small one, just the destruction of an Imperial probe, but all of their victories are small. The rebels are starting miles below the Empire; every inch they can claw their way to the top is worthy of praise. 

It’s been a while since anything’s gone right. Tunnels collapse, men get sick, men get lost in the great white expanse of ice and snow, even. So, tonight, the rebels celebrate something finally going their way. 

Cassian stands with Baze and Chirrut in the mess, marveling at how it’s been transformed. Someone’s draped dozens of halo lamps that hang on the ceiling and walls in pale orange cloth, nearly like candlelight. They’re heatless, of course, but if he concentrates enough, Cassian almost feels…well, not as cold as normal.

The Corellian whiskey making the rounds probably helps.

“I think it was Captain Solo,” Baze says, nodding in the direction of Han and Leia, speaking at a normal volume for once. “Look how the Princess keeps smiling at him.”

“Yes,” Chirrut agrees, “she looks very pleased.”

Cassian laughs while Baze rolls his eyes.

Someone taps his shoulder through his parka. Then, he hears a soft, “Care for another round, Captain?” It’s Jyn – Cassian’s so attuned to her voice he’d recognize it if he were deaf. 

“Sure,” he answers, accepting the bottle from her gloved hands and taking a swig. Jyn swipes it back and downs a little more than she probably needs. 

“Baze?” she asks, holding the bottle out to him. 

“Thanks, little sister,” Baze says, taking it from her. He and Chirrut walk towards a grouping of tables, probably so they can finish the bottle without fear of falling over. As it would happen, Guardians of the Whills don’t hold their alcohol particularly well. Jyn giggles, likely remembering the first time Baze got well and properly drunk.

Once the two of them are alone, out of earshot of Baze and Chirrut, Cassian asks, “Enjoying yourself?”

Jyn looks up through her lashes, green eyes dark like the forests where their whiskey hails from. “I am,” she says. “Would be more if you’d dance with me, though.”

She’s clearly buzzed – nobody’s dancing. The closest thing would be Bodhi and Luke swaying while they talk. Still, he humors her. 

“You want to dance?” he asks, cocking his head to the side.

“Maybe,” she shoots back, grabbing for his hand. Jyn drags him towards the edge of the mess, near the hallway to the barracks. Cassian feels a few pairs of eyes land on them.

“I thought,” he starts, low so only Jyn can hear, “we were being discrete.”

“What’s not discrete about this?” she asks, leaning up on her toes to press her mouth to the underside of his jaw. Her lips are cold, Cassian notes. The temperature does nothing to stop the spark at the base of his spine, though. 

“Are you drunk?” Cassian asks, a little shakier than he’d like. 

“No.” She pulls him further away from the warm glow and chatter of the rebels, closer to his (and, functionally, her) bunk. “I just want to dance.”

“Oh,” he says, her meaning becoming clear. Jyn smiles and, for a second, Cassian feels as young as he is: twenty-six and carefree, sneaking off to be with the woman he loves. It’s an illusion, but one that warms the colder parts of his heart, nonetheless. “Well,” he adds, “this is a special night.”

“We ought to be celebrating, too, don’t you think?”

He doesn’t need to think, not with the faint light from the mess reflecting in Jyn’s eyes like that, her cheeks tinged pink from the cold and alcohol. He nods. “We should.”

When they’re both in his room, coats gone, shirts abandoned, and pants almost undone, Cassian doesn’t think about the cold stinging his skin. When, before she pulls him down onto the bed, Jyn presses her head to his chest and wraps her arms around his shoulders, Cassian doesn’t notice his breaths coming out in white puffs. 

When they sway together, dancing in a suspended moment of youth, Cassian feels warmer than he’s ever felt before, Hoth be damned. 

Fic Tag-Game (alternately titled ‘20 fics i wrote that yall can read if ya wanna’)

List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether).
See if there are any patterns.
Then, tag your favourite authors.

i was tagged by @boxwineconfession and i’m not sure when because I just saw it

and i’ll go ahead and tag: @seeyounextlevel @altisetsky @harryburger & anyone else who writes fic and follows me you can say i tagged you mmkay

  1.    Like A Sun, It Burns - When Yuri was little his grandmother told him stories about how he would one day stumble upon the love of his life.The stories always featured him finding a soulmate, fantastical and fanciful, and when pressed for evidence of love being profoundly storybook in its nature, she’d always state her and Nikolai as proof.
  2. The Feeling of Your Skin, Locked In My Head  -Victor loves when Yuuri’s tummy gets soft. Not just his tummy, but his thighs and his hips too. His skin is so smooth, and the tiny bit of added weight he gains in the off season makes him plush and malleable under Victor’s touch. The only issue is, Yuuri doesn’t see how great it is, how great he is, no matter what size.
  3. Until - “How could you do this to me?”Yuri’s scarf feels like it’s tightening around his throat, but he doesn’t reach to loosen it. There’s a prickling breeze wrapping its way around him, and he barely feels it against his numb skin. 
  4. A Journey To Love “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”Yuri shouts the words over the wind, and Otabek feels them vibrate against the back of his neck.
  5. Raincheck -  “Do you love me?” Otabek asks the question to the open air of the living room, as he shuts the front door behind himself. He’s careful not to knock against it with any of the bags in his hands.
  6. An Errant Spark -  Yuri tugs at the material of his black sleeved tunic, trying in vain to cover his shaking fingers with the fabric. The southern land’s winter climate isn’t a nightmare, but it sometimes feels like it. The lines of gel paint that coat his cheeks harden in the chill, masking his pale skin and making him unrecognizable.
  7. With All My Tiger Stripes -  He hasn’t seen Otabek in a few weeks. When Yuri was sick Otabek had taken care of him for two solid days— before Yuri forced him to turn over care to Yuri’s grandpa so Otabek could go compete while Yuri was on ice-ban.
  8. With Us Went The Sun - It’s one forty-five in the morning and the sky is bright. Not with stars or the lights of buildings rising through the night, but bright like day. Lit with shades of pale yellow like some forgotten painting; phosphorescent as it burns, and blinding.Otabek forces his stinging eyes away, and looks to Yuri.They’re standing in silence on a hill above the city. It’s not St. Petersburg, not Almaty, not home, but the last city they will ever see all the same.The dust begins to rise.
  9. Someday, In This Morning Light -  The sun billows in through the cracked window in small fractures, color-skewed by the pale blue curtains wisp-ing ever so gently in the morning air that sneaks through. It casts little azure glints off of the master bed’s multi-patterned blanket, that shrouds it’s still sleeping occupant in mismatched lumps. There’s a wrinkled space on the left side that Otabek previously occupied, abandoning it’s warm in favor of making this morning’s breakfast—pancakes with tiny flecks of cut chocolate— not his personal favorite, but someone else’s.
  10. Like The Ache Of Life - Victor lives a life of aching limbs, high spins, and blades against ice.He’s trapped.
  11. With Friends Like These - Birthday cakes with black icing should not exist, and Kakashi really needs better comrades.He really wishes there was no correlation between those two things, but unfortunately they go hand in hand. He’s currently standing in his shower with his clothes on and his mask sticking wetly to his cheeks. He watches the water run a nasty green-blue-black color as it swirls down the drain at his feet. Gross.
  12. Even Tigers Ain’t Always Tough -  Otabek senses it almost as soon as he actually touches Yuri. The fact that something isn’t quite right rolls over him in a wave. His hands feel like they’re burning where they grasp Yuri’s wrists, and Yuri’s breathing is a bit more ragged than usual. Considering their current positioning, he’d normally write it off as being due to exhaustion on Yuri’s part, or overexcitement. But even under the circumstances something seems off.
  13. A Tiger Likes A Tight Leash -  Yuri Plisetsky doesn’t like authority, he never has. He’s always associated weakness with being easily bossed around and controlled (much to the dismay of several coaches).  It’s a principle rule, he’s somehow etched into his entire being, that no one should be able to tell him what to do without him at least pushing back first.
  14. How To Tame A Tiger (You Don’t) Otabek is perfectly content to allow Yuri to pout for a while.
  15. Teasing A Tiger They are watching Izla Ivanovich practice her positively brutal routine, as they wait for the rink. Her red hair contrasting against her green shirt is somewhat whimsical looking. It’s very out of place when compared to the rest of her; a tall mass of competitive drive and solid muscle.
  16. Bitter Birthdays -  Kakashi isn’t hiding…not really. He’s just not going outside today, or letting anyone know he’s home. He’s also definitely not being childish, no matter what Sakura says. He can’t be childish… he’s not a child. As of today he’s a 35 year old adult male
  17. Trust In The Terrors That Wake -  Kakashi awakens in a cold sweat. His chest is heaving; his throat burns as though he’s been screaming and he can’t make his one opened eye focus. He’s aware of strong hands on his shoulders holding him down and every instinct in his body is screaming at him to fight; to kill.
  18. Let’s Embrace The Point - Sakura is an adult. She’s a trained medical nin, and one of the strongest people in her village. She. Can. Handle. This. Except…she isn’t sure what this is, or what handling it implies.
  19. (not yet published) Easy Tiger - Otabek stares at his phone screen. He needs to be boarding his plane, but Yuri’s words outlined by the little gray text bubbles are mildly distracting. 
  20. (not yet published) Paint Me Wings, So I Can Fly - Heartbreak burns red like bright ink lines; running from the bruises on his collarbones to the curves of his fingertips. He’s in ruins, but that’s what he gets for constantly letting go of bits and pieces of himself; letting his love get strewn about and scattered by people he never should have trusted in the first place. People who are taking him apart on purpose; stealing the multi-patterned chunks of what makes him whole; what makes him, Yuri.

ok but finn totally thinks that poe is this suave worldly guy only he has no idea that poe actually turns into this embarrassing wreck around him, literally blurting out his feelings and then badly trying to cover it up like, ‘finn, you look amazing..buddy! ha ha, i mean, did you do something new with your hair?? uh i uh need to go over there..right now’ after which he runs away to sit with his head in his hands and resist the urge to fly himself into the fuckin sun. all the other pilots are ashamed of him. but in the end it doesn’t matter because finn’s totally gone on him anyway (even after he finds out that poe turns into a big pile of dumb mush around him)