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Have you decided when you're gonna start reading the Harry Potter series to your daughter?

We have actually been listening to the Harry Potter books in the car all summer. I think she really enjoys listening to them as the narrator has a very pleasant voice. But then again she enjoys being in the car in general. 

As to actually reading them to her, maybe when she’s a bit older. Right now she is very busy and hardly will sit still to listen to you read her a book. 

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dude how do you make a comic without photoshop. what do I do? PAINT. MICROSOFT PAINT.

if you don’t have photoshop here is a link to adobe where they released the full CS2 version of all of there programs for free: [x]

all you have to do is make a free account and then start downloading. i hope this helps

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I had a dream where we are Facebook friends but your name was Lumos 5001 and we were chatting about food and sewing.

sounds like a cool dream… id totally be down for talking about food and sewing and anything else you are down for :)