Ok but imagine this.

Harry Potter-themed laser tag. Everything is the same but instead of guns you get a wand attached to your vest and it shoots light and stuff and you can choose your spells at the beginning of the game.

Like, imagine it: Expelliarmus makes you unable to shoot spells for a few seconds; Lumos makes your wand shine enough for you to see; Stupefy turns off your opponent’s vest…

No but get this: it’s a maze and you’re not alone in there. No, there are monsters and creatures and fUCKING DEATH EATERS and your team has to find the Triwizard Cup first. Idk.


Android users can bring Harry Potter spells to life with new Google voice commands. By using the app to command ‘Lumos,’ 'Nox’ and 'Silencio,’ you can 'Ok Google’ your way to turning on your phone’s flashlight, turning it off again, and muting the volume. Source Source 2

Users can also explore the world of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with Google Street View.

SHARING SATURDAY: LUMO. The secret 90's cartoon shading system.

Do you remember “Space Jam” ? It may not been the best movie  ever, but it had something fascinating hidden inside, and that is LUMO.

LUMO was, back then, a new computer based system.

It  allowed to shade cartoons in a way that looked almost like

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, only that it no longer required ultra fancy equipment, plus the postpro crew stopped tearing off their clothes in despair.

Now fast forward till 2016, and picture Spirit’s determined face, while looking at that old 90’s concept of automation and promising herself shel’ll never shade a toon manually again, like she did last week.

Shading takes forever! it slows down the process of getting a finished piece exponentially, for you and for me!. Just imagine, two clicks, and your character would be ready to be published. No eternal CTRL Z, no extra drop of sweat.

We  definitely didn’t want to use carding for Moon Rises, so that did it for us.

Half an hour later we managed to replicate LUMO In Photoshop,  controlling the light direction with just  1 slider, but it wasn’t enough, because generating the map was too complicated.

So fast forward two days and we created something new. Two systems for

illuminating a character, one for animation, one for illustration, which we

called “ROGER”. So with just a few clicks in photoshop , you get this:


If you wish to learn more about LUMO, you can check this link here. If you

find a way of generating those exact normal maps, contact us! we’ll love to see.

Patrons $10 and above  will get the LUMO PSD file and of course, an exclusive tutorial on how to use ROGER, which we won’t publish anywhere else.

PS: Terribly sorry for the double post,  honest mistake of clicking way too fast.

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