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Enjoyably Bizarre and Peculiarly Affecting: Victoria Brockmeier Talks Poetry and Publishing

Victoria Brockmeier–poet, critic, and winner of the 2008 T.S. Eliot prize–recently launched the new poetry magazine, Lumn. The first issue comes out in print in June, and contains poems from well-knowns like Nate Mackey, Dan Beachy-Quick, Michael Snediker, and others. The Flâneur sat down with Victoria last week to talk about what it takes to launch a literary magazine, why poetry matters, and what makes a particularly terrible chapbook cover.

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Coming Together: Kickstarter plans, submissions, community

The unexpected best part of running a magazine: my inbox is now full of cheerful emails, pretty much all the time.  People sending me poems, promising to send me poems, wishing me well, offering useful advice, offering to get their friends to send me poems, responding to acceptances, responding positively to revisions… and so on.

Also cheerful: I have Kickstarter news!  I’m going to be doing broadsides of two spectacular poems to use as giveaways.

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We made the Kickstarter goal yesterday, making Lumn the first crowdfunded literary magazine, to my knowledge, anyway.  Someone else may be doing this/have done it without me realizing it, of course.  No one’s mentioned anything like that to me the whole time I’ve been talking the idea up, though.

So YEAH! It’s going to be a real, print journal, mailed out and hopefully read attentively and appreciatively.  Incredible.  Now I get to finalize things like glossy vs. matte cover stock and cream vs. true white paper.

I’m using the last couple days to try to push for a stretch goal or two.  My main priority is getting Nick some money to do woodcuts for the broadsides.  In reality, I’m going to find a way to pay him, one way or another, but it’ll be a lot easier if I can do that out of Kickstarter money rather than selling plasma or spending a weekend copyediting someone’s terrible website or something.  However I do it, though, those broadsides are going to be genuine works of art, with wonderful poems paired with gorgeous, custom woodcuts.

After the Kickstarter, prices on everything will go up – to wit:

  • Single copy in print, $9 + single copy digital, $3: $12.  Or pledge for the SUPPORTER tier at $10!
  • Both editions, $12 + letterpress bookmark of your choice (Dickinson, Stevens, or MacLeish), $7: $19.  Or pledge for the READER tier at $15!
  • Both editions, $12 + letterpress broadside of your choice (Annie Finch or Jack Spicer), $25: $37. Or pledge for the ARCHIVIST tier at $25!
  • Both editions, $12 + all three bookmarks, $21 + both broadsides, $50: $83.  Or pledge for the COLLECTOR tier at $50!

Yes, the $50 pledge tier really is that good of a deal.  I want to get dove|tail’s letterpress work out into people’s hands and their homes, so I’m giving it away cheap while I’m stirring up money for Lumn.  Take advantage of my enthusiasm.

Drive ends at 11:59 pm tomorrow (May 2) night!  Get in on it now!

team-cacd asked:

Name most noticeable habit out of LUMN.

Lux : watching people from the telescope

Uranium : random head bang and humming 

Ming : constantly braiding /smoothing her hair

Noon : there’s always one card in her hand.