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Consultancy Solutions > Our client, a small company in the USA whose business includes publishing newspapers and running a successful annual exhibition, needed some Lumisi advice…

Operating Practice For the last 10 years our client has established a good reputation in the auto after care market and has created a niche for their own exhibition show with some unique marketing events, they had been approached by a much larger USA company active in the automobile sector but not in the same market niche sector as our client operates in, they also organise much larger exhibition’s, this company had approached the our client with a view to them collaborating on a joint venture exhibition in October 2011 the venue to be Orlando which has already been booked for the large companies show.

Lumisi Management Consultancy were asked to become involved because of their experience in management practices in both large and small organisations. Our consultant visited the large companies exhibition in Las Vegas in 2010 and our clients exhibition in Jan 2011 in Texas to get a full understanding of how each event was organised and which market sectors each event was aimed at.

Meetings were then set up with all parties to discuss how the joint venture might work, issues became apparent, such as timing of the next event, location of the event, costs for exhibitors’, costs for attendees. Seminar costs for classes held during the shows were significantly higher with the large company than had previously been charged by our client, this along with marketing of the event and the retention of the our clients business data base had become issues.

Concerns from our client were because of increased cost charged by the large company for its exhibition services and space, this could impact revenues from our clients who had supported our business for the last 10 years.

These costs could prove to be damaging in the long term for our business if existing clients did not want to take part in the joint venture especially if this meant increased costs for them which they felt were not justified and this my damage the long term viability of our clients business.

Lumisi Management consultancy advised our client to seek revenue protection from the larger company for the next three years given that it would not be possible to hold two exhibition events so close to each other (Oct 2011—Jan2012) timings wise, with our clients company potentially exposed to a down turn in its revenue. After several meetings the larger company has made an offer to our client, this is currently under review but contains no revenue protection element, we have advised our client to reject this offer, coincidently our client received another invitation from a different company to become involved with them, this was an unsolicited approach but perhaps shows how well our clients business is perceived in the market place, this is on the back burner at the moment.

Conclusion The initial reaction of being approached by a larger organisation is very positive and reaffirms that our client is doing something right in the market niche it serves, however unless the terms and conditions are right for both parties no progress can be made and understanding each others objectives is paramount.

We advised our client that it should continue to operate and plan as usual for its own exhibition in 2012, and advised that any cancellation charges that may be incurred by our clients would have to be met by the larger company if a joint venture did go ahead with a revised offer meeting our client objectives.

The moral of the story is…

All that glistens is not gold

Inspiring tomorrows entrepreneurs today

Lumisi helps local College with Consultancy Solutions4Business > The new West Cheshire campus opened in Ellesmere Port in September 2011, with a dedicated Business Centre for students, a very modern and impressive building designed for the future.

Lumisi had been contacted and asked if they would like to give a presentation to the new students on business development and how to be an entrepreneur.

Before becoming management consultant at Lumisi, Ray Barnard had over 27 years experience working for a large multi national chemical company, as a European Sales & Marketing Manager and UK senior manager. He also has experience of starting and developing a small business which has been operating for the last 10 years and therefore was the ideal person to talk to the students and was delighted to attend.

60 students all interested in Business Studies attended the presentations. They were looking to get in incite into thinking “outside of the box” and how to become an entrepreneur. Ray gave 3 presentations with some key messages to the students about “RMA”(right mental attitude) and “Exceeding Expectations” with a little demonstration about “Scotomas”

Feedback from the college was very positive… 

Thank you very much for coming in to talk to our students today, they really enjoyed the session and were quite inspired by your input!! Renee Eton, West Cheshire College 

Creative and Service Industries Campus at Ellesmere Port 

Phase 1 of the new 19,500 sq metre Campus features an iconic 12,240 sq metre rotunda that stands 88 feet high (equivalent to six double decker buses stacked on top of each other), the College will bring world-class vocational facilities to the region - a welcome boost for young people and employers in the region.  New facilities in the Campus include a replica aircraft cabin for travel and tourism students; a patient simulator for health and social care students; hairdressing salon run in partnership with Francescos; a theatre with 150 retractable seats; a 1,340 sq metre dance studio and a 38-seater fine dining restaurant which will serve fine British cuisine with a modern twist.  Phase 2 of the new Ellesmere Port Campus will now follow which will involve the creation of a new art and design wing in the College’s former vocational centre, a new fitness and anatomy lab for sports students as well as a new fitness suite – due to open spring 2012. 

Lumisi Chester Networking

Stay Connected…

Here at Lumisi we understand the importance of building relationships with either existing or potential clients and how vital this is to your business development.  After all ‘People Buy People’. Our Networking events are an excellent way of ensuring you remain in contact with these important individuals.

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Not everything comes flat packed!

Logistics Solutions4Business

When your item does not fit perfectly into a standard sized container or when you’re looking to send something out of the ordinary, having a packing solution able to deal with your unusual request will give you the piece of mind that your problem is solved. Lets face it, not every item can be flat packed and that is where a Logistics Solution from Lumisi is required.

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Five Reasons to use a Virtual Office Solution from

Ray Barnard |

People use our Virtual Office facilities for a variety of reasons. Why they use them dictates how they use them, so if you are considering taking a Lumisi Virtual Address or Telephone Answering here are five reasons why it could enhance your

  • Many SMEs want a prestigious address. Our Chester City Centre Westminster Chambers address on your letterhead can work wonders for your image and our newly decorated boardroom is an impressive place to meet clients.
  • Some want a more professional image. For people working from home, the nightmare scenario of a call from a major customer being answered by your threeyear old son is all too common. With our telephone answering service, you can have calls answered by a member of our team.
  • Some use virtual offices for the flexibility. You can travel around the country, secure that your mail is being managed, your parcels are being signed for AND the phone is being answered professionally.
  • Others want to lose the distractions. As well as being costly, running an office consumes time. You have to manage support staff; equip and maintain the office; sign for mail deliveries… Using a virtual office means someone else does those tasks for you, freeing you to focus on core activities.
  • It’s a way to expand into new markets. Many SMEs use a virtual office to establish a presence in another city or (country!). It is a great way to project a presence before you are ready to physically set up there.
Chester Networking Rocks

Lumisi would like to say a big thank you to all of the attendees at last months Chester Networking ‘Rocks’ Event, for making the night not only enjoyable but extremely productive.

As this was our Summer Event, the usual 10 minute ‘presentation’ slot was slightly altered to the 10 minute ‘performance’ as local band The Douglas Firs kicked off the evening by performed a couple of songs to promote not only their upcoming charity events but their availability to perform at corporate or business events, weddingsand any other type of celebration. This introduction really set the tone for the night and created a really relaxed atmosphere as we got down to ‘business as unusual’.

Tonight we are please to be here at the Slowboat for our September Networking event, a fitting setting to celebrate the Mooncake festival… 

The Great 50% Discount

If you have an idea for an unusual shaped Folder, Box or Handout then now is the time to turn your vision into reality. During July and August we are offering a huge 50% discount of the cost of making ‘Bespoke Cutter Guides’ for special shaped marketing collateral.

Terms & Conditions Apply. Offer runs from the 1st of July to the 31st of August 2012.

To compliment our Printing Solutions we also offer a professional Graphic Design, Artwork & Creative services. Visit for more details.

Exhibition Logistics Made Easy!


Shopping Cart

  • NEW Add multiple items and order direct from the inventory.

Redesigned Interface

  • NEW Simple, easy to use cloud-based software solution.

Order Management

  • NEW Add delivery addresses, exhibition information and notes.


Exhibition Support
1) We store your exhibition materials.
2) We record stock levels and produce an inventory of your stored items available to view online.
3) We collate, pack and ship the items directly to your exhibition, anywhere in the world.
4) We can go to the venue, prepare your booth and build your stand for you.
5) Once the exhibition is over we will arrange the collection and return the items to storage.

Visit for more information.

May Networking Review:

Lumisi would like to thank all the attendees from last month’s Networking Event in Chester.  We would also like to thank Francs Brasserie, Chester for their hospitality and for providing a fantastic business venue.  It was our first event at this prestigious Brasserie and we look forward to returning for another successful event.

After all the delegates performed their 60 seconds about their businesses, Lisa Machin gave an informative and topical 10 minute presentation on the importance of a Coach and how it can help businesses/individuals.  Her ‘Olympian’ case-study allowed the delegates to understand how people are important for every business.
Visit the Lumisi Facebook page for photos on the event and for details on future events.  You can also visit our LinkedIn group to connect with previous networking attendees.  All the links can be found on our website

Tonight we are at another new prestigious venue ‘Abode Hotel’. We hope you enjoy the event and gain some valuable contacts and enjoy the fantastic views the Abode Champagne Bar has to offer.

Celebrate Great British Networking with Lumisi….

Next Event: 19th January 2012

Invitation: What better way is there for your business to start 2012, than at a Lumisi Networking Event to expand your contacts?

How about networking with a FREE iPod Touch!

Lumisi would like to invite you to our first Chester Networking event of 2012 at The Slowboat Oriental Restaurant - To celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Including a 10 minute Presentation by Suzanne Booth, NU-HR

Register Now…

We understand the importance of building relationships with either existing or potential clients and how vital this is to your business development. After all ‘People Buy People’. Our Networking events are an excellent way of ensuring you remain in contact with these important individuals.

Personal: Face2Face communications is the most effective form of sales. Lumisi are offering an informal yet professional platform, allowing you to build up your business relationships. Pay as you Network: Lumisi are offering ‘Pay as you Network’ events, no subscriptions, no annual fees, no fuss. Simply choose events as and when it suits you or your business. Opportunities: Effective networking can provide valuable business opportunities, not just through the business men and women that attend, but through their clients, suppliers, friends & family. Do not underestimate the power of networking! 

Stay Connected: Join our LinkedIn Group - Lumisi Business Networking and continue building relationships after the events.


Venue: The Slowboat Oriental Restaurant

57 Frodsham Street, Chester, CH1 3JJ

Date: 19th January 2012

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Registration Fee: £15

Register Now…

Logo on Delegate List* Cost £5.00

Pop-up Banner at Event** Cost £10.00

Network News Advert*** Cost £20.00

Everyone who registers for the Chester Networking before the event will benefit from having their Name & Company Logo on our big screen during ‘your 60 second pitch & in our network news’.

*Have your logo placed on the front of our Networking Event Delegate List. **Bring you own Pop-up Banner to dispaly during the Networking Event. ***Have an A6 advert placed in our A5 Networking Event Handout given to every Delegate. (Don’t have any of these, Lumisi offer Design & Print Solutions Read More…)

^ The Slowboat Oriental Restaurant & Business Venue