Cyflect .

A recent request from a customer for his Sig mags based on an idea here in 2014.

The cyflect both glints under red or white/ blue  light and glows green in both low and no light settings if charged via either lumens or UV light .

 cyflect available via @lumisafeltd

 tacos via @highspeedgear

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Micro Kit from 20 dollar bandit………

This here is the Micro pouch and Micro medical kit from 20 dollar bandit. I have been carrying this for around two months now as a means to organise my EDC. Mine is in Kryptek Highlander but they come in a variety of colours.

The micro medical kit is aimed at a means to treat small injuries and easily fits in a pocket or your wallet. (I carry a second in my HPG kit bag for SAR) I am thinking of adding one to my TAD Stealth also.

My pouch contains -

Micro medical kit
CPR face shield
Mini glow sticks
Custom SAK from ru-titley-knives
Fisher Space Pen
LED Lenser P3 torch
Leatherman Squirt
Some Tech / Kevlar cord
X4 heavy duty paper clips
Duct Tape
Mk 4 CyFlect marker from ru-titley-knives

These kits a great for if like me you pack your gear on a modular load out system. Giving you quick and easy access to the gear you need.

As a company there customer service and speedy dispatch was great.

Go check them out.

Stay safe,


Cyalume® 8" Flare Alternative 30min

External image

Developed as a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional incendiary flares currently used by law enforcement, safety workers, and consumers. Designed to be practical with an easy to use, maintain, and operate approach. Alternative lightstick has proved useful for safety workers as the Next Generation Flare™. Ideally used at accident scenes, vehicle breakdowns, as hazard markers, and to alert drivers of obstacles in the road.

Flare Alternative provides superior performance in cold and warm climates and is used in wet or dry weather.


Trojan Square .

 Following on from my Original post here back in Feb 2014 where I first showed an un-rivited Cyflect circle marker with a Velcro back that held a covert tungsten circle here’s a covert stash square on my Tarienco pouch . 

This version is sized to fit a ceramic striker and sawn -off mini fire-steel the adhesive backing of the glint and glow cyflect hold the micro fire kit in place  and the adhesive backing of the Velcro further cements the patch together .

We have been using / testing Cyflect for well over 18 months now and know from first hand real world outdoor testing with many Search and Rescue teams and LEO’S as well as outdoor enthusiasts, climbers  /explorers and hikers that in hard use un-riveted tapes Will eventually fall apart as the adhesives dry out and fail hence why in all our Glint &Glow range we take the extra precautions of adding a semi rigid core and a mechanically riveted  central eyelet however for this particular design that extra safety measure isn’t really feasible .

 Again with a nod and a wink to Windson

ceramic striker via

 cyflect tape via

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Rt morale kydex variant .

 Velcro backed to fit to any loop panels, Cyflect glint &glow center with x5 GITD microdots .

 Need one , want one, Or want your own name on then please email at the address below .

Custom knives sheaths and gear from


Cylume light shapes from

I received some samples from the good folks over at lumisafe to have a look at and test out.

This is the “light shapes” from Cylume.
A round disc that has a strong adhesive backing that is easy to activate, you simply give it a squeeze to activate.

It provided a bright light source all night and provided a good marker at a distance. More than enough light to read a map buy or light up a small room. These would be a great way to mark vehicles for SAR teams or buildings once searched.

Most defiantly a product I would use again.

Go check them out over at

Stay safe,



Cyflect Velcro Big Square .

Still on test with several UK SAR guys  , the 2 inch wide Cyalume Cyflect tape  which is unique in its ability to both Glint and Glow at the same time is available in the UK direct from Joe at , please contact me direct for a Big Square if your in need .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


VisiPad from Cyalume…..

I was sent some products to test and have a look at from the good folks over at

I was keen to test out the VisiPad.

Out training with the SAR team last week was the perfect opportunity, it was dark cold and wet.
As soon as I saw these I new they had potential to be a great addition to my kit.
Easy to operate you simply follow the instructions on the rear of the pad. Fold the pad in half down the perforated edge and gently massage the front for a few seconds.

A extream lay bright and clear light is put out and they have a 10hr run time. Also on the back there is a powerful adhesive backing, allowing the Visipad to be stuck to clothing, vehicles, helmets etc.There are also x4 holes one on each corner for lanyards.

I was very impressed the ability to read a map by just the Visipad was a great advantage.

These are something I would highly recommend and can see myself grabbing a few more for in my kit.

Thanks to the people over at lumisafe for there help.

They can be found here -

Stay safe,


Abseil into a canoe in the dark underground, now that’s not something you do everyday! ;)

Wearing -

Opscore Fast base helmet
CyFlect glint/glow markers from
HPG Tara pack and Kit bag
Icebreaker base layer
Bear grylls combats
Lowa mountain boots
Suunto core military

ISAW Helmet cam from

Glint / Glow markers……..

Yesterday’s epic adventure was the perfect location to test out a new product I am helping test for Ru from

The new Glint/Glow markers are made from CyFlect which was kindly provided direct from the good people over at

The same design as our standard Glint/Glow markers but the CyFlect was excellent! When a light source is pointed directly at them they reflect bright as good if not even better than the SOLAS tape. Once the light source is removed they omit a bright green glow.

Our trip lasted around 8 hours solid underground crossing rivers and suspended walkways, as well as climbing and abseiling huge caverns. We were in totally darkness the whole time and all I kept hearing from the others were constant feed back of how well they worked.

I’m soon to test these out with the SAR team but no doubt they will continue to impress!

What a fantastic adventure and some of the most extreme conditions I could put them threw…………What better way to test a reflective/glow product than with real world testing in total darkness.

Stay safe,


Search & Rescue

Here is a picture from last nights training session. Although a very cold and wet night we were joined by a new neighbouring team we will be training up and 8 new members.

Some excellent navigation in some difficult terrain and poor weather conditions, followed by successfully treating and carrying out a complex casualty scenario.

Was a late night, but a very good one!

Seen wearing -

HPG Kit bag + Tara pack
Keela issue jacket
Red chem lights thanks to
CyFlect marker disks + strips can be seen brightly reflecting made by Ru at
TAD force 10 AC combats


Lumisafe Cyalume samples…..

A huge thank you to the good folks over at
As the sole UK supplier for Cyalume they were kind enough to pass me some samples of there products for SAR.

- High intensity glow sticks
- Cyalume Visipad
- Cyalume Light shape pads
- S.O.S
- Personnel marker light

Excited to put these to the test.

Stay Safe,


Large CyFlect kit marker………..

Been running this large CyFlect kit marker from ru-titley-knives now around a month now. These markers really have come on leaps and bounds since the original early versions back in 2013.

It’s been really good to be part of the development of these, to see them being used by others SAR teams across the country but also see them inspired people to make similar products.

We took a simple idea I passed it to Ru and watching him develop his products is excellent.

The large kit marker offers more real estate to be reflective but also can be seen over a further distance.

Stay safe,


CyFlect marker and custom “Ru loop”

So I carry a small MC utility pouch in my EDC which holds, surefire E1B Backup, spare batteries, ear defence, leatherman Squirt, Spyderco Grasshopper and my keys.

I use this custom made Kydex D ring which attaches to any Molle webbing. These have been dubbed “Ru loops”
I now have these on various packs and straps and they are very useful for attaching gloves, lights, cylumes etc.

I have now added a double backed CyFlect disc so I have a personal marking system on me always. It also serves as a means to finding this pouch in low light conditions.

Both products are made by Ru from and are highly recommended.

Stay safe,



Origins of the Glint/glow & Cyflect markers….

I was asked by someone to share a closer look at the markers and some more on the history behind them.

In a previous post I shared a picture of myself from a tour in Afghanistan. As you can see in the top left picture we used SOLAS/IR tape on our uniform.
My self and others have talked a lot on the benefits of SOLAS tape and even with minimal light it performs great.
As you can see it is also hard wearing on the shoulders of my shirt still going strong even after a long tour.

The top left picture is one of the MK 2 Glint/Glow markers that has been on my ops core for around 8 months. You only need to look over my previous posts to see the real world use and abuse these have endured. Everything from sun, rain, snow they have been used extensively with the SAR team, in the mountains, climbing, rappelling, river walks, and underground day and night.

I felt the need to take an idea that worked great in the military and see how it could be marketed to the civilian world, emergency services and the military.

Continuous feed back and refining the design with upgrading materials and tapes have now led to the use of CyFlect from

Stay safe,


Strip light from

This version is Orange US coast guard tape with CyFlect and micro mirror dots!

Seen here stuck to the Under Armour Gale a Force soft shell I was given from the good folks at ( review coming soon! )

It has performed fantastically as I expected! The US coast guard tape does a great job of standing out as it is bright orange. The CyFlect works great and glows very well, and the mirror dots are a nice touch.

A winning combination of three good materials and well made by a skilled craftsman.

Stay safe,