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Pokemon X/Y PSA -- How to fix your frozen/glitched game

Many of you may now be aware that there is a persistent glitch that freezes your game if you save in an outside area of Lumiose City.

Some users, however, have reported being able to “fix” the glitch without deleting their save by:

  • Loading the game
  • As the game loads, wait for the music to start.
  • While the screen is still black but music is playing, pressing the home button repeatedly until it works.

(based on posts here and here)

I was sick of getting lost in Lumiose City, so I made a map! I know someone else posted it on tumblr already, but that one has a few mistakes. At least they sourced me so it’s cool~

I’m looking for translations, if someone could provide them, that would be amazing! So far, Twitter user Villazeros provided a Spanish translation and Tumblr user OneGlitterOrgy made a German one!

Full-sized versions:
English, Spanish, German


Sakurai’s Daily Screenshot - March 28, 2014

“Here’s the Prism Tower stage for the 3DS version! The battle begins on ground level right in front of the tower.

You’ll have to climb the tower by securing footholds like these moving platforms!

By the time you reach the top, the sun is already setting. The view from up there is quite a treat.” - Masahiro Sakurai


Pokemon XY, ACNL’s stages in Smash 3DS ⊟

Neat, it’s Lumiose City! Hopefully this is the post-patch version. I’m not sure if this is a 3DS-exclusive stage for the new Smash Bros., but the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai did provide this comment on the level: “The Prism Tower rises above Lumiose City. Up until a few seconds ago, the fighters were brawling on top of that tower.”

This Animal Crossing: New Leaf stage, though, is 3DS-only (the Wii U version has City Folk’s Smashville). Sakurai offered these details on Tortimer Island: “On this stage, fighters are randomly placed on a different island layout every time they visit.” Hopefully they cleared all the wharf roaches.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases

Lumiose City is going to be a stage in Super Smash Bros 3DS!

I assume it will have features like this:

  • You can only play it if you’re stylish enough
  • Half the stage will be unavailable because of a blackout
  • The stage will freeze if you save outside

Seriously though, I love those five stadiums, and the idea of fighting on top of the Prism Tower sounds awesome.


This video goes out to all the unfortunate souls who were lucky enough to experience this horrifying glitch(?).