🎉🎊 Happy 39th aanniversary to Urusei Yatsura 🎊🎉!!
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Check out us obnoxious aliens dancing along to Uchuu wa Taihen Da! The first ending song of the series 🌟!

Lum is @usachibi
Ataru is @hieikuramayusuke
Rei is @botchans
Benten is me 🤗!! @serepuff
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Your name is SPORTY SPORKI and you have NEVER BEEN SO CONFUSED IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. You often find yourself questioning things around you, and you love TEA PARTIES and being STRONG. You are the IDEAL PARADIGM of MANLYNESS.


Your name is BUTTAN LICKER and you feel you are the QUEEN OF STYLE. You know what it takes to make things work, and you may come off as fancy, but rest assured, you are quite the DORK. But that’s why people love you.


Your name is RADICL ICEDUD and you are COOLER THAN ICE. No one really understands why, but for some reason, you come off as REALLY COOL. You’re the calm, rad type. You don’t take no shit. You just go with the flow and you find yourself often making WITTY and INTELLIGENT statements, followed by RANDOM PICTURES OF CATS.


Your name is GLACIA BURGAN and you are a SNOWY PRINCESS. You love the color WHITE, and you often find yourself COVERING YOURSELF WITH WHITE PAINT. Everyone might see you as a calm, innocent, beautiful princess, but in any moment you could snap and BREAK SOMEONES NECK. You can and will do what it takes to be fancy.


Your name is SPACEY CHIWAA and you are KIND OF WEIRD. You have a slight obsession with DOGS IN SPACE, but people must admit you have GREAT TASTE in STYLE. You tend to CONFUSE those around you at times.


Your name is CUTEII PATOOT and you are an ADORABLE BABY. You love the thought of GIFT GIVING but only if it involves RECEIVING something in return. You like to be ALONE, and you are PRETTY FUCKING READY for the HOLIDAYS.


Your name is KINDOF ANIMOO and you REALLY LIKE ANIME. If you could, you would PROBABLY BATHE YOURSELF IN IT. You often find yourself being QUITE LAZY, but somehow have the time to GO ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLOG.


Your name is FANCEY HAIRDO and you have RAD HAIR. You like things that a lot of people have NEVER HEARD OF, but the things you like are WONDERFUL and make you a PERFECT PERSON. You like it MODERN and WEIRD, and you sometimes call yourself DORKY, but in truth you are like EVERY PERSON on TUMBLR.


Your name is REILLY SPIRIT and some might say you are EXTREMELY FESTIVE. One look and someone might tell you to CALM THE FUCK DOWN, and that there is a TIME AND PLACE to being so JOLLY. You simply tell them BAH HUMBUG.


Your name is CALISH NATURN and you believe you have become ONE WITH NATURE. You find yourself VERY RELAXED and you wish to go on MANY ADVENTURES into the BEAUTIFUL WORLD. You are the EPITOME of STYLE, and you know how to MAKE THINGS look ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.

What will you do?