Have you ever thought about using Lights in a costume, but notice that some times things like EL wire or EL Tape are either too thin or too expensive? Not to mention that noisy high pitch buzz that follows you about like that mosquito ring tone?

Well here’s a way to make some cool effect using LED tape. 20’ rolls usually run for about $14 to $21 on ebay, and come in most standard colors.

Testing out a new theory - and while I haven’t gotten all that far in progress - so far, it works.

Mostly with Science and the art of Diffusing a light source.

Works with Satin Fabrics.

What you will need:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Water Soluble Paste Flux
  • Copper Wires, Red (+) Black (-)
  • White Foamies, or 1mm thick craft foam
  • 9v Batteries
  • LED tape
  • scissors/box cutter
  • liquid electrical tape
  • white silk, or thin satin fabric made for LININGS
  • Hot Glue

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Hikaru’s first big job after school is as a cruise ship helmsman, this big hulking beast of a ship that crawls low across the tops of jungles and cliffs. He loves it, he loves the view and the mini world of the on board politics.

He meets Ben on the cruise, he’s there with his family for his parents wedding anniversary. They hit it off quickly and have a beautiful month, knowing it’ll be over soon. It’s what Hikaru is used to, he doesn’t like it but he likes his job too much.

Ben leaves when his month is up and they try to stay in contact but it’s difficult, it’s always too difficult. Hikaru moves on.

A few years later Hikaru has had a couple of jobs running inter planet cruises. He’s been saving up and has enough to move back to San Fran and join starfleet. He demolishes the entry exam for helmsman and enrolls.

The people in the room next to his at the academy are way too loud so Hikaru finds himself studying at a cafe nearby. He tends to just order a coffee or tea and hunker down, not noticing too much around him.

Hikaru has a shit day and gets to the cafe, struggling to focus. He notices the odd little flower in the jar on his table and starts sketching it absentmindedly, unable to get his work done. When he finishes drawing it he glances around. There’s a different flower or plant on each table. He quickly jumps up and grabs another flower, settling down quickly to draw it too.

When he finishes the second picture he starts looking around for another. One of the waitors places one down for him. Hikaru thanks him, blushing quite a bit at being noticed. He’s not proud of his passing interests, he’s a pilot and he should focus on that. It’s where his future is.

At the end of his shift the waitor who’s been bringing him flowers sits down at his table. He starts explaining the plants and where he gets them. Turns out this guy volunteers at the botanic gardens in San Fran and takes cut offs of the plants.

It takes Hikaru a few minutes but then he remembers.


“How did you- oh,” Ben looks down at his name tag, tugging it with a wry chuckle.

“No, we’ve met before. I used to work a cruise ship from Japan over to Africa. You- you and I…”

“Oh wow.”

“How have you been?”

Ben and Hikaru talk for hours. Hikaru is late for his afternoon class. Ben offers to take him to the botanic gardens and and Hikaru agrees. Hikaru loves plants, but he’s never gotten into it because he’d decided on being a helmsman and wanted to focus.

Ben shows Hikaru his plants. They stay up and Hikaru shows Ben the constellations.

Ben got through school fine but never had much interest in academics. He likes to learn, though, and Hikaru finds a joy in sharing the more interesting points from class with Ben. Ben asks him questions he never thought of, about ancient flying machines, alien animals, ancient oriental weaponry, mass production techniques.

Hikaru finds that he can’t answer all these questions, but he wants to. Hikaru has always wanted to know more about the world but never let himself get distracted. Ben provides him with a reason to learn and question and take on hobbies.

He takes fencing classes with Ben, winning every bout but loving Ben’s thrilled enjoyment. They do a dancing class, Hikaru can dance but Ben is very distracting, great hip isolation. Hikaru goes to most of Ben’s tours of the botanic gardens, asking him devilshly difficult questions about plants, questions Ben can always answer.

When Hikaru gets his assignment to the Enterprise he and Ben talk. They’ve been married a year, their girl is only six months old, but this is what Hikaru has been working towards his entire life.

Hikaru goes. He finds that without Ben he delves deep into his hobbies. He picks up something new each few weeks, learning pottery, leather works, studying jellyfish, luminscent rocks, anything that catches his eye.

He fills all his spare time with his hobbies, sending Ben and Damora details of what he’s learning that week or that month. He quizzes Demora softly on it, lighting up whenever she remembers something he messaged them.

Ben puts so much effort into making sure Demora knows that Hikaru is as much her father as he is. Hikaru doesn’t realise how much effort Ben puts in until Demora is old enough to describe the sessions they have to him. How she and Ben sit down when his messages come in and read it outloud, Ben simplifying some language or repeating things Demora finds curious but always, always, making it clear that these facts and these curiosities are from Hikaru.

Demora and Hikaru grow up with common interests. Ben is who she goes to for personal advice and problems, but if she’s ever excited about anything, she calls Hikaru first.


A couple of people asked about my Gryffindor inspired bedroom. So here it is! (Or the main bit, since the back wall has some junk lying around on the floor and doesn’t look very photogenic at the moment.)

When I moved away to university, my siblings and I all switched rooms. My sister got my master bedroom, my brother went into my sister’s room, and I got the tiny box room where my little 8 year-old brother had been. I didn’t mind taking the tiny cramped room, because I wasn’t living at home anymore.

And my parents decided THAT was the perfect time to redecorate.

They also decided NOT to tell me they were redecorating. So I came home one day for a visit and they were like “check out your new room!” and I walked into the Gryffindor Common Room and pretty much burst into tears. I’d never had a room decorated just for me, before. We’d lived in 9 houses by that point, and I’d NEVER had a room decorated to suit me - we just left the walls and carpet however they were when we moved in. So it was the first time I’d ever have a bedroom made all pretty for me! I was so happy!

I was kind of pissed my parents decided to do this AFTER I’d moved AWAY FROM HOME, but it was such a good job I couldn’t be that mad.

Interview for women’s magazine, market demographic 20s-40s women interested in fashion and celebrity culture: Sherlock’s hella straight and great at sex with women def women here have some porn i wrote in my head

Interview for gay issues magazine, market demographic gay people interested in fashion and celebrity culture: Sherlock’s hella asexual what’s with all this porn women write amirite