Safe & Sound

This song says so much to me. Like, not even just the lyrics, but the sound of the music behind it seems to whisper of war, of death, of pain. But then the singing is so soft and gentle, as if to say “There’s terrible things happening out there in the world, but let’s just be together. For one night, let’s pretend everything is as it should have been. We’ll ignore the fires, the smoke, the dying and just be together.” It’s like a sphere of peace in the midst of a warzone, so fragile and beautiful. Maybe that’s why I love it so much, why it makes me feel happy and yet strangely sad, too. Like something deep inside me is singing the same words, crying out for just a tiny bit of peace. I can feel the music around me, building its fragile shelter that I rely on so much. The Games will go on tomorrow, but for now we’ll curl up and whisper to each other until we fall asleep, and pretend this is all just a bad dream.